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Kenneth Arnold

Today (June 24, 2017) is the 70th anniversary of Kenneth Arnold’s sighting that initiated the “Modern UFO Era.” 70 years ago the pilot Kenneth Arnold while seeking a fallen airplane over the Cascade Mountains saw 9 boomerang-shaped objects that moved as saucers skipping over water. Thus, the term “flying saucer” was born and widely used until (along with the confirmation of a variety of shapes the “unknowns” had) within the USAF’s Project Blue Book, the term “Unidentified Flying Object” was coined.

But what have we learned thus far? It depends who you are inclined to listen to. In my view, both ufology and contacteeism have many valid items to offer. There is serious evidence that non man-made and non-natural UFOs exist. There have been distorsions and exagerations and a need to believe and to dismiss what seem to be another person’s acknowledgement of evidence but we also have several credible contactees, some producing photographic and even collective evidence. There are credible, normally functional abductees; in a word “experiencers” having various kinds of conscious contact experiences with alleged beings from otherworldly realities. And there are credible whistleblowers and documents that have been almost verified besides several crucial research institutions with good evidence such as MUFON, not to speak of air force and/or government-associated institutions in various countries investigating UAPs/UFOs and clearly finding that a certain percentage is not rationally explainable as misperceptions, hoaxes or delusions. Moreover, the U.S. Government (usually covert) interest has been sufficiently documented by researchers such as Richard Dolan and Michael E. Salla.

Documentaries in cultural channels and some shift in UFO reports and in research modes and data gathering. Besides evidence through well practiced hypnosis and experiencer testimonies we now also have a more sizable survey conducted by F.R.E.E. (www.experiencer.org) in which a few thousands of individuals have anonymously answered hundreds of questions about their alleged contact experiences and the results indicate that most of these are life not evil, but instead life-transforming in a positive way. Thus, it appears that, in spite there being some encounters clearly deemed “negative,” these are of a minority of reported cases and that an opportunity to reconcile “all are good space brothers” and “all are evil abusing” ETs emerges. We need to learn to think in terms that”SOME” ETs may be negative and we would probably stop separating ourselves into – for instance – camps that support or agree with Dr. Steven Greer and camps that support or agree with Dr. David Jacobs since the may be a middle ground on this issue.

As of today, a greater % of the world population may be more receptive to the idea of finding life in exoplanets and the Catholic Church seems theologically open to the possibility either of this or that we are already being “visited.” There are emerging scientific models partially able to include information and/or consciousness and some integrative meta theories may assist us to integrate physics, the “paranormal,” consciousness and psychology providing an explanatory basis that could be useful if big “D” Disclosure or a series of small “d” disclosures occur.

But we must learn to unite as researchers, as persons interested in knowing the truth about what is going on and – overall – as a species even in the era of fake news and self legitimizing online cultural “tribes” and narratives. The need to learn neither to be extremely gullible nor close minded remains crucial. And if we do not acquire new cultural norms learning to live together respecting all life forms with a deep sense of interconnectedness we may devastate our beautiful life-teeming jewel planet.

There have already been attempts to verify unique humanoid remnants such as the Be Witness humanoid researched by three accredited forensic doctors (under the promotion of Mr. Jaime Maussan) and the Atacama humanoid researched (under the promotion of Dr. Steven Greer) by bone structure and genetic analysis experts and the results have been ambiguous, conclusive in favor of anomaly to some and conclusive in favor of normalcy to others.  But few critics in favor or against seem to have carefully consider all the variables involved. And, along with new developments in ufology & exopolitics such as the so-called “Secret Space Program” we tend to conclusively opine (often in character-destructive ways) either in favor or against without being able to temporarily suspend that blasting judgement and without sufficient attention to pro and con details. I seriously take the view that this is a shortcoming which we must definitely grow out of this in order to be more ready for an unequivocal worldwide revelation that we are being “visited.”

I also pray that in relation to the unique mummies of Peru, careful, appropriate scientific research to disclose the objective truth is furthered and allowed to continue, even beyond Gaia’s and Mr. Maussan’s and Dr. Korotkov’s, et al reports, including duplicating research procedures and verifying or dismissing results and may also the mutual cynicism among researchers and within the UFO, experiencer, exopolitics communities and among these communities and academic communities subside! We have to wait for the best possible research findings before emitting conclusive judgement! Let’s be supportive of the research Gaia and colleagues are conducting now! The implications for humanity are highly important. Hopefully, this research will continue and the objective truth will be firmly established.

Also, may the Peruvian Gov allow further research involving first of all Peruvian scientists that honestly bring the unbiased truth out to the world. May they work in tandem with the scientists already conducting this research in spite of the possibility that archaeological sites and remnants have been utilized without official permission. I believe that this is a test to understand how mature we all are, at least all of us who care about the the origins and causes of humankind, its role in the grand scheme of things, how far can our human potential become a more life-enhancing expression, whether we share genetic material with extraterrestrial civilizations, how may the divine and sacred remain with us as a guiding force amidst cultural premises-shattering discoveries and other such issues.

It has also been 70 years of human courage, to a great extent a courage inspired by good ethical values. We must also recognize the ethics courage of all sincere UFO and contact/experiencer witnesses and also researchers (including accredited scientists) that dedicated themselves to bring the truth to the public sometimes with great risk to their personal careers and social lives.

Whether any of the alleged mummies are genuine humanoids or not this clearly needs to be known. Whether they are genuine humanoids or not this process is like a social test, a way to “measure the disclosure readiness or level of maturity” of the UFO, consciousness mysteries, exopolitics, experiencer, integral communities and various segments of the public at large.

Is this situation an Exopolitical Readiness Test? A test of our degree of unity awareness? Are we ready to be sufficiently unified as a species to digest disclosure and/or publicly acknowledged contact?

We tend to accuse each other of hidden purposes, fraud, or of being motivated by financial interests and we do this if our brothers care about or consider real something that seems to contradict or compete with what we do or care about most. Too many unnecessary, divisive negative attitudes. However, in this case we simply need to promote adequate scientific research and learn to respect each other more! If the mummies are of unknown humanoids will religions crumble? Some ? Perhaps the more conservative, orthodox, fundamentalist?

After all, will most people care little about this? Will government and military and some academic personnel begin speaking out loud about what they know in terms of extraterrestrials and UFOs? Will there be a gradual re-thinking of cultural convictions and our place in the universe? Or will people in general simply go on with their excessive divisions adapt and go on with their “business as usual?” Whether any of the mummies are (surprisingly) humanoid from a developmental line not directly related with homo sapiens or not, I consider this process as a test for all of us, including the segments of humanity which are more aware. Can we come together rather than dismiss each other’s efforts in a cynical manner?

So after 70 years of exploration in the “Modern UFO Era” (or “Modern Era of UFOs”) we now have the possibility of a major discovery. But again, how we go about it. How we manage to remain reasonable without attacking each other may be the genuine test we need to pass before further disclosure takes place or, perhaps, is allowed. We need to unite in purpose and also learn to respect and listen to each other much more.

If it turns out that the “humanoid mummies of Perú” were hoaxes, we will not only grow more cynical about events that reminds us of “physical proof of contact of extraterrestrial life;” we will also know a bit more clearly how we react when such a possibility arises. Thus, what is important is not just assessing what we actually know after 70 years since Kenneth Arnold’s sighting; it is the state of our social integration and associated ethical integrity.

May the sacrifices and efforts of experiencers witnessing the scope of their truth, of genuine patriotic whistleblowers and of serious researchers attempting to bring to light some understanding of various UFO, experiencer, exopolitical aspects continue flourishing and coherently integrating for the good of humanity, healthy emerging exopolitical relationships and life on Earth!
Giorgio Piacenza​


“María” in a pose that may suggest a heartfelt embrace for humanity 


by Duke Brickhouse   –   Part Three in the Channeling Series

Reptilian extraterrestrials… were actively working with the Nazi leaders and the Nazi scientists during World War II. This, researchers have correctly determined.” But it is actually “the Anunnaki [who] are the great taskmasters underlying all of the alien agenda and presence… allowing the other aliens (such as the Reptilians) to be the instruments of our destruction.” “This is very much a consequence of mind control. Your military officials… are hapless dupes in this, in the same way everyone in the public and other aspects of society are similarly programmed to be in a state of complacency about the mounting number of UFO sightings, the growing number of alien abduction accounts, and so on.” “It is not just that the people are self-serving or evil in some way. They… have been programmed.”

Dwight Eisenhower

Thus, through renowned hypnotist Karl Mollison’s channeling of President Dwight D. Eisenhower in another installment of Denny Hunt’s ongoing “Why Is This True?” YouTube channel series, the spirit entity of Dwight Eisenhower gets straight to the point in his typically inimitable style.

I was aware of the existence of physical extraterrestrials… interacting with us in a variety of ways.

I was very eager… to see what they would be willing to do to help us in the world effort to achieve lasting peace and stability.” “I never dreamed there would be an evil underside to what was happening. I certainly am surprised now at how naïve I was in thinking this might be a first occurrence and a new initiative that would likely bear great fruit in… at last achieving a worldwide stability.”

The extension of the Nazi regime [was] being orchestrated and manned by the Reptilian extraterrestrials.” “If a world leader and world power can be made to subjugate all of humanity, then this takes all the burden away from them (the Reptilians) as they desire to do the same thing, but they know this would cause casualties for them. It would be messy despite their (the Reptilians) superiority, and so they use the human as a tool and a weapon to do the dirty work for them.”

It was all orchestrated, engineered, planned, and put into motion through mind control manipulation of the German people first, then the Italians and the Japanese, to create a series of militaristic regimes who could work in concert and gain global dominance. This was the objective and it mattered not to the Reptilians how reckless, savage, or ultimately self-destructive it might prove to be because they simply do not care or value what happens to any human beings.” “The entire saga was an alien manipulation to promote that regime, to encourage its emergence and to cause the greatest possible harm to the human community.”“With the end of the war and the collapse of the Nazi regime, the Reptilians simply moved on to other targets.”

This information was channeled by Karl Mollison who, in the 1980’s and 1990’s, was a hard core scientist working in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Being in the medical industry, Karl was always looking for insights to new methods of healing. Rather than turning a blind eye to the mounting empirical evidence of psychic and hypnotic healing, Karl decided to explore this himself by taking classes in hypnotherapy. To his surprise, he discovered that he was especially adept at channeling the Divine Source and higher beings.

            Karl Mollison

By 2006, Karl had made hypnotherapy his vocation. Since then he has conducted hundreds of channeling sessions. He’s developed a trust in certain Spirit Realm sources and has honed his channeling protocols to achieve the most honest and accurate of readings. With each channeling session, Karl will set his intention in genuine love and goodness, without ego, fear or self-interest. Then he will begin by falling into a lucid trance, contacting the highest Divine Source and working his way down to the particular spiritual being that the interviewer wants to channel, while making sure that no outside negative forces elbow their way into the conversation. During a channeling session, Karl is able to monitor and recall these channeling conversations as a third party witness.

When asked directly by Denny Were you given the name or names of the extraterrestrial group you dealt with?” Spirit Eisenhower responds, “They were not revealing of their origin, only saying they were from the stars and were here in a learning capacity to do scientific observation with the aim eventually to make a diplomatic outreach once they felt comfortable in doing so. This was very much disarming and was received in a positive way by me and the military as well. [We] were so conditioned to maintaining secrecy about all things that were new and, in particular, that could confer some military or political advantage for the United States.” The United States’ leaders were interested in extraterrestrial aircraft and spacecraft technology, to be sure, but also in “all manner of alien capabilities, especially the telepathic abilities and the ability to manipulate energy which they had seen demonstrated.”

Spirit Eisenhower continues, “We had no reason to question their motives, but we looked to their counsel and leadership as being clearly advanced beings. [We] shared the concerns they recounted about not causing mass panic and the disruption of the existing institutions and recommended that we go slow and develop a long-term plan to eventually begin to share such knowledge when the proper foundation was in place. So these were the early impressions and the early recommendations.”

This was deemed top-secret or above in all levels at all times and in all ways until we could find out what the implications might be, and the decisions were made to keep this secret from the public and we were advised quite strongly about this by the extraterrestrials themselves who we had already begun to trust, seeing no evidence of weaponry, no evidence of hostility, other than their presence being a violation of our airspace.” “ This was all complete propaganda from them as they never intended to support us in a meaningful way and never wished to have their doings broadcast more widely.”

Earlier, Spirit Eisenhower referred directly to the Reptilians as the warring species that manipulated the Nazi’s in World War II without concern for how reckless or destructive it was to humanity. Now Spirit Eisenhower is discussing the extraterrestrial beings who came forward to work with the leadership of the United States. Although uncertain of their identity, Spirit Eisenhower says that these extraterrestrials had shown no evidence of hostility and expressed concern for the well-being of the people of Earth, and he had no reason to question their motives. It appears that the unnamed beings that U.S. leadership began to trust were extraterrestrials other than the Reptilians.


A hint as to which ET race Spirit Eisenhower is referring, other than the Reptilians, is given with Denny’s next question, “What is your understanding of the long-term plan [of the] powers that have ruled this planet for the last several thousand years?  Spirit Eisenhower answers, “The long-term plan of those who were here first to do the greatest damage is the ultimate enslavement of humanity… [and] eventually to eliminate humans and have the planet for themselves. … We are speaking of the Anunnaki here.

The others here (Reptilians, etc.) have other self-serving motivations and they are being tolerated and exploited tactically as minions to do some dirty work. Again this simply serves the Anunnaki by taking some of the heat away from them and allowing the other aliens to be the instruments of (Anunnaki-imposed) destruction.” But in the end, the Anunnaki “…also wish to push out the other aliens present.”

Spirit Eisenhower does not shy away from delving into the darker information. “We will not mince words with you or try to put a happy face on this. It is the literal truth and always has been. They (the Anunnaki) started thousands of years ago in subjugating humans and altering and manipulating them to be subservient, and used humans as a slave race to do mining and acquisition of materials, minerals and such… and this they are doing now. They have taken many (humans) to their own planet and those individuals are truly lost in their world and living terrible, terrible lives.” “This served two purposes.” It gave the Anunnaki a cheap form of labor, and “it became the means to begin the process of control and subjugation, for humans need something to do. It is easier to create slave camps, slave work projects, and so on, than it is to create prisons because humans are not happy being contained and being idle.”

Denny asks Spirit Eisenhower about Secretary of Defense and MJ-12 member, James Forrestal. I was close to him and I had tremendous respect for him. I considered him a true friend and a patriotic American. We did have a difference of opinion about the disclosure of the alien presence and this caused some rift between us, but it was only a working issue in the sense of one colleague disagreeing with another. …I knew his loyalty could be counted on.”

I was not aware of any plan he (Forrestal) may have had to disclose things independently in a public fashion. This would have been a quite alarming development and I never expected this would happen. This was really of greater concern to the intelligence agencies who saw this possibility and were monitoring him and keeping him under observation. Their reach is quite large. They have connections within all branches of the military and that was true even during World War II and beyond. And so they are the most dangerous human link to the extraterrestrials desiring human suffering because they are part of the very infrastructure of government and the military and in a position to do great harm.”

The level of mind control is the most intense and the most successful among those individuals in such key positions of authority. …No one can truly be trusted in this kind of situation. …It is certain there has been corruption on multiple levels within the person which makes them lean in the desired direction. Such individuals will either not be sympathetic to an opposing perspective or will actively oppose it and fight to the death against it, against all reason, logic, common sense, or feelings of charity, or any kind of divine impulse.”

There have been some rare persons who have escaped their (mind controlling) influence and this creates the seeds of opportunity to have a counter-force and a kind of inner guerrilla activity to put roadblocks in the way of some of the worst plans and darkest agendas. But such individuals typically don’t last for long because they eventually come to the attention of the more darkly influenced and then become outcasts within the organization for not being with the program, and then eventually are phased out through reassignment or discharge. In some cases… they are eliminated and there have been many, many, killings to maintain a tight grip on the government and military. In Forrestal’s case this is in fact what happened. He was assassinated to prevent him from sharing his knowledge with anyone. The risk was great with that mindset and perspective that he would tell too many people, not all of whom could be as trusted to maintain secrecy and confidentiality, and that was the greatest risk. So steps were taken to eliminate him.”

This was a tragic loss, not only for [Forrestal] and his family, but for the nation as well. Looking back now, it is clear that if he had been allowed to blow the whistle this could have greatly accelerated the ability of humans to rise to the occasion and take back more power, and begin to shift things in an earlier time frame and to a greater degree. This …possibility existed for a time but was then snuffed out.”

The stories of the Roswell crash and recovery of debris including a living extraterrestrial are quite true, and there were other recoveries as well.” says Spirit Eisenhower. He explains that while he did not personally view the Roswell crash site, nor the recovered physical materials, nor did he have any interaction with the surviving Roswell extraterrestrial being, he was given some feedback on all of it. Then the intelligence he received on the extraterrestrial presence began to steadily decrease. “It was not long before there was a huge communication gap that raised alarm bells for me and almost ended my Presidency and my life as well. Looking back, I know there was a plot against me, and this almost came to fruition. So I was skirting with great danger without truly realizing what was happening.”

This set the scene for a more public awareness of the alien presence and that was very much supported by the Light in bringing forward this information. [This was] followed by many impulsed sources of knowledge and insight that led to many screenplays about the existence of extraterrestrials both good and bad – some raising fear; some giving false hope. The reason for it all was to help everyone become more aware of the …alien involvement. This is an essential step in raising every one up and achieving …the Shift in Consciousness.”

Denny then asks Spirit Eisenhower about his great granddaughter, the popular spiritual crusader Laura Eisenhower. “I am with her often and support all she does… She is a shining example of the continuation of this legacy. … [I] am working directly with Creator and with [Laura’s] higher self to impulse her with thoughts, with ideas, and encouragement, and sending love as well to raise her up and to help her to stay strong. This is what we do as Light beings in helping one another. And so she will be another point of the many spears who are advancing the awareness and knowledge needed to truly help humanity in a positive way.”

            Laura Eisenhower

I am still connected with very, very, strong loving bonds to my family and descendants. All are part of a soul group who have been together for a huge span of time and we work together in our projects again and again. We support one another when present together in the physical and we support one another when some are in the physical and others back in the Light. This is where I am, and from this vantage point I am in the best position to provide support and encouragement.”

Spirit Eisenhower points out the potential pitfalls in assisting in humanity’s shift in consciousness. “All light-workers leave their mark and all have greater potential than they themselves know. The difficulty …for them is not appreciating themselves enough, not understanding the truly great power they have, and this is better understood by the opposition. So when they are identified as risks and then manipulated (by the dark side entities) in a way to sideline them, there is a great loss to the cause and in most cases the individuals themselves. If [sidelined] early enough, [they are] not aware of what they were capable of and would have accomplished.

There are still “many humans who may have a kind of personality or an inner alignment with certain leanings in terms of authoritarianism that might lead them to see an appeal in Nazi regalia or the kind of thinking involved with their (dark) legacy. And so there can always be new acolytes brought into a group to carry out that sort of focused agenda once again. And you see this in various groups that appear, the skinheads and so forth and the neo-Nazi movement.” Invariably, this is the result of continuing Reptilian mind control. “These are all forays into human manipulation. They are not unilateral choices by those people in creating the organizations and drawing followers. It is always the case that an alien agenda is showing itself in causing those leaders who emerge to take that role and put it into practice. So anything of this kind that you encounter is first and foremost a Reptilian-led propaganda effort at sabotage, infiltration, and domination eventually down the road. This is not to say they will be successful, but this is an ongoing kind of arm wrestling that human[kind] is doing with the interlopers.”

Notwithstanding, Spirit Eisenhower exhorts all light-workers to come forward at this time. “This has rarely been more greatly needed, and not because these are the darkest of times but simply because humanity has never been closer to an ultimate tipping point, to have the Light burst forth, and to have a state of heaven on earth. This is within reach now and all are working in earnest to speed the day forward, and this is what she (Laura) does. And all who live in our memory are contributing too.”

Everyone here in the physical has a soul purpose and many are continuing to struggle and suffer, and they live very restricted and primitive lives in many cases. This is not without purpose. There are important karmic reasons for this, and there are important lessons for all of the rest who look on in shock and horror at the seeming impossibility of helping so many who are seemingly in a quicksand of their own making or by cultural history and predisposition that seems intransigent, and so trapped in the past there is no way to bridge that gap.”

Those things are still ongoing because they need to be worked out and in the old-fashioned way, so to speak, through a karmic rebalancing – the hard way as you would describe it – paying one’s debts, incurring personal suffering in the re-balancing of suffering caused to others, and so on. This is an old paradigm that will be changing. Part of the repayments by so many in the level of suffering that you observe is accomplishing the turning of the wheel to a point when things can move in an entirely new direction. And this will eventually lead to a world where the healing of karma will be extremely rapid and will not involve pain. It will simply be a self-realization and will happen almost without thinking. The beings in the Light would find it almost unthinkable to harm another and would never ever do it. You can contrast that with the many human dramas playing out across the planet and see quite starkly how far things are away from that simple description.”

It is very much about overturning the alien suppression, both the long-term alteration of the human in disconnecting us from the spiritual core, as well as the cultural disconnection and miscommunication leading to all manner of grievances and combat. So this is the number one subject of great urgency, coupled with dealing at all levels [of] the spirit community of the dark ones. This cover-up and suppression has been quite effective but is growing in the level of friction and the intensity required to keep a lid on things.” “There will be a turning point and a tipping of the energies towards what the Light is supporting here. So all can take heart in this. It is not as dire as our words might suggest. At the present time the Light is winning, but this does need to be maintained and anything that can be added to the cause will accelerate that eventuality and this would be a tremendous contribution.”

This is what is in store for humanity in the future and what we mean by having heaven on earth. The ability to heal the self and one another will be profound, rapid, and understood completely by everyone. There will not be lingering pain or any darkness spread, and this will completely change the nature of existence. This is how things were always meant to be and what everyone is striving for who are progressing on a soul journey. This [Earth] is not the only dark place but it is one of the darkest. The upliftment and the growth of the light-worker community is carrying the energy forward to a great new day that is coming. So we applaud all who are involved in the effort and support our loved ones first and foremost, for that is a deep, deep, soul connection. As you can imagine from my service, I have a deep, deep, soul connection to all I helped to serve in my last incarnation, and that has not changed and will not disappear.”

We are happy to be of further service if you wish at a later time, to revisit this or other topics. And we would be happy to help you in any way we can to shed light on things and to help support your efforts to spread knowledge and awareness. That is step one. If humanity as a whole could be awakened to the reality of what is happening, the world would change instantly because of the power of human consciousness to make it so. The task is harder when there are only hundreds to a few thousand light-workers who are focused on the problem. That is carrying a huge, huge, load. It is not that they cannot succeed, it is only that it takes a bit longer. The more you reach, the more you awaken, the greater the energy grows, and [with] the collective effort this will turn the tide. So we wish you all the best success in everything you do. We are now connected and we are in your corner.”


Spirit Eisenhower tells it like it is. He doesn’t sugar-coat the influence that the negative entities had during his lifetime, and which they still hold over humanity today. He concedes that the Earth is one of the “darkest places” in the universe. Spirit Eisenhower does, however, reassure all active light-workers that this struggle is necessary, that the movement toward the Light is gaining momentum, and that “at the present time the Light is winning”. The work that the light-workers do “will completely change the nature of existence”, and a “great new day” is coming.

It is also becoming quite clear from this and past channeling sessions that mind control plays a primary part in the Reptilians’ subjugation of humanity, both at the top levels of our government and military, and at the lowest levels of ordinary humans who persist in their compulsion for “authoritarianism” and the dark “alien agenda”. A stark example from Spirit Eisenhower is his description of mind control manipulation as a cause for World War II. Typically, these people are not inherently evil, but they have been “programmed” to follow a “Reptilian led propaganda effort”. This is consistent with information that Corey Goode has provided where there is an energy frequency being directed at the Earth, along with a wide array of massive cloaked platforms that hover closely over high population centers to amplify and transmit these frequencies to the Earth below.

Finally, Spirit Eisenhower reinforces the notion that the Reptilians themselves are servants to the enigmatic Anunnaki. It is still unclear exactly who the Anunnaki are, whether they are a supremely powerful race from Nibiru; or if the term applies more broadly to a group of extraterrestrial beings who use humanity and the Earth for their own exploitation of resources; or possibly a higher fifth-density manifestation of evil slurping up the negative loosh energy produced by suffering humans as alluded to in the Gnostic Gospels.  At any rate, Spirit Eisenhower confirms that the Anunnaki are the great taskmasters underlying all of the alien agenda and presence… allowing the other aliens to be the instruments of our destruction.”

The apocalyptic battle between good and evil for the future of humanity and the Earth is being waged right now. Still, too few people can see what is going on all around them. While the Light-side forces are gaining momentum and are currently “winning” according to Spirit Eisenhower, it is imperative and most urgent that we light-workers intensify our efforts to spread awareness of the truth among the general population to achieve a geometric growth in the disclosure movement.  For awareness will manifest in heightened consciousness. And heightened consciousness will manifest in the global consciousness shift that will serve to eradicate the sinister control and manipulation of the Anunnaki over humanity and facilitate our ascension to a fourth spiritual density.

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Eisenhower Portrait Courtesy of the Eisenhower Presidential Library, Abilene, Kansas

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