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by Neil Gould

Jim Sparks allows the timely release of his filmed interview by Jake Gould and Neil Gould, Exopolitics Hong Kong, more than one year after it was filmed. Sparks describes his interactions with near future humans who still look very similar to us, as opposed to the far future humans who are almost unrecognizable as humans.

“You could be rubbing shoulders with one and never know it”.

The realities associated with Time travel will become more acceptable to members of the public as more whistleblowers come forward exposing the activities of covert agencies and large corporations with regard to quantum access technologies. Dr David Lewis Anderson asserts that time travel is real and being secretly developed by governments and private corporations. Seattle attorney Andrew Basagio has been publicly claiming that from the time he was 7 to when he was 12, he participated in Project Pegusas a secret U.S. government program that he says worked on teleportation and time travel under the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

At Project MEXO, [see slide shows] a Hong Kong live virtual conference endorsed by the Exopolitics Institute, Jim Sparks gave a 40-minute presentation on Time Travel, explaining how aspects of his abductions relate to time travel.

“It is 2am in the morning and I am abducted and find myself in an examination room on board their space craft, where they are using several types of tests on me. Each test takes approximately 1 hour and in this case there are 3 tests. Clearly total time spent is 3 hours [approx]. Afterwards I find myself in another room and it’s time for medical procedures and ending with extraction of semen, the procedures and extraction takes 1-½ hours. All together these events take a total of 4 ½ hours [approx]. When all of this is finished I am returned home. Keeping in mind I was captured at 2am. When returned home, I find my clock reads 2:40am. Here on earth only 40 minutes [approx] passed; while on board it took 4 ½ hours. In these cases would you not consider this distortion of time as ‘time travel’? What else could it be?”

Sparks explained that on one other occasion, he saw himself arrive back from an abduction before he had left.

“I was then abducted and the procedures on board took around 2 hours. When I was returned home I found myself back on the sofa. As I lay there I saw in front of me what I couldn’t believe, it was myself.   Although 2 hours had passed on board I was returned approximately 2 to 3 minutes before I left. I was stunned and speechless. I saw myself with its back facing me as if it were another person stepping through the same procedures as I did earlier to get a snack from the kitchen. My other self from the past did not take notice any notice that I was even there. After time past I became fearful because I knew he would see me on his return to the sofa. As he walked towards the sofa facing me he starred right through me as if I wasn’t there. I thought for a moment he was going to sit on me as he got closer until he began to fade. Let me make a point here I travelled back in time and this was no accident they purposely did this for me to experience it.”

Traditionally, Sparks, abductees and researchers such as Dr David Jacobs speak about a hybridization program involving Greys [and other ET races] whereby alien sperm/DNA are matched with human ova/DNA to produce hybrid children. In time, some of these children are then subjected to the same procedure once again; if matched with 100% Alien sperm/DNA then the offspring are more Alien looking but if matched with 100% human sperm/DNA they become more human looking.

In this film Sparks injects a twist into the abduction lore, by revealing that landing parties of humans, who were not born, raised or nurtured on this planet are brought here to intermingle with “what they are”. Jake Gould likens this to “animals in captivity being returned to the wild”.

“These humans are the result of [Earth human] ova and semen being collected here and incubated somewhere else,” explained Sparks.

Jim concedes that he is not sure of the agenda in this specific case but that the Greys have many agendas and perhaps in this one, they simply wish to bring us along as we are.

Jim insisted that this film was not to be released before 2012.






Abductee Jim Sparks’ visited Hong Kong on the 2nd Jan 2011 to give a Lecture on Galactic Diplomacy at the HITEC Centre to an audience of over 500 people. The executive organizers were Exopolitics Hong Kong and Meoow Guide [an internet radio portal]

In these videos Neil Gould interviews Jim Sparks, questioning him about the Science, Spirituality and Politics of extra terrestrials. A few other challenging questions are thrown into the mix. An interesting introduction contrasts the delicate balance between our ocean life with mankind’s vibrant markets; a representation of “Supply and Demand” which is depleting and ruining our planet’s food chain.

Jim Sparks has not finished his mission as yet. Determined to get the word out that the covert groups within the Black Ops are given amnesty in order for us all to evolve. Sparks addresses the issue of whether mankind will survive the forthcoming earth changes; he states that humanity has decided to destroy itself in cycles over million and millions of years.

The title of this video [The Science, Sprirituality and Politics of extra terrestrials] compliments the Exopolitics Certification Program which offers a wide variety of Exopolitical courses throughout the year.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

By Neil Gould 

On the 2nd January 2011, Hong Kong’s HITEC Center played host to ET Abductee, Jim Sparks, who presented his testimony as to the reality of the ET presence to an audience of over 500 people. Galactic Diplomacy between human and extra terrestrials, threw the mainstream press into total confusion whilst mesmerizing the audience. The Exopolitical train had moved into Hong Kong surging ahead with an extensive program of future exopolitical events.

Jim Sparks told the audience about his 23 years of abduction, carefully following the script of his book “The Keepers”. Exopolitics Hong Kong and Meoow guide [an internet radio portal, active in intuitive consciousness and regression hypnotherapy], the executive organizers of the event, had Jim’s book translated into Chinese by an aspiring 20 year old student and translator, MC Choy.

          “The Keepers“  in Chinese

By the end of the presentation Sparks had almost sold out of his of books. Executive creative director Stan Ho, an experiencer and avid supporter of exopolitics designed the book cover capturing the intense expressions of Jim Sparks and an Alien, facing each other amidst a background of royal blue. The HITEC Centre venue has an extremely up market auditorium which the organizers felt would help lift the perceptions of this taboo subject by shifting from the pokey venues of Tsim Sha Tsoi into more prestigious accommodation thus reinforcing the momentum that Exopolitics needs to gain public recognition.


 HITEC Auditorium

MC Choy translated into Cantonese after each sentence spoken by Sparks which took up a lot of time leaving some of the audience disgruntled at not being time enough for any new information by Sparks.  To the beginners, everything was new but to a few of the Hong Kong UFO veterans, they wanted more, having exhausted themselves watching old You tube interviews of Sparks.

The following day we received many messages of thanks and congratulations from the audience; but the South China Morning Post printed a rather negative article. I called their reporter who told me that he had submitted a well balanced article; but the editing room had completely changed its content and that he was afraid to confront them. The reporter assured me he would put it right in a follow up article. It seems someone in Hong Kong ensures certain UFO related articles are scuttled, just as they ensured the Hong Kong University Exopolitics lectures were cancelled in 2008.

As an organizer of the event I was privileged to have spent three solid days and nights with Jim sparks; watching, listening and studying his every word and his every move. The most obvious problems were as a result of his PTSD [as indicated by John Mack MD]. Jim is extremely withdrawn and takes his time before answering questions. I found him to be a delightful and polite person and extremely honest throughout all my dealings with him, since 6 months prior to the event. A point of interest, my daughter stood at the other end of a crowded room and called Jim in her mind to turn around and look at her, whilst he was facing the other way. He immediately turned around and looked her in the eye. The same happened with another person but Jim denies any telepathic abilities on that level but prefers to stick with “I have slightly enhanced abilities”. It is quite clear that Jim is still firmly in the hands of his ET abductors and although he has not had an abduction for 2 years; the ETs are running him. 

I filmed an interview with Jim Sparks [as below]; thereafter Jake Gould [Film Director] dealt a more probing interview with Jim. Jim signaled that my interview was OK for public release whilst Jakes interview would have to remain hidden pending Jim’s approval. It contained information that would show another 2 or 3 degrees of perspective on how the ETs are helping humanity, outside of the current abduction paradigm. I cannot stop myself from at least telling you that it was extremely chilling!

 Part 1 – Jim Sparks in Hong Kong 2011

Part 2 – Jim Sparks in Hong Kong 2011

Part 3 – Jim Sparks in Hong Kong 2011

Jim revealed that he had a few missions, one of which he seemed quite concerned had not come to fruition as yet. He showed a certain amount of anxiety over this with regard to his arrangements with the ETs. His second mission involved collecting a world database of awakened people who could declare the full extent of their resources, to be used to activate”Awakened Humanity”; the effects of which would be complimentary to the healing of the planet and perhaps the quickening of an amnesty for those working in the Black Operations Projects.

The Jim Sparks in Hong Kong 2011 experience has ongoing programs involving Meoow Guide, which include discussion on the Sparks case, videos and a series of Q& A.

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