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The Quantum Hologram Harmonizes Two Important UFO Hypotheses

June 3, 2015

The Quantum Hologram model proposed by Dr. Edgar Mitchell (seen in the photograph), Dr. Rudy Schild , Dr. Walter Schemp and other capable scientists valiantly expanding theoretical constructs that may better explain ‘anomalies’ and empirical data (however unconventional it may be)… should be studied. This model includes and transcends a net physical explanation that some UFOs – if genuine – are physical […]

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“EVIDENCE” and-or “PROOF” of the Extraterrestrial Presence?

November 26, 2013

Strictly speaking, “PROOF” of the extraterrestrial presence (from a rigorous academic point of view) would be more (classically speaking and before the findings of Kurt Gödel) limited to mathematics and logic but not to evidence obtained inductively after the senses however frequent the perceptions. The same applies to scientific theories, models, explanations that correspond to […]

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