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by Nick Redfern        December 8, 2017        (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• [Editor’s Note] These uncovered government reports offer a glimpse of how lower-level FBI and military agents viewed the UFO contactee, George Adamski, revealing an emerging Cold War mentality of ridiculing anyone who believes in UFOs and the convenient assumption that the Soviets were behind everything.
• In 1959, Adamski visited New Zealand as a UFO speaker. A U.S. State Department Foreign Service embassy agent sent a report on Adamski’s activities to Washington D.C., the FBI, the CIA, the Air Force and the Navy. The report stated that Adamski’s lectures had been well-attended by upwards of 2200 people to hear him make his “pseudo-scientific arguments” and “men from Venus”, and was met with “incredulous murmuring” and audiences “totally unimpressed with his pictures of saucers”.
• While in New Zealand, Adamski also held meetings with smaller groups of “saucer enthusiasts”. Adamski hinted that the Russians had been helped by these “space people”.
• A letter from a civilian triggered another FBI report questioning whether Adamski was subtly spreading Russian propaganda through his “space people” lectures. Adamski touted the space people as having a better society than those found on the Earth. They have abolished churches, schools, money, and private property in favor of a central governing council, just like the communists.
• And since Adamski’s “space people” advocate that the U.S. stop its nuclear testing, and if attacked by technologically-advanced extraterrestrials, the people of Earth should lay down their arms and welcome their attackers, so it must be a Soviet plot.


There’s no doubt that the early-to-mid-1950s was the era in which the controversial UFO Contactee, George Adamski, was at his “height.” At least, in terms of popularity. By the late fifties, though, things weren’t quite so good. In early 1959, Adamski was invited to deliver a series of lectures in New Zealand: specifically in Wellington and Auckland. Notably, this lecture-tour was of interest to the world of government, and his presentations were clandestinely scrutinized by government operatives. A Foreign Service Dispatch of February 1959 was sent from the American Embassy in New Zealand to the Department of State in Washington, D.C., that summarized Adamski’s activities in New Zealand.

Also forwarded to the FBI, the CIA, the Air Force and the Navy, the report was titled “‘FLYING SAUCER’ EXPERT LECTURING IN NEW ZEALAND” and recorded the following: “Mr. George ADAMSKI, the Californian ‘flying saucer expert’ and author of the book Flying Saucers Have Landed and others, has been visiting New Zealand for the last two weeks. He has given well-attended public lectures in Auckland and Wellington as well as meetings with smaller groups of ‘saucer’ enthusiasts. In Wellington his lecture filled the 2,200 seats in the Town Hall. He was not permitted to charge for admission as the meeting was held on a Sunday night, but a ‘silver coin’ collection was taken up and this would more than recoup his expenses.”

The 2,000-plus people in attendance may have been impressed, but staff from the American Embassy certainly were not: “Adamski’s lectures appear to cover the usual mass of sighting reports, pseudo-scientific arguments in support of his theories and his previously well-publicized ‘contacts’ with saucers and men from Venus. He is repeating his contention that men from other planets are living anonymously on the earth and, according to the press, said in Auckland that there may be as many as 40,000,000 of these in total. He is also making references to security restrictions and saying that the US authorities know a lot more than they will tell.”

In an amusing part of the document we are told: “The report of Adamski’s lecture in Wellington in The Dominion was flanked by an article by Dr. I.L. THOMPSON, Director of the Carter Observatory, vigorously refuting Adamski on a number of scientific points. However, the news report of the lecture called it ‘the best Sunday night’s entertainment Wellington has seen for quite a time.’”

Moving on, there is this: “Interest in flying saucers in New Zealand seems to be roughly comparable to that in the United States. There is a small but active organization which enthusiasts have supported for some years. This organization publishes a small paper and receives and circulates stories of sightings. At the Adamski lecture in Wellington, approximately 40 members of the ‘Adamski Corresponding Society’ wore blue ribbons and sat in reserved seats in the front row. Press reports suggest that Adamski probably is making no new converts to saucer credence in his current tour. His audiences have given forth with a certain amount of ‘incredulous murmuring’ and are said to be totally unimpressed with his pictures of saucers.”

Almost twelve months on, Adamski was yet again the topic of FBI interest when an unidentified American citizen offered an opinion that Adamski was using the UFO controversy as a means to promote communism. In a report on the affair, the FBI recorded the following: “[Censored] said that in recent weeks she and her husband had begun to wonder if Adamski is subtly spreading Russian propaganda. She said that, according to Adamski, the ‘space people’ are much better people than those on earth; that they have told him the earth is in extreme danger from nuclear tests and that they must be stopped; that they have found peace under a system in which churches, schools, individual governments, money, and private property were abolished in favor of a central governing council, and nationalism and patriotism have been done away with; that the ‘space people’ want nuclear tests stopped immediately and that never should people on earth fight; if attacked, they should lay down their arms and welcome their attackers.
“[Censored] said the particular thing that first made her and her husband wonder about Adamski was a letter they received from him dated 10/12/59, in which it was hinted that the Russians receive help in their outer space programs from the ‘space people’, and that the ‘space people’ will not help any nation unless such nation has peaceful intent. It occurred to them that the desires and recommendations of the ‘space people’ whom Adamski quotes are quite similar to Russia’s approach, particularly as to the ending of nuclear testing, and it was for this reason she decided to call the FBI.”

From then on – as far as can be determined, at least – the worlds of the FBI and Adamski never again crossed paths; he died in 1965. All of the above demonstrates that Adamski and his claims provoked a great deal of commentary and controversy – and for wildly and widely varying reasons. Some years ago I interviewed Colin Bennett, the author of the Adamski-themed book, Looking for Orthon. I asked Bennett for his specific thoughts on why Adamski seemed to attract all kinds of attention. Bennett told me:
“Back in 1952, the FBI regarded Adamski as little more than a pop-eyed hippy nut case. He was, however, beginning to get a certain following, and he was watched as much later, John Lennon, Timothy Leary, Andrija Puharich, and Wilhelm Reich were watched. We can assume all possible cult followers, right up to the present day are taken note of in a similar manner. The flying saucer bit probably did not interest the FBI at all, even if they knew, cared, or understood anything about such things. On the other hand, they might well have been interested in Adamski’s racial and near-Nazi views. He did not make a big thing of such opinions, but he certainly voiced them after the War, at a time when hundreds of thousands of American dead were fresh in the memory, and that could not have gone down well.”



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  Advanced Wave Retarded Wave



What are some of the basics behind the different kinds of ET craft that seem to come in and out of our physical reality frame, to counteract gravity and inertia, to create MACRO QUANTUM effects and so on? All ET may have to behave according to some rules and most seem to be respectful toward us. Perhaps a minimum degree of a more ORGANIC consciousness would be necessary to be allowed to operate on Earth (and inside) whether positively or negatively inclined.  That consciousness would go hand in hand with a science that probably makes use of a realm that transcends and includes what we normally experience as the “Physical Realm.”  


To understand who is positive and primarily in “service to others” or negative or primarily in “service to self” would be innacurate based on the more dichotomous judgment standards we employ along with a common sense and science based on our classical physical experience. We would need to beging to understand retrocausality applicable to the Physical Realm but ultimately stemming (along with regular time-forward causality) from a higher non physical symmetry. However (as a brief comment diverging a little from the main theme of this article) I think that there should be much more recognition of benevolent extraterrestrial groups, similar in typology to Earth humans. By “benevolent” I mean respectful of consious free will choice and not only of subconsious free will. Also respectful of a preparation for contact process.



In spite of the interest in abductions (whether Et or human made) and a sense of reality that only validates an “us vs. them” mentality) these friendlier, conversant, respectful contacts (which have been ridiculed and misunderstood) are also real and would be highly beneficent for humanity helping us to (re) insert ourselves into a vast cosmic community; a vast galactic “family.” Those ETs of similar typology and human demeanor,  character and ‘feel’ may be for us (at this point in our individual-collective awareness) easier to contact as was the case of the 1950’s contacts. However, not all ‘space brothers’ need to be “Nordic” as mindlessly repeated in some places and eventually not all of them need to be human. And -while still benevolent and quite sufficiently human-looking – not all of them need be as easy to relate with psychologically as the kind space ‘friends’ George Adamski met. But that’s another theme. However, don’t miss it:  Carefully check out www.adamskifoundation.com and check out Steckling video interviews like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z39tL4m6Vm4



Now, regarding the “Ethereans” (Etherean ETs) sometimes referred to in (non classical physics “nuts & bolts” limited UFO literature): This should be clarified to get a more scientific idea of it so that people may not think that space brothers (blond human shaped or not) is not a wishful thinking situation: Thinking about “ethereans” for some years I think that various rates of physical density (degrees of limitation into time forward space time experience) exist as the larger Physical Realm (a realm predominantly organized according to specific space time principles, material causality and its logic) interacts (in corresponding various degrees) with the Subtle Realm (also organized under space and time inclusive principles, another form of material causality and logic). In the Subtle Realm interiors (subjectivities) and exteriors (limiting material correlates to experience) would be causally co-equal and posses another form of substance; a space and time transcending and including “mental substance” (some of its sublevels are called the ‘astral subplanes’).



The nexi or intermediate combinations between the space time exteriorly experientially expressed Physical Realm and the null space time exteriorly expressed Subtle Realm is what we may call or experience as the “physical” etheric planes. They are stable intermediate states that retransmit the vivification of experiential menaing from the Subtle Realm into the Physical. They are actual but only perceived as potential from our ordinary causally time-forward, conscious experience. However, these intermediate “etheric” states transduce the retrocausal aspects (transcended and included under a higher metaphysical symmetry in the Subtle Realm). These retrocausal aspects are needed to materialize physical substance under space time parameters. They are expected under some quantum mechanical solutions that incorporate Einstein’s relativity (like the Klein-Gordon solution to Einstein’s original equation which in itself included physical momentum under a square root that gave a positive time-forward causal result and  time-backward causal solution). http://www.sintropia.it/thesis.pdf



The internal, non-local, holographic universe would originate in a Subtle Realm state prior to an experiential subdivision of time-forward and time-backwards complementary causalities. Also, inasmuch as the time-forward and time-backward physically relevant causalities cancel each other, we experience a partial return to the Subtle Realm state from which physical experience and the Physical Realm stem from.   Both degree of duality experience (and experiential decoding/interpretation (or epistemology) and exterior reality (ontology) co-exist inextricably. Only pure, non-dual “Consciousness” includes them both (and is not limited to subjectivity and epistemology).
The ETs are of the Physical Realm which is subdivided into various “densities” and rates of vibration according to how it stably relates with the Subtle Realm. Many ETs (while still physical and within space time exterior material causal predominance, thus still needing physical technology) originate in less “dense” alternative stable physical sub realms, with less inertia, entropy and other space time dependent physical parameters. The subtler (or more connected with the Subtle Realm) a physical reality is, the more negentropy, syntropy or self-organizing (converging) tendencies are experienced in a conscious manner from what could be today understood as “quantum potential retrocausal influences.”
We may perceive almost as spiritual forms and-or as luminous forms (from our ‘denser’ perspective) some of the less physically dense ETs (beyond what’s been termed “4th density” which still experience 3 Space directions of ‘distance’+ 1 Time rate of experience combining time-forward and time-backward to various degrees for the conscious mind). These can more easily be called “ethereans” (especially from our less etherean perspective) as some early contactees and researchers (Mead Lane comes to mind) did. However, we would also be “ethereans” to a lesser degree that normally limits us experientially to a linear (time-forward related) causality, greater exterior inertia (and less of its opposite “initia”) and so forth.  However, as said, even if the more etheran ETs can make more conscious and psychic use of Subtle Realm causality through a more conscious mental aactualization/manipulation of (normally subsconsciously experienced) retrocausal physical aspects, they are not purely Subtle or discarnate beings.

George Adamski: A Herald for the Space Brothers is a refreshing look at the first and most famous contactee of the modern era. In the early 1950s, George Adamski stunned the world with his extraordinary stories of meetings and travels with human looking extraterrestrials from planets within our own solar system. He traveled all over the world relating his personal experiences and the esoteric ‘space philosophies’ explained to him. Adamski was invited by many influential VIPs to give first hand accounts of the “space brothers” as he described the extraterrestrial visitors. The author, Gerard Aartsen, takes an unconventional approach to writing this book about Adamski. He does not present new evidence or testimonies to settle the long standing controversies surrounding Adamski’s claims. Instead, Aartsen presents personal information about Adamski’s early life and travels to give a fresh new perspective of Adamski as someone who was “a visionary teacher who was far ahead of the small minds that were waging a cold war” against him (xi). Adamski’s experiences with the “space brothers” according to Aartsen, are merely an unfolding of a mission and philosophy that Adamski had already well embarked upon earlier in his life.

The most tragic early life experience for Adamski was the death of his Polish father not long after emigrating to the U.S. with his Egyptian born wife, and the then four year old Adamski. Luckily, a mysterious tall dark family friend called Sid, took it upon himself to mentor the young Adamski who received private tuition. “Uncle Sid”, as he became affectionately known to the family, proposed that Adamski would benefit from further education in Tibet in “a monastery of Lamas. (p.22)” Adamski’s mother readily agreed with Uncle Sid’s unusual proposal. At the significant age of 12, the age when most rites of passage are performed for young men, Adamski was taken to Tibet. He spent somewhere between three to six years learning Buddhist philosophy at the hands of Tibetan Lamas, and/or “Masters of Wisdom” as Aartsen describes them. Who was “Uncle Sid” that would provide for Adamski’s expenses and guidance for such an unconventional formative childhood education? According to Aartsen, and unknown to Adamski, Uncle Sid was himself one of the space brothers that Adamski would later famously meet and befriend in 1952.

After his return from Tibet to the U.S. Adamski had acquired some very unconventional abilities from his time with his Tibetan teachers who taught him to “master the four elements: fire, water, air and earth” (p. 22). His newly acquired abilities were demonstrated to some Adamski trusted, but Adamski played down such abilities as insignificant compared to the philosophy he had learned in Tibet. Aartsen cites another author Henry Dohan who explained further Adamski’s reasoning: “the people who were around Adamski and who knew of his unusual powers were asked to keep it a secret. Adamski thought it would prejudice his prestige as a teacher, as people would take him for a magician” (p. 22).

Some time in this period of the 1930’s Adamski established the “Royal Order of Tibet” and a monastery at Laguna Beach, California. He therefore became one of the first people in the U.S. to teach esoteric practices and philosophy that had been learned at first hand from Tibetan Lamas. Adamski’s first book followed soon after in 1936 and was titled Wisdom of the Masters of the Far East. In it he elaborated on what he had learned in Tibet which he summarized in a 1934 interview with the Los Angeles Times where he said: “I learned great truths up there on the roof of the world, or rather the trick of applying age-old knowledge to daily life, to cure the body and the mind and to win mastery over self and soul” (p. 23).

So Adamski was clearly no opportunist who had conjured up a philosophy and established a cult around himself. He was in contrast, someone who had spent his formative childhood years directly learning with some of the world’s greatest teachers of esoteric practices and philosophies in Tibet. This is perhaps Aartsen’s greatest contribution in his book. Most critics of Adamski ignore or downplay the very significant experiences and teachings Adamski had acquired while in Tibet as a youngster. Instead, they launch into character assassinations where Adamski is portrayed as a self-promoting cultist who had no formal training for the esoteric practices and philosophies he was teaching. In contrast, Adamski’s childhood training and education was the ideal training for what he taught and practiced later in life.

In the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, Adamski began taking photos of UFOs, or flying saucers as they were known at the time. His flying saucer photos were among the finest ever taken and showed various types of craft – long cyclinder motherships, spheres of light, and the famous scout craft photos. Aartsen explains the famous 1952 Desert Center encounter with one of the space brothers. Orthon claimed to be from Venus and eventually Adamski would be taken to motherships from extraterrestrials from Venus and Saturn. Adamski claimed to have met on this motherships, Masters of Wisdom from both Venus and Saturn.

Aartsen describes the controversy arising from later NASA space probes showing extreme environmental conditions on Venus and Saturn that made human life as we know it impossible. While information from the early NASA missions was used to discredit Adamski’s claims of human life on other planets in our solar system, one thing that was overlooked was that life could exist on different dimensions. According to modern day string theory, as explained by Professor Michio Kaku, there are up to ten dimensions contained in space-time. So in the same space and time, one could encounter non-hospital life conditions in one dimension, and a flourishing civilization in another. Arguably, flourishing civilizations exist on Venus and Saturn today, but on a dimension that cannot be yet identified by scientific instruments.

Prior to Adamski’s death on April 23, 1965, Aartsen relates how Adamski promised that he would return as a young man to continue his earth mission. In an obituary, Lord Desmond Leslie, part of an English-Irish aristocratic family and co-author of Adamski’s first non-fiction book wrote: “I don’t believe by any means we have seen the last of him. If he is reborn on another planet, he has promised to come back and contact us when possible. (p. 28)” Incredibly, one day after his death, an Englishman by the name of Earnest Arthur Bryant had a contact experience with three extraterrestrials allegedly from Venus. Among them was one that the Englishmen remembered as being around 14 to 15 years old, Bryant wrote: “The youth appeared to be the leader of the group. He was more free and easy than the other two. ‘My name is Yamski’ he said (or at least sounded something like that). I was under the impression he was a Russian, except that he had a tendency towards an American accent, but when I asked where they had come from the reply was, ‘We are from Venus.’ Perhaps it was the look on my face, he turned to the others and said, ‘If only Des Les were here, he would understand.’ (p. 29)

Remarkably, the Venusian youth, ‘Yamski’ (a reincarnated Adamski?) went on to describe ‘Des Les’ in terms that made it clear he was referring to Adamski’s long time friend, Desmond Leslie. Incredibly, Bryant swore had no prior knowledge of George Adamski, let alone that he had died one day earlier.

Years later there was another incident that also seemed to fulfill Adamski’s promise of returning to Earth to help humanity accept the space brothers. An Italian contactee by the name of Giorgio Dibitonto claimed that in 1980 he and his companions met a young man from Venus whose name was George. Dibitonto described how a Venusian by the name of Raphael introduced him: “another man was introduced to us … ‘His name is George, said Raphael… This, our brother, lived for a while on Earth, where he chose to come on an assignment. Now he has returned to us” (p. 32).

Aartsen’s book will not satisfy the hardcore skeptic about the veracity of Adamski’s claims of contact with extraterrestrials from different planets of our solar system. Aartsen does, however, give important new insights into Adamski’s life and philosophy. For this reviewer, Adamski’s extended education in Tibet stands out as something out of the ordinary, and in itself a remarkable preparation for an extraordinary life. Adamski had certainly acquired experiences, philosophies and abilities that would later stand him in good stead as he confronted a skeptical world with his extraordinary claims of extraterrestrial contact. The best presentation of evidence supporting Adamski’s contactee claims is documented in a video which only recently resurfaced.

Aartsen’s succeeds admirably with his main aim of presenting information Adamski’s life, experiences and philosophy that many would not have known about. For this reader, George Adamski: Herald of the Space Brothers, is an open honest appraisal of someone who forever changed how our world would view extraterrestrial life. The idea of the benevolent human looking “space brothers” here to help educate and guide humanity has still not lost its appeal. This is despite the almost propagandist onslaught of non-human looking extraterrestrials abducting civilians for genetic experiments as portrayed by the mass media and many UFO researchers. Whether one agrees or not with Adamski’s contactee claims, what’s clear is that his childhood education in Tibet had prepared him well for the extraordinary events and teachings that he would later come to be known for around the world.

George Adamski: A Herald for the Space Brothers is available at Amazon.com

Rare Video: George Adamski claims investigated

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