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Addicted to Military-Intelligence UFO Disclosure or Exoconscious?

November 8, 2016

Addicted to Military-Intelligence UFO Disclosure or Exoconscious? Who believes Military-Intelligence have UFO-ET information to disclose to the American citizens that has not been leaked or that you do not already know?I asked this question to a conference of MUFON, UFO researchers. The knowledge in that room represented the accumulation of thousands of years, as many in […]

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Dr Salla Reveals Never Before Exposed Hard Evidence of the Existence of Multiple Secret Space Programs

October 4, 2016

Events in L.A., Oct. 8 & 9 and S.F., Oct. 14 & 16Having obtained newly released Freedom of Information Act documents, Dr. Michael Salla is now able to verify the genesis of the U.S. Navy’s secret space program, and the key figures and institutions associated with its decades-long classified development that dates back to the […]

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UFO phenomena deserve unfettered study

September 10, 2014

By BILL WICKERSHAM One of the world’s foremost investigators of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial visitation (UFO/ETV) is my close friend C.B. “Scott” Jones. It was Jones who organized and convened the 1995 Washington, D.C.-based conference “When Cosmic Cultures Meet,” which involved many of the world’s leading UFO scientists and analysts. It was also Jones […]

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Book Review: Galactic Diplomacy – Getting to Yes with ET

June 10, 2013

Review by Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera This book is a comprehensive source for individuals who think  that sufficient evidence merits acceptance of the premise that intelligent extraterrestrials are already interacting with humanity and who are already asking what an appropriate, democratic, political response might be (even if an unsupervised “shadow government” maintains negotiations, exchanges and de facto agreements […]

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Video – Extraterrestrial life and World Government Policies

June 20, 2012

Video of presentation by Dr Michael Salla on extraterrestrial life and world government policies at the Exopolitics Congress 2012 is now available for free online. The Congress was held in Prague, Czech Republic from May 11-13, 2012, and was organized by Exopolitika Czech Republic and promoted by the non-profit organization Goscha. The video was recorded […]

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