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Perhaps the Mission Rahma Contact Experience Offers Snippets of What Might be Going On

By Giorgio Piacenza

Many interesting themes were covered in an interview made to Richard Hoagland by the dedicated, independent exopolitical research journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris (click here for list of interviews) go to: However, most people (and Richard seems to be one of them) still hold on to the notion that there’s an end to ‘THE’ (one and only) Long Count Mayan Calendar, an event expected to occur (if calculations are true and accurate as most scholars think they are) in Dec 21st 2012. This prompts me to the following commentary. Not long ago, another “long count” version (extending perhaps another 7000 years into the future) was found in Xultún, Guatemala, by a bona fide archeological team from Boston University led by William A. Saturno.

We have to know that when we speak of “December 21st 2012,” we refer to what was found in the Dresden Codex’s version of the Mayan Long Count but it is likely that other calendar lengths were devised and interpreted in different Mayan cities like as the XULTÚN finding suggests. This has to be taken into account in any serious reckoning of what may be going on and in any future concomitant research.

If the (however “advanced,” also warrior-like and quite bloody) Mayans were indeed advanced seers into aspects of nature more fundamental than those normally explored by modern science, one or more “longer counts” may have other such fundamental meanings not currently explored by UFO-New Age-Exopolitics receptive communities. I wonder what would have happened if news of the lengthier long count found in Xultún had reached the intellectual leaders (like Terence McKenna and John Major Jenkins) of those open-minded, alternative communities twenty years ago. Regardless, it might still be that those authors may at least be partially right and that the 2012 particular alignment: Including the Earth-Sun-Dark Rift-and (from an angle above the level of the plane of the galaxy) somewhere towards the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy (considered its center of rotation) may be quite important after all (even if the 1998 alignment is considered to have been astronomically more precise). However, I think that any normal physical forces (like gravity from the galaxy’s main black hole) or gamma and x-ray radiation are not likely to affect us because of their weakness due to (an approximate 26,000 light year) distance.

Again, we have to be clear that neither our planet nor our Sun will be going through the Galactic Plane (sometimes also called the “Galactic Equator” for convenience). We are currently located several degrees to the north or “above” this “Galactic Plane” and about 27 parsecs distant from it. As we are currently cycling up and away from this plane, it will take millions of years to pass once again through it. In fact what we should be talking about is of an approximate alignment with some important place in the actual center of the galaxy or somewhere in the vicinity of the center of the galaxy.

Not only is this alignment from an angle “above” but the same overall positioning (with moderate differences) occurs every 21st of December (with the Sun between the approximate center of the galaxy and the Earth). In fact the same alignment (but with the Earth opposite to the Sun in relation to it) occurs during June 20th. In both cases we experience a “SOLSTICE” which in Latin basically means “stationary Sun” since during those days there’s a moment in which the Sun seems to stop before reversing the horizontal component of its sunrise-sunset path across the sky. This moment in which the Sun STOPS was perhaps regarded by several ancient cultures as a special moment in which an important aspect of the sense of movement or “TIME” also “froze.” In a sense, it might also be considered a “moment out of time” and this will also be a factor to consider on December 21st, 2012.

In all these observations I think that we must consider that the “alignment” with the estimated rotational center of the Milky Way Galaxy on the December 21st, 2012 date will not be exact but off by about 6 degrees, 38 minutes.

We may also have to distinguish whether we expect any signal, radiation, force, information pulse or an anomaly to stem from the approximate rotational center of the galaxy, from where the great black hole near the galactic center looms or perhaps from the so-called “Great Central Sun of the Galaxy” which is recognized by some esoteric traditions following guidance from Alice Bailey’s neo theosophical tradition. In fact, I don’t discard the possibility that an alignment with a source of internally codifying information akin to the alleged (and apparently still undiscovered) “Great Central Sun of the Galaxy” might be where our Earth could align with in December 21st, 2012.

Regardless, the year 2012 might be different. Some contactee friends of mine (Ricardo Gonzalez from Perú and Luis Fernando Mostajo from Bolivia, friends whom I consider responsible, level-headed and genuine) seem to have been basically told that this year’s alignment signals the POINT OF NO RETURN TOWARD A GRADUAL BUT FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT. According to them, our “reality” may begin reconnecting with the time frequency of another and more original physical universe from which our known physical universe derives. I think that, if there’s any truth to any of this (something which I think is quite possible, even while trying not to fall into a fanatical, absolutist or “true believer” mindset) in any one particular interpretation of a contact experience), there might be a subquantum, re-codifying, information signal stemming from the center of the galaxy, a signal connecting with our sun, the Earth-Moon system and us non-locally. The work of Nicolai A. Kozyrev in “torsion physics,” of physicist Claude Swanson, PhD and his hypothetical sub-quantum “phitons” and that of Basil Hiley on David Bohm’s “Quantum Potential” being like an “active information potential” in “pre space” comes to mind. There may be geometric cycles in “pre-space” through which other forms of subtler physical energy-information patterns could flow. In fact, this “pre-space” may be more like a reciprocal “time-frequency domain” as proposed by Professor William A. Tiller, PhD or like what could be called (according to David Wilcock in The Source Field Investigations) a “reciprocal Time-Space” as proposed Dewey Larson’s “Reciprocal System Theory.” In my view, greater evidence for this complementary/reciprocal level of physical reality will accrue and scientists may also soon discover that this level constitutes a link with a non-physical, information-cohering Subtle-Mental Realm from which physical universes derive.

At any rate, there’s no need for a straightforward “end of the world” and there’s no clearly distinguishable “end of the world” Mayan prophecy as in the apocalyptic Christian sense which is culturally projected as a stable expectation by some people exploring alternative visions of reality. I also think most Mayans nowadays are not excessively worried about the “crucial date.” Many expectations of fast, radical shifts within UFO-ET receptive communities have normally ended up in disappointment, hiding failure “under the rug” and-or in re-directing the expectations. Books like When Prophecy Fails (by L. Festinger) and When Prophecy Never Fails (by D. Tumminia) illustrate some of this recurring situation. There either are social pressures for creating self-deceit and for holding on to a mythic story line structure (on which the sense of personal identity in an emotionally bound group depends) or, perhaps, the interactive nature of contact with different Time frequencies (and perhaps more intense) physical energies cannot be easily interpreted from our regular embodied experience in our particular Time frame and extra interpretive efforts must arise in the personal and the collective unconscious. Perhaps both factors are inextricably linked if contact with higher/subtler physical universes not directly (but perhaps subconsciously) correlated with our subjective experiences force us to experience a mismatch.

Nevertheless, according to both of my friend’s accounts (their contact experiences occurred in separate physical locations), this Dec 21, 2012 event might actually be the beginning of the end of a way to live in “Time” and-or to experience “Time.” How this may arise could be gradual but unexpected and it might include new scientific discoveries on the importance of underlying “coherent information” as the basis sustaining our universe. It might also include an increase interactive awareness with other realms and universes. I speculate like this because of being acquainted with the -by and large- emotionally calm and socially healthy participants in the Mission Rahma, predominantly Latin American contact groups supporting the more intense contact experiences of these and other friends since 1973-74. Such groups are probably part of a more effective interpretive support system promoting more level-headed and interpretively clearer contacts with beings whom –even if friendly and proven as thoroughly respectful over time- may be easily misunderstood because of primarily moving in other Time frequencies under differently cohering and –quite likely- more intense energies.

Interestingly, when in the 1970’s the interactive contact events were more intense and felt like “recent news” the various Mission Rahma contact-experiencing individuals and support groups also tended to interpret ET messages more dramatically and with a greater sense of urgency. Their counter balancing group support (along with well-established, culturally-cohesive patterns) was small and the charismatic leadership of the main contactees (mostly the Paz Wells brothers) was much more influential. Enthusiasm reigned and they also experienced a greater degree of radicalism as might be expected from other contact groups in similar situations. In this stage dominated by strong personalities manifesting “party lines” and followership many mistakes were committed. Nevertheless, intense (physical and otherwise) contact experiences were not (purposefully or otherwise) limited to the main group leaders and, in time, other important contactees came to the fore. In spite of the non-intellectual/non-skeptically analytical but, instead, rather idealistic nature of most (even if well-intended) participants throughout the years, other forms of decency and reasonableness apparently elicited through harmonizing group processes served to gradually hone or perfect interpretive skills and capacities with a tendency towards moderation. This may be why the contacts have (according to my participant-observer’s assessment) continued being evidential as much as life-enhancing (or health promoting), informing, mostly coherent and productive over the years and why the particular messages received pertaining to December 21st, 2012 may be worth considering.

There’s no doubt that these contacts will continue and that new information will be gradually forthcoming and added to a growing and maturing corpus. For instance, the somewhat naïve, over-idealized and exclusivist attitude of considering that abduction events were “not genuine ET contact events” was gradually outgrown. New contactees (in personal or group contacts) do regularly arise in this long-lasting, friendly experience which transcends the multifaceted but power-driven contact styles harbored in larger, more individualistic, impersonal, competitive and developed cultures functioning under rigid social systems geared to impose order. This contact information should be studied, compared and analyzed along with that also apparently given to other contactees that have shown evidence of objective and evidential physical contacts preferably within a support group which is integrally respected and –also preferably- which was also given ample opportunities to elicit their own verifying experiences.

While Mission Rahma’s received corpus of information (sometimes identical or complementary information was simultaneously received by separate individuals) may also suffer from an unknown degree of distortion and misinterpretation it certainly is a work in progress. In contrast with individualized contact experiences, with sporadic apparently unintended contacts and with many different kinds of abduction-related experiences, the predominantly cohesive, friendly, healthy, easygoing but hardworking and altruistically dedicated processes these contact groups undertook through the years could be taken as models for healthy contact procedures.


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