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by Nick Redfern        October 26, 2017        (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• In the early 1950’s, George Van Tassel claimed to have met with human-like but technologically advanced extraterrestrials. This legend grew into UFO conferences at his home at Giant Rock near Joshua Tree, California, drawing thousands annually.

• Van Tassel was closely monitored by the government. An April 12, 1965 FBI document refers to Van Tassel as “an eccentric, self-ordained minister of a quasi-religious organization” and “a mental case”. Van Tassel’s quasi-religious claims included:

• – The human race had been created and manipulated for thousands of years by ETs posing as gods.

• – The only mention of God in the Bible is when the universe is made. Thereafter, all such references are to ‘out of the sky’ or ‘out of heaven’.

• – The space people first brought animals to populate the Earth. When the Earth experienced a pole shift, the average temperature cooled to accommodate the space people themselves and they established colonies for their males on Earth.

• – The male space people found that among the animals there had developed intelligent, upright walking mammals. The space males interbred with these indigenous females to create the modern human. The space people then backed off and allowed this to proceed without interference.

• – The Ten Commandments were given to Moses by the space people as a set of guidelines to live by.

• – The ‘manna from heaven’ in the Bible was bread supplied by the space people.

• –  Mother Mary was a space person herself sent to Earth pregnant with space person Jesus. Jesus’s mission was to show the Earth people how to conduct themselves. Just as his space brothers, Jesus had telepathy and knew people’s thoughts.

• Ancient texts refer to the space people’s craft as ‘winged chariots’ and ‘winged horses’. Native Americans referred to them as ‘flaming canoes’.

[Editors Note]  Knowing now that so many ET accounts give a similar story of humans being seeded on the Earth and guided throughout our history, are Van Tassel’s accounts all that preposterous?


Do agencies of government take note of millennia-old mysteries, tales of ancient astronauts, and archaeological anomalies? Well, yes, albeit to a degree. The CIA, for example, has taken an interest in the tales of Noah’s Ark – or as the agency refers to it, “The Ararat Anomaly.” The late Miles Copeland – who held a significant position in the Central Intelligence Agency – told an intriguing story concerning the CIA and the Dead Sea Scrolls. And, then, there’s the matter of a man named George Van Tassel.

In the early 1950s, Van Tassel claimed interaction with extraterrestrials out in the desert near Joshua Tree, California. Van Tassel’s visitors from the stars were said to have been: (a) extremely human-like and (b) highly demanding, when it came to getting across their space-laws and regulations. At the time of the encounters Van Tassel was living in the desert region of a small town called Landers – actually in a large, converted cave beneath a gigantic rock that, unsurprisingly, is called Giant Rock.

Van Tassel claimed the aliens told him that the Human Race had been molded, guided and manipulated for thousands of years – by extraterrestrials who posed as gods. Such was the fascination that the public had with his claims, Van Tassel was prompted to establish a yearly UFO conference at Giant Rock that – at its height, in the mid-1950s – attracted audiences in excess of ten thousand. The word was spreading. It even reached the FBI, who opened a file on Van Tassel in 1954.

Documentation declassified by the FBI demonstrates that George Van Tassel was periodically monitored well into the 1960s. As were Van Tassel’s statements concerning ancient aliens and the saga of the Ten Commandments. An FBI report – on a lecture Van Tassel gave at the Phipps Auditorium in Denver, Colorado, in 1960 – states the following: “The major part of his lecture was devoted to explaining the occurrences in the Bible as they related to the space people. He said that the only mention of God in the Bible is in the beginning when the universe was being made. He said that after that all references are to ‘out of the sky’ or ‘out of heaven.’”

                    George Van Tassel

The FBI agent present at the gig also reported: “He said that this is due to the fact that man, space people, was made by God and that in the beginning of the world the space people came to the earth and left animals here. These were the prehistoric animals which existed at a body temperature of 105 degrees; however a polar tilt occurred whereby the poles shifted and the tropical climates became covered with ice and vice versa. After the polar tilt the temperature to sustain life was 98.6 degrees, which was suitable for space people, so they established a colony and left only males here, intending to bring females at a latter date on supply ships. This is reflected in Adam not having a wife. He said that Adam was not an individual but a race of men.”

And there was more: “[Van Tassel] said that this race then inter-married with ‘intelligent, upright walking animals,’ which race was EVE. Then, when the space people came back in the supply ships they saw what had happened and did not land but ever since due to the origin of ADAM, they have watched over the people on Earth. He said that this is in the Bible many times, such as MOSES receiving the Ten Commandments. He said the Ten Commandments are the laws of the space people and men on earth only give them lip service. Also, the manna from heaven was bread supplied by the space people.”

Also contained in the FBI’s file is the following, which covers that same 1960 lecture in Denver: “[Van Tassel] also stated that this can be seen from the native stories such as the Indians in America saying that corn and potatoes, unknown in Europe were brought here by a ‘flaming canoe.’ He said that this can be shown also by the old stories of Winged Chariots and Winged white Horses, which came from out of the sky. He said that JESUS was born of MARY, who was a space person sent here already pregnant in order to show the earth people the proper way to live. He said the space people have watched over us through the years and have tried to help us. He said they have sent their agents to the earth and they appear just as we do; however, they have the power to know your thoughts just as JESUS did. He said this is their means of communication and many of the space people are mute, but they train a certain number of them to speak earth languages.”


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giant-rock-movieAn historic television interview with George Van Tassel recorded in June 1964 reveals a number of technologies that have been secretly developed by the U.S. Air Force and Navy based on information first gained from extraterrestrial visitors. Among the national security secrets revealed by Van Tassel is that the U.S. Air Force has possessed antigravity technology since at least 1956. Van Tassel claims to have witnessed a practical demonstration of antigravity technology in 1953 when he was taken up into an extraterrestrial spacecraft that had landed at Giant Rock airport in California which he managed at the time. In the interview, Van Tassel further claims that technologies based on retrieving visual scenes from any time period, including television signals and even time travel itself, have been developed, and then classified for national security reasons by the U.S. Navy. Based on his extraterrestrial contact experiences, Van Tassel devoted great effort to developing time travel technology and expanding human longevity through the four stories tall “Integratron” he built at Giant Rock. He died of a heart attack in 1978, only weeks before the scheduled completion of his Integratron. Circumstances surrounding his death suggest that the knowledge he gained on extending human longevity, another topic with important national security implications, had been appropriated by U.S. authorities for secret development.

The television interview was conducted by Jack Webster from KVOS TV on June 18, 1964. Chief among Van Tassel’s claims is that he was taken up into an extraterrestrial spacecraft and given technological information by four space visitors that were human looking, and about 5’ 6” in height on August 24, 1953. One of the visitors was 700 years old according to Van Tassel. He was given a simple mathematical formula for time travel that directly correlated frequency with time in an inverse relationship. Remarkably, Van Tassel claims that the technology had subsequently been developed to view any visual scene from any time historic period. The technology was quickly classified by the U.S. Navy and the inventor was forced to work in a secret project. The time travel/viewing technology described by Van Tassel in his 1964 interview is similar to what was much later described as “Project Looking Glass” which whistleblowers claim to be run by the U.S. Navy.

The equation Van Tassel received from his 1953 extraterrestrial contact became the basis for his development of the Integraton, a four stories tall structure that would lead to cellular rejuvenation and increase human longevity. It was intended to be free and open to the general public. On the verge of completing his Integratron project in 1978, Van Tassel died in mysterious circumstances of a heart attack. Select U.S. government agencies then intervened to confiscate material and documents from his property. The Integratron project was then abandoned. Van Tassel’s pioneering research on cellular rejuvenation and human longevity was very likely absorbed into a highly classified project that again had important national security implications.

Finally, in the interview, Van Tassel also says he witnessed first-hand the antigravity technology of the extraterrestrial visitors who have had bases on the moon for centuries. Van Tassel also claimed that the US Air Force has developed antigravity technology in highly classified projects in 1956. Antigravity technology based on the principle of electrogravitics was discussed in open source scientific literature up until 1956 after which such research suddenly became highly classified. No more scientific studies had appeared after 1956. Van Tassel’s claim gives a plausible answer for the mysterious disappearance of antigravity research from open scientific literature. Government agencies had succeeded in demonstrating their practical value, and importance for national security. All subsequent open source or civilian efforts to develop antigravity technologies were either classified or repressed. In the case of Otis Carr, a disciple of Nikola Tesla, his own civilian based antigravity technology was repressed with terrible results. Carr was jailed on trumped up charges and it was only four decades later, in March 2006, that one of Carr’s technical assistants, Ralph Ring, came forward to reveal the truth. Carr had successfully developed antigravity technology, and was subsequently repressed by national agencies.

The 1964 television interview with Van Tassel is a classic that features that pioneering research of one of the most important contactees from the 1950s, and some of the knowledge that was acquired with extraterrestrial assistance. The interview reveals three of the most important national security secrets in the USA that have been developed for well over five decades; antigravity technology; cell regeneration and human longevity; and time travel /viewing of the past and future. A film based on the life of George Van Tassel is currently under production featuring Hollywood actor, Kevin Gage. The film, Giant Rock: The Greatest UFO Story Never Told, will reveal more details of Van Tassel’s knowledge of time travel, antigravity and rejuvenation – knowledge that has been secretly developed by select national security entities for almost six decades.

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