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CIO (Centro Investigaciones OVNI) located in the UFO-enclave of Capilla del Monte, Argentina shared this news today through its director Luz Mary Lopez.  CIO was directly in touch with contactee Enrique Castillo-Rincón & family and announced that today in the morning our friend Enrique left his physical body. He was one of the “good ones,” meaning, one of the really good contactees of our times.


Enrique Castillo-Rincón was one of the “classic” contactees that rose to world attention in the 1970’s (like Eduard “Billy” Meir and Sixto Paz Wells).  He was part of a new wave of contacts with human-looking ETs, this time outside of the U.S.  Enrique was a straightforward man that clearly showed that easygoing, positive, mutually respectful,  friendly contacts with ETs are possible. Through his no nonesense and candid style he demystified the contact experience and made it more accessible for the common man or “down to earth.” He also reported his encounters in an objective manner and maintained a consistent narration. Enrique Castillo-Rincón was very courageous and accomplished his work adequately for all of us. He will be missed although we know that his work will be honored and in the years to come will continue awakening people to intelligently join our cosmic community/family in peace, harmony. Enrique led the way to speak courageously and speak up for those willing to listen in spite of his wife asking him for divorce and not being understood by many others close to him.
Enrique Castillo-Rincón was born in San José, COSTA RICA. He was an electrical engineer. Enrique had a UFO sighting in 1963 on Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica and was contacted by human-looking Pleiadians in 1973. Among others he contacted an extraterrestrial named “Krishnamerk” also known as “Cyril Weiss” who was similar to Earth humans and whom he had previously met in Caracas, Venezuela. He also contacted an extraterrestrial named “Orion” and others.
Enrique moved to Bogota, Colombia and was not inclined to mystify or turn contacts into pseudo-religious events. He avoided mysticism leading to fanaticism. He led the Instituto Colombiano de Investigaciones de Fenómenos Extraterrestres (The Colombian Institute of Investigations of Extraterrestrial Phenomena).
His group in Colombia helped him to go to the telepathically arranged physical encounters. Some of the ETs were 6′  – 6’2″ tall. Some were exceedingly blonde. The light that took him up into the air into a space ship was “solid” to the touch. After his first contact he was elated but his wife didn’t understand. His contacts lasted from 1973 to 1976. They told him over the phone that they had come to him to give him specific information and since that had been accomplished the contact period was over (both telepathically and physically). He lost his job for speaking about ETs. To survice he needed to start charging money for conferences.
Fabio Zerpa from Argentina was the first researcher that saw him and then came Andreas Faber-Kaiser. In the begining some researchers didn’t believe him but later on (and after four more physical encounters) they did.
For Enrique Castillo-Rincón and the ETs science and consciousness and spirituality must combine without getting into fanaticisms.
In 1974 he also contacted Nordic looking, human-looking Venusians that were just shorter in height (5’2″) and was taken to a high place in the Andes of Perú and to a magnetic vortex located somewhere between Marcawasi and Macchu Picchu. The Venusians were in the same organization as the Pleadians: The Great Solar Cosmic Brotherhood. Enrique didn’t understand why some of the ETs told him they were “Venusians” since Venus is known to be uninhabitable. However, he thought that perhaps they had originally been from Venus and then moved to another place.
Enrique gave lectures in several UFO congresses including the International UFO Congress. He reported being invited by human agents from the U.S. Embassy and taken to Washington DC where he willingly submitted to an interrogation and a regression under truth serum (sodium pentotal).  He did it to validate his experience. He thought it was a formal event as he probably saw CIA and perhaps FBI agents. Dr.  J. J. Hurtak later told him that two of the physicians that had participated in this procedure died under mysterious circumstances. The fact that he was interrogated was later corroborated by whistleblowers.
The ETs gave Enrique much information of a scientific, spiritual, prophetic, esoteric, technological character. While showing him a space ship they told him that mental energy is converted through “living memory crystals” to a discharge used for instant translation in space-time. They told him that the future and prophecies is malleable and negative events can be modified by humans joining in groups focusing their positive intention. He was given predictions that came to pass and predictions that didn’t but he didn’t like or understood well why. He didn’t like to have been given predictions that didn’t come to pass.
Enrique thought that the ETs contacted a simple non-powerful person like him precisely because they know what they do and are highly intelligent. It wasn’t a casual affair. Enrique understood that the ETs obey a great “plan” and much will become clear soon, without giving a specific date.
Recommended book   Ufos: A Great New Dawn for Humanity (available in Amazon regular and Kindle).

A video translated into English http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xklTTn4A24
Vlado Kapetanovic
Vlado Kapetanovic

By Giorgio Piacenza What extraterrestrial civilizations would be most convenient to contact as friends and allies of humanity? Should “Apunians” be high on the list of a citizen’s contact initiative? Individuals currently claim they are contacting these helpful ETs. However, I also conducted the following interview in Lima, Peru in 1994 while  Vlado Kapetanovic Bulatovic was still alive. Mr. Kapetanovic (who was naturalized as a Peruvian citizen) passed away in 2005 and is considered to have been the first contactee in Peru to speak about contacts with beings from planet “Apu.” He was well-known and respected among ET-contact-interested individuals and UFO researchers. He was invited by Wendelle C. Stevens to the First International UFO Conference and – due to his inspiring, straightforward humanitarian message – received a standing ovation. He transmitted the feeling that relatively easy contacts with respectful, human extraterrestrials were possible.


Allegedly, people contacting the “Apunians” didn’t require any special preparation. Mr. Kapetanovic was born in Kolasin, Montenegro in 1918 and after the Second World War came to Peru to work as an hydroelectric engineer. Vlado was a kind, humble, affable and generous man who wrote “170 Horas con Extraterrestres” under the pseudonym of “Vitko Novi.” The book was published in Spanish, German and Italian, but also in English by Wendelle C. Stevens (in the English version 70 Hours were taken away from the title by mistake). Well, Vlado (like the Apunians) basically inspired benevolence. His first book (“170 Horas con Extraterrestres”) is more credible as it basically narrates events. Subsequent books (like “Galaxia X-9”) seem to be based on what he recalls and partially re-interprets about the history of the world, the creation of the universe and other things that were allegedly shown to him through three dimensional “time screens” on board an Apunian space craft. Besides Vlado Kapetanovic there are other contactees in Peru who claim to have had physical contacts with the Apunians. Among them, Sixto Paz Wells from Mision Rahma, Ricardo Gonzalez and Roberto Vargas de la Gala. One of the best known Apunians is called “Godar” and I also know a Uruguayan couple who have allegedly contacted Godar besides those mentioned. These contactees’ information about the Apunians matches Vlado’s but only partially so.  In Vlado’s case, they are more like “kind people” that interact with Andean shepherds in a helpful way and even accept prepared food and eat with them. They are said to come from another more evolved “galaxy” which Vlado calls “X-9.” In the other contactee cases, the Apunians come from “Alpha Centauri” and are sometimes contacted physically and-or holographically through artificially generated, visible space-time connecting, energy bubbles called “Xendras.”  They are human-looking and over 7’ tall but also considered very respectful and protective. Contacting this variety of Apunians normally requires physical, mental and spiritual preparations as if they maintain a higher energy state. Interestingly, the word “Apu” is very important here in Peru and refers to the powerful spirits of the mountains, to a “lord,” to something sublime and to community leaders. Allegedly, Vlado’s first encounter took place in Hydroelectric Plant of Huallanca, in Ancash, Peru and subsequent encounters took place in a small settlement of high altitude (between 11,000-13,000 feet approximately) shepherds above the right margin of the “Quitaraxa River,” near Los Cedros Creek, not far from “Champara” mountain and close to “Milwacocha.” One of the alleged witnesses was a technician whose last name was “Quispe” and another one was called Adrian Perez.  I haven’t located them personally to verify the story but can attest that, during some psychographic communications with alleged “Apunians” (communications in which some family members and friends were involved and which led to clear UFO sightings in the beach of the coastal town of Chilca, south of Lima), alleged “Apunian” ETs held Vlado Kapetanovic in high regard.


Click image to download a pdf copy of book

I haven’t seen photographs or UFO films related with this case. It mostly rests on the authenticity Vlado exuded and perhaps on finding a few living witnesses. Mr. Julio Longo who lived with Vlado in Salamanca de Monterrico, Lima attests in favor of Vlado’s sincerity. Anthony Choy (well-known Peruvian UFO researcher) mentions that he met neighbors who saw UFOs near Vlado’s home. Tobías Sarmiento was Vlado’s replacement engineer at the hydroelectric in Huallanca and might still live. A man named Adrian Perez is mentioned in Vlado’s account but I haven’t met him. Veterinarian José Antonio Torre Ferrara allegedly met some of the witnesses of Vlado’s encounters. He lives in Lima and I’m going to research this.


Vlado Kapetanovic : Interviewed by Giorgio Piacenza  Vlado Kapetanovic (Vitko Novi), born in 1918, is a Yugoslavian electrical engineer who experienced hundreds of physical contact hours with the Apunians in the highlands of Peru. He is highly regarded by some people communicating with ETs in Peru and is a responsible altruistic man living a very simple life. This interview took place in Lima in September of 1994 and speaks about some of his first encounters with a very benevolent and old race of friends to the human race. GP– Who are they Vlado? VK– They are persons that live on a planet they call “Apu,” which is many millions of light years distant from our galaxy. GP– How do they look? VK– They look the same as us, yet they are physically better proportioned (than most on Earth). They can be as tall as they wish to; some are taller than two meters and some are shorter. GP– When did your contacts begin? VK– On March 10, 1960, at the Hydroelectric Plant of Huallanca in Ancash, Peru. One night the light went out… I was an electrical technician in charge of the plant… I went outside to start the D.C. emergency system and met with such a light that it seemed to be daytime. It came from a saucer resting on a piece of land between two nearby rivers. The security guard, Quiroz, told me not to approach because “they are persons that do much good up in the villages… they he-l us, make it rain and every-thing.” I just thought they were from the military because somehow they had passed through the electric cables. Nevertheless, I asked Quiroz where they were from and he said. “They are our friends from planet Apu.” Thinking that he was drunk, I told him to set down. Walking towards the light, I encountered two human persons. They saluted me in my own language (Yugoslavian), but this didn’t surprise me because anyone can learn languages. I asked them why they had caused the interruption and they answered, “Friend, we don’t come to Earth to harm anyone, but to help our terrestrial brothers…everything for others.” then they climbed into the ship and left. GP-How was your second contact? VK– On April 2, 1960, a technician and I went for a hike.1 On a plain we found shepherds with their animals. There was a campfire and suddenly one of the shepherds came to us and aggressively asked, “What do you want here?” I told him that we were hunting pumas. Then he abruptly said, “go over there.” Suddenly, another person approached from the campfire gathering and I recognized him as one of those persons that I had seen at the hydroelectric plant. He gave me his hand and the shepherd allowed me to pass through. We sat around and one of the foreigners stood up and said he would demonstrate a “gymnastic exercise” for our liking. He pressed some buttons on his chest, his pants became wider like balloons then flew around and returned. Thinking that I was being hypnotized, I walked back home. GP– How was your third experience? VK– On May 15, 1960, Quispe the technician and I went for a walk to the hills and we met with shepherds in huts near a campfire. Out of a hut came a crying boy and a crying lady. We asked this lady why she was crying and she responded that a week ago one of her boys had fractured his spine and several ribs. Then we went into the hut to see her boy. He was about ten years old and his body had a deep blue color associated with gangrene. We asked her to allow us to take the boy to the town of Caraz for treatment. She emphatically rejected this proposal because “the g-ds will come to heal him”. I was expecting them to dance naked and invoke the spirits when suddenly a small airplane descended vertically without any noise. Everyone around the campfire stood up when a woman stepped out of this craft, approached and went into the hut. Carrying the little boy in her arms, she took him into the airplane. Everyone around me kneeled down, but I remained standing until my companion told me to kneel. She then approached and said, “Please stand up. We don’t come to Earth to be thanked, paid, or worshipped on your knees because we have the sacred mission of doing everything for others.” We all stood up, She approached and I asked her, “What have you done with the boy?” She responded, “I disintegrated him into minius1 and then reintegrated him with healthy cells.” Again, I asked her, “What does that mean?” She made a gesture with her hands and turned seven sheep into flower vases. I still thought she could make me see anything through hypnosis. She commented that on Earth “We, as a people, usually think what we can see or do selfishly.”


“Then, where are you from,” I asked her, “From Earth or Apu?” “I am from Earth, but have lived in Apu for 100 years.” Then she moved her hand once again and the vases turned into seven doves. Some dogs ran after them and I thought, “Poor dogs, they are as hypnotized as me.” Suddenly, she moved her hand and the seven sheep reappeared. Then, the lady invited us to go into the airplane to see events on the “time screens”. Quispe, a few shepherds and I went into the craft and on the wall we saw a glass screen that began to reproduce everything we thought. We saw the birth and life of Jesus Christ and the way in which a section of Apu was somehow once connected with the Lake Titicaca region. We also saw how a “cellular planet” touched this region and promoted life. This is why there are some strange animals on the lake (such as the giant frogs) that were investigated by a team of French scientists. GP– What is the Apunians’ main message, Vlado? VK– They don’t know how to hate. They just reject the negativity and soften it. This is why they don’t have any wars. They are friends of all intelligent beings in the universe. If someone attacks them they disintegrate them and reintegrate them as a friend. Their main message is expressed by the phrase “everything for others.”3 GP– Do you still have contacts? VK– I have contacts every now and then. One has to concentrate and relax for this. But they are among us every day since they can appear as whites, blacks, Orientals or whatever is necessary.


  1. In “170 Horas con Extraterrestres” the first person to meet the Apunians along with Vlado at a small settlement while hiking above Quitaraxa is Adrian Perez. The second person doing so during a subsequent hike is Mr. Quispe.
  2. According to Vlado, the “minius” is the origin of all life, the smallest particle that exists between nothingness and a material something. Whatever name one chooses for it, this primary element of creation would be used to generate enough psychic force to create matter, alter reality, alter space, alter time, conduct instant healing, materialize, dematerialize, reverse age, etcetera
  3. After Vlado’s example, contactees Juan Acervo, Maruja Soler kindly greet people approaching them to learn more about extraterrestrials with open palms saying the phrase “all for others.” Vlado said that the Apunians specialize in helping living cells and that they were friends of all forms of life. Using the “minius” they could apparently generate “positive ions” that transformed negative situations into positive ones.


By Neil Gould

Neil Gould Interviews Major George Filer USAF (Ret)


There appears to be no room within our tightly controlled Worldview for the uninitiated to accept that we are not alone in the universe.  However, there are contactees and witnesses with impeccable credentials who can testify that ETs are indeed amongst us; here to pass spiritual messages, nurturing and mentoring humanity through the nuclear age. To survive, humanity must awaken and cease its obsessions with the weaponization of space and the destruction of the Earth’s fragile environment. Is there a great Cosmic Plan to integrate a peaceful and enlightened humanity with other cosmic cultures within the multiverse?

At the UFOC 2011 in Phoenix, filmmaker Jake Gould assisted by Liat Gould were filming Major George Filer USAF (Ret) being interviewed by Neil Gould. During the interview, Major Filer presented his credentials and many of his activities during his 20 years in the air force, everything from picking up UFOs on radar to engaging a US President, Prince Phillip and others over the matter of UFOs. During a relaxing moment in the interview, Neil asked Major Filer what it was that motivated him to investigate and report UFO sightings all over the world, to keep the public informed through hisFilers Files. The answer was completely unexpected; Major filer and his childhood friend had watched UFOs land in  a nearby park, before being invited on board and meet with the occupants.

Major Filer is a Disclosure Project witness who gave testimony with regard to the shooting of an ET at Fort Dicks in 1978. His own ET contacts have never been mentioned to anyone outside of his own family; till now.  In the filmed interview, Filer describes his encounters, the craft and the spiritual enlightenment he received from the off worlders, who were completely human looking. Little did he realize that these encounters would be the driving force behind his disseminating  the Filers Files Newsletters in the hope of spreading the word; that we are not alone, nor have we ever been alone in this wonderful multiverse.

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