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by Ray Duckler            March 17, 2018              (concordmonitor.com)

• This article recounts the alien abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill (pictured above) in 1961. Betty was a white college graduate and a social worker, and her black husband, Barney, was an honored member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights. The couple were driving from Canada back home to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, when they encountered the UFO.

• As Betty and Barney Hill drove south on Route 3 through the White Mountain National Forest, they reached Indian Head Resort where the encounter first occurred. Today, a green historical marker near Indian Head Resort reads: “On the night of September 19-20, 1961, Portsmouth, NH couple Betty and Barney Hill experienced a close encounter with an unidentified flying object and two hours of ‘lost time’ while driving south on Route 3 near Lincoln. They filed an official Air Force Project Blue Book report of a brightly-lit cigar-shaped craft the next day, but were not public with their story until it was leaked in the Boston Traveler in 1965.”

• Between the Indian Hill Resort and Lincoln NH, Barney noticed cigar-shaped UFO hovering above the tree-line. He stopped and got out to take a look. Through his binoculars he could see humanoid beings in the UFO’s windows looking back at him. Barney immediately ran back to the car yelling at Betty that they had to leave. Their car began to vibrate and they both felt a tingling sensation. This is when they lost all memory, which was later regained through hypnosis. They recalled that by the time they had driven past Lincoln and were almost to Thornton NH, a group of aliens blocked their car on Route 3 and took the couple aboard the UFO craft.

• Barney described the beings as having spindly legs, a bulky torso, cat-like eyes, and they wore shiny black uniforms. Betty recalled throwing a punch or a kick, which might explain why her dress was torn. She said they tried to probe her naval but it hurt so much that they stopped. They were examined by the alien beings on board the UFO for two hours.

• The next thing that Betty and Barney Hill knew, they were again driving on Route 3, thirty miles south of Thornton near Ashland. By sunrise, they reached their home in Portsmouth. They reported their UFO sighting to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena. Continuing to suffer from severe anxiety, Barney went to see Boston psychiatrist, Dr. Benjamin Simon. Dr. Simon hypnotized Barney and learned that his anxiety was caused by his belief that he and his wife had been abducted by aliens. Betty’s description of the event, also made under hypnosis, matched up closely with Barney’s.

• In 1965, a Boston journalist got a tip on the encounter and ran with the story, although the Hills declined requests for an interview. The Hills took refuge from the ensuing media storm at Betty’s mother’s house in Kingston NH near the Massachusetts border. Barney died in 1969 at age 46 from a brain aneurysm. A book and a movie were eventually made based on the UFO abduction. Betty recovered from a brain tumor, but died in 2004 from lung cancer at age 85.


Leon Noel moved carefully toward the row of twisted, sagging apple trees near the Interstate 93 overpass in Lincoln, each step swallowed by two feet of snow.

He pointed with a sweeping motion across the horizon. “There,” he said. “That’s them.”

The trees had been zapped by radiation emitted from an alien craft in 1961. At least that’s what Noel had always told his children and then his grandchildren. “They thought it was gospel,” Noel said.

That was a family joke. The part about Barney Hill squinting through binoculars and seeing humanoids above this same field, peering from windows like passengers on a plane, was not.

Neither was the part about Hill making a mad dash back to his car on Route 3, screaming in terror to his wife, Betty Hill, that the couple had to leave, fast, or risk capture.

Or the piece about the Hills being taken aboard the craft somewhere near Thornton, then losing all memory for two hours, then arriving at home in Portsmouth as the sun rose and their thoughts were unchained, allowing them to focus, at least partially, on what had happened.

It occurred during a six-hour stretch, beginning near midnight on Sept. 19, 1961, if you believe in that sort of thing.

And don’t take my word for it.

Look it up.

“Who knows?” Noel said. “I don’t. All I know is something happened.”

                      Betty Hill in 2003

Noel drives the steam locomotive at Clark’s Trading Post. He’s lived in Lincoln for nearly 50 years.
His hands and smile are gigantic, and his silver hair rises from his head and shoots in different directions, sort of like that craft that Barney and Betty Hill insisted they saw that night 57 years ago.

The yarn is part of the town’s landscape, much like those funny-looking apple trees.
As Noel worked his way through the high snow, a 12-year veteran of the Lincoln Police Department pulled over to see what was happening. He declined to give his name.

“I have more than a passing familiarity with what happened,” the officer said. “But that doesn’t mean I’m a believer.”

What about you?

An alien concept

The Hills lived in Portsmouth and were just passing through on their way home from Canada. A mixed marriage before those unions were fully accepted, Barney, an African American, died in 1969 from a brain aneurysm at age 46, and Betty, who was white, passed in 2004 from lung cancer at 85.

And yet, like Noel and that steam locomotive, they’re forever connected to the Lincoln region. As Noel says, “It was a big thing. My aunt lived here and she was right here, so it was a big thing to talk about. But nothing ever came of it because …”

Noel’s voice trailed off, then he laughed, as though his mind had hit that universal stop sign we all approach. Look one way, and your mind tells you it’s not true.

Look the other way, however, and your mind asks, “Why not?”

“There is something out there,” Noel says. “For the billions of stars that you look out at with the naked eye at night, we can’t be the only flea on the dog.”

If what Betty and Barney – the most famous couple with those names since the Flintstones – claimed was true, the 1969 moon landing would be transformed into a walk in the park. But no matter what you believe, the story was out of this world once the media got a hold of it four years after the incident.

A zany-sounding episode, sure, but whiffs of legitimacy – including government scrutiny and hypnosis by a respected Boston physician – followed this like a comet’s tail. In fact, even the state added some credibility, planting one of those green historical markers near Indian Head Resort, right there on Route 3, to celebrate the 50th anniversary in 2011.

      New Hampshire historical marker

It reads: “On the night of September 19-20, 1961, Portsmouth, NH couple Betty and Barney Hill experienced a close encounter with an unidentified flying object and two hours of ‘lost time’ while driving south on Route 3 near Lincoln. They filed an official Air Force Project Blue Book report of a brightly-lit cigar-shaped craft the next day, but were not public with their story until it was leaked in the Boston Traveler in 1965.”

Then come the words that push you to Google: “This was the first widely-reported UFO abduction report in the United States.”



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As an extraterrestrial experiencer since childhood, this is a challenging blog to write. In fact, I do not want to write it. The question I ask in this blog involves my life journey investigating what happened to me as an ET experiencer. What happened to my friends and colleagues?

Furthermore, I don’t have to write this blog. I have confirmation about much of my ET Experience, which is ongoing. Most of my friends and colleagues have confirmation. There is an ET Presence.

And yet, the mainstream confusing culture chatter of ET remains a constant conundrum.

So, although it would be easier to ignore where my intuition is going—I won’t.

In the end, that’s futile. Questions remain until answered. Here are my question and an attempt at an answer.

Question: What’s Beneath Disclosure: Were We Lab Rats?

Is a vast government-military-intelligence laboratory program that involved citizens of the United States, without their consent, beneath the confusing 70 years of Ufology? 

Are citizens used as subjects in ET UFO scientific field lab experiments to see how we would react to ETs and UFOs? And if so, to what extent are citizens, as unknowing subjects, denied their civil and human rights in this process? Were we, as subjects, fed propaganda and lies and events—some deeply personal—in order to investigate how humans respond to the ET Presence?

My observations lead me to answer, yes. Our government probably experimented with citizens around ETs and UFOs.  And it was a vast multifaceted program.

And all of this is theoretical. I have no FOIA. No Proof. But…. 



Lab Programs for God and Country: When did it happen?

1942: Chemical Warfare Services: Mustard Gas lab experiments

1945 US Atomic Energy Commission: Program F experiments on effects of fluoride

1947: CIA: LSD program experiments

1950: CIA: Project Bluebird experiments in mind control, renamed numerous times

1952 CIA: MK ULTRA, Project Moonstruck experiments in mind control

1958 CIA: Project Dreamland or Orion experiments using drugs, hypnosis, ELF frequencies

That’s a start. A short list of government-military-intelligence lab experiments.

When and where did the Extraterrestrial lab experiments begin? My guess is that the (hypothetical) programs began during the late 40s or 50s. And they continue today.

Who was involved?

Citizens were involved in MILABs—staged ET Experiencer Groups—Abductions—UFO sightings—Film and Television—Books—Conferences—Political Initiatives—Social Media—Blogs. A myriad of communications and structured field lab settings.

What does this mean?

If my theory is correct, then multiple experiments were conducted by government-military-intelligence to research various human reactions to an ET Presence. And those running these programs logged many experiments, many responses, and drew valid conclusions.

I surmise; it went far beyond military abduction, MILAB experiments.

Some of those experiments and conclusions were selected to be made public. They were handed to researchers, film-makers, authors, activists, and Ufology experts—a phone call or dropped document or an off the record conversation.  Then, per the lab plan, these experts communicated the information to the public. Few experts pass on a great story. And few experts knew they were participating in the labs. Need for scientific objectivity determined that participant knowledge might taint the results.

Few experts pass on a great story. And few experts knew they were participating in the labs. Need for scientific objectivity determined that participant knowledge might taint the results.

To be clear, I’m not pointing fingers, except at myself. A vast program left no one in the field of Ufology innocent of involvement.

Continual Confusion

Thus, the confusion started with the labs. From the outset confusion reigned regarding ET.



Confusion wasn’t necessarily planned. Or deviously determined. Primarily, confusion was simply the result of multiple experiments with varied conclusions.

If you live in a society where someone uses citizens for a vast array of lab experiments and publicizes select results, then you would create confusion. In order to examine a spectrum of reactions, the citizens would need to encounter a wide range of encounters and stories of ETs.

And all of this is theoretical. I have no FOIA. No Proof. But….

Each experiment, if it was chosen to move into the public media, would be designed to provide a different set of information and possible results (responses).

Many years have passed. Many experiments completed. We know the results. We experienced them all.

We can recite the confusion: good ET, bad ET, kidnapping ET, hungry ET, benevolent ET, recon UFO, attack UFO, peacemaking UFO, and Hollywood ET. Until today, we have the Moon-Mars Secret Space ET.

It’s the Humans, Stupid

The lab studies were not about ET—they were about HUMANS.

In a detailed, careful scientific study each experiment would result in varying information about humans. Not extraterrestrials. Humans.

Decades of field lab experiments would provide data on citizens—humans. The data would be studied and categorized as to how humans reacted to the plethora of information and scenarios about UFOs and ET’s.

Then, the humans’ reactions could be manipulated. Until eventually, the data would show the right formula for disclosure.

Disclosure Formula Done Right

Here is a possible spectrum of reactions to ET: humans either shut down in emotional paralysis and denial, fight back trying to gain information, or flee into utopian communities where they dwell with their spiritual like-minded experiencers. Some simply ignore all the ET shenanigans. Others get high and exaggerate or drug and medicate the experience.

Then there were the specific designer-fashioned ET labs: the data would show some citizens to prefer the blue avian ETs, others the sexy Nordic women, others the terror of the reptilians and others the cute gray cyborg. Pick your ET.

Heck, the psychologists in the lab program probably designed a personality test based on ET Preference.

Pick your ET–It’s your personality. It will premiere on FB after Disclosure. And, it will go viral.

Disclosure: Removing the Truth Embargo

Chances are— if you are an ET Experiencer, have seen a UFO, then you are in a database…somewhere.  And unless there is a Frank Church (there isn’t) then you will never know the extent of the games played at your expense. After all, you are simply a citizen. A subject. Dare I say, a lab rat.

As Hillary and Podesta make promises, as X-Files premieres as soft disclosure—we are drawing closer to the engineered social revelation of the Extraterrestrial Presence.

Trust me; the lab will not do Disclosure until they have the human reaction formula down perfect.

But Wait, Here’s the Rub

Labs create perfect formulas. That is their purpose.

But it is also the rub.

And all of this is theoretical. I have no FOIA. No Proof. But….

There have been numerous labs. And we, as citizens participated in the labs, some of us from the beginning, so we are familiar with all of our responses.

Since we were the subjects of these ongoing experiments, citizen subjects, we know the results of the laboratory experiments we experienced. We know how we reacted. So the information and the roll-out of Disclosure will not come as a surprise. Anyway, Hillary’s promising a task force and starting with Area 51, so we have a bit of time yet.

So, before Presidential Disclosure is official, sit down and list your reactions to every possible experiment you experienced.  Remembered reaction to possible experiments = your map through Official Disclosure.

Peaceful Child Disclosure Has My Money



My guess is Disclosure will be a designer mixture of the field lab experiments that were most successful in controlling humans. Any fear and anxiety will be calmed by a commander in chief. Mommy or Daddy.

Because our sad truth is that in the view of government-military-intelligence labs, the citizens experimented on are children. Subjects.

I predict a peaceful child disclosure. The Von Braun fireworks of an alien attack will start at a later date. Stay tuned. First the sleep, then the scream. Isn’t that the trauma formula?

Peaceful Child Disclosure=Everything Remains in Place

For now, a peaceful, go along with the program response will be preferred. A peaceful, go along with the program response will guarantee that nothing changes. No principalities or powers will be moved. All will remain intact.

Blind consent accomplishes amazing things for those who engineer our reality.

The Pope, President, the Bankers, Media, the Judges and Titans of Corporations, the Generals and Intelligentsia will remain intact–reposing in a peaceful disclosure, content that the formula worked. The Lab was a success.  All is well in the ET world.

Exoconscious Exceptions

Except, the Exoconscious remember what happened. And, during in the 70-year lab experiment rollout, we matured. We don’t need Mommy or Daddy in the form of a President or an Implant.

lab rat rhymeswithorgage


We are creating new realities, accessing our innate connection and communication with extraterrestrials. Acting on our confirmation of the ET Presence—not man-made artificial confusion.

Our segment of experiment participants plans to move in another direction. We Exoconscious lab rats are awake and we remember who we are. It’s too late, our cage is open. We escaped confusion for certainty. Commotion for Confirmation.

It’s up to us what we make of it. But one thing is certain; we will never be rats again.


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