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James Forrestal Channeled by Karl Mollison – A Review

April 27, 2017

by Duke Brickhouse   –   Part Two in the Channeling Series Was your death a suicide?“This was indeed a murder… I was overpowered and thrown from the window by two large men who overpowered me and catapulted me to my death.” This is the testimony of Spirit Forrestal, the spirit entity of James Forrestal as channeled […]

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Kennedy’s Last Stand: Roots of JFK Assassination lie in what he saw in 1945

October 9, 2013

Just before the start of his first term on January 20, 1993, President-Elect Clinton made a strange request to close family friend and lawyer Webster Hubbell: “If I put you over there in justice I want you to find the answer to two questions for me: One, who killed JFK. And two, are there UFOs.”  […]

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