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By Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera

An alleged multidimensional doorway “Xendra” photographed in Uruguay

Harmonious universal values and principles become personally binding and not just “lofty words” disconnected from “reality” and soon to be forgotten if our sense of belonging, our self-identity expands beyond irrational, pre-integral exclusivisms. After years of reviewing contactee literature I’d say that many alleged extraterrestrials seem to have an expanded sense of belonging, not only in a cognitive sense and in ways of dealing with complexity and multidimensionality but also in heart-felt, spiritual and instinctive a-rational (not irrational) terms. These types of ETS seem to be more human-compatible and to offer the most human-enhancing and whole free will-respecting contacts. Can we rise to the challenge and get a grip of their ethics as exopolitical ambassadors and as humans in general?

There’s an ethical understanding called the “Bredam.” “The ‘Bredam’ or ‘Cosmic Song of the Universe’ is not found in any particular place but is everywhere at once. It is not written in any language, books, manuscripts or codes. Its place and expectation is from always. There is no secret to find it because as it is it is without you. It is a perennial energy and all have access to it when the time arrives (an alleged ET transmission to a contactee within Mission Rahma).”

Within the (international but mostly Latin American) ET contact group called “Mission Rahma” (originated in 1973-74 by Sixto Paz Wells, his family and friends inside the Peruvian Institute of Interplanetary Relations “IPRI” founded by his father Carlos Paz García in 1955), the “Bredam” is alleged to be a moral understanding and a set of “laws” adhered to in every planetary civilization that functions under the spiritual authority of the 24 Elders of the (Milky Way) Galaxy. The following extract is a conceptual transmission which allegedly took place during a contact experience in which a physical and inter-dimensional transference to “Morlen” (Ganymede) was achieved through an artificially generated dimensional gateway called “Xendra.” I translated the following passage inspired on the “Bredam” from http://contactorahma.blogspot.com/.

“One can only see well with the heart

One can only identify correctly with intuition

One can only understand well with respect to reasons

One can only judge well with an understanding of motivations

One can only dialogue adequately with tolerance to diverse opinions but,

above all, one can only teach well through example.”

“Mission Rahma” is one of several contact missions with specific varieties of our extraterrestrial forefathers. These particular “forefathers” admit that in the past they committed several mistakes that hurt humanity. Nonetheless, they currently seem to be aligned with the love-based esoteric teachings of the world religions and to be very respectful of Master Jesus the Christ in particular because this being is one with the “Cosmic Christ” or Logos. The latter element seems to be a reason why they found a more receptive human community among Spanish-speaking spiritual seekers. In the word “Rahma” “Ra” symbolizes the “Sun” and “divine light.” “Ma” symbolizes “the Earth” and the letter “h” symbolizes our “humanity” capable of bringing light and wisdom to Earth but also to the Cosmos and, furthermore, of acting as a “bridge” to the highest dimensions of existence which extraterrestrials themselves do not reach. Even if the group is numerically small (perhaps in the thousands over the years in more than 20 countries), the unity of altruistic purpose and collective spiritual “work” is deemed an effective representation in the name of humanity.

Allegedly, according to physical contactees from this group, Ganymede (the moon of Jupiter) harbors a technologically-sustained intentional community (a multi-faceted colony of colonists from many civilizations which did not adhere to the Orion rebellion). The colony (called “Morlen”) is thought to be located in another time frame and vibratory level of physical reality. It is also considered to be the local seat of the “Council of the 24 Elders of the (Milky Way) Galaxy.”

While I’m quoting ideas expressive of the “Bredam,” this “code” is more like the “spirit of the law” thought to be felt and understood by the spiritual heart and through common sense. Some of the sayings that follow (allegedly communicated by extraterrestrial “guides” and by some of their spiritual “masters” during telepathic transmissions) may give us a better sense of this unwritten “code”:

Close your eyes to see; Open your heart to understand; Seal your lips to vibrate; Feel the Christ presence to shine.

The beginning of reason is logic and the logic of its beginning is its end. Reason doesn’t rest in knowledge but in wisdom.

The goal of a wise master is not that his disciple equals him but to be surpassed by him; in this way he will have an opportunity to become a disciple once again.

What you understand with the heart is integrated with the mind and is communicated with the sublime act of love.


These guidelies were extensively used within the Mission Rahma contacty groups. Ideally, the guidelines which serve to judge the truthfulness and positive contributions of an extraterrestrial message could also give us some hints on the “Bredam” that inspires whom we would call “benign” or “life-enhancing,” “freedom-respectful” extraterrestrials: 1) A genuine life-enhancing message is coherent and logical. 2) It possesses a simple and profound wisdom. 3) It is positive and provides options, never falling prey to catastrophism. 4) It always provides something new and isn’t simply the repetition of previous messages, nor does it contradict them but it expands and deepens upon them. 5) It is outside of time: Its knowledge transcends time. 6) It brings an intuitively perceived subtle contribution which quite often reason cannot understand. It is a sense of light and spirituality which is felt upon relating with the message. 7) A genuine message is universal and not personal or exclusive. It doesn’t over-differentiate. 8) It can propose specific spiritual tasks or a change for the good but never impose them on others.

Reflections: Is a Cosmic/Universal Ethics Humanly Possible?

Reflecting on what causes self-reflective, intelligent beings to behave for the benefit of others I realize that a most crucial ingredient is the shared values of the group we participate with in a vital or personally important way. If our self-identity depends on valuing being men and our group implicitly says “men are tough” we’ll try to show toughness. If we are Americans and our self-identity depends on groups that implicitly say that “Americans are predestined by God” we’ll support that. Every value we support, if it is partially true will not just negate its opposite. It will support our core sense of self identifications and also leave out other partially true values. Nevertheless, the more UNIVERSAL and INCLUSIVE our sense of self and group-related values are the more these values will partially coincide with other people’s. It may be a matter of gradually expanding one’s inclusivity along with what values can our sense of identity coexist with.

Can we expect ETS to risk openly contacting us in our own terms any time soon? Can we live by a universal and unspecified ethics like the “Bredam?” Can we listen and resonate with the “Song of the Universe?” I think that we already do it to a greater or lesser extent in so far as we value others besides ourselves to whichever degree. Nonetheless, I also think that that to do so in a similar way as the alleged extraterrestrials mentioned in this essay more importantly requires an expansion or leap in the spiritually (Monad presence) “heart-felt” and constitutionally (gross and subtle bodies integration) “instinctively-felt” self-identity. These are the spiritual and the fundamental sides of our conscious capacity to include. Secondarily it requires a cognitive expansion into a trans-systemic, integral-level understanding. In other words, cognition and mental understanding may be necessary and useful but not as fundamentally important as spiritually-inspired feeling and struturally-inspired instinct. This may be why benign extraterrestrials often choose not just people who don’t have a personal stake in institutions but also who are not very intellectually inclined. Their good feelings and good instincts about their contacts is in these cases what matters most.

While cognitive expansion of our conscious “space” would deal with extraterrestrials (and any other form of life) in depersonalized, Third Person-objective, inter-systemic ways (like a “Vulcan” from the TV series “Star Trek” would) spiritual and instinctive conscious expansion would deal with extraterrestrials in personal, First Person-subjective ways. Both ways could be necessary but the latter would be more fundamental since even subjectivity may be ultimately linked to the Universal Conscious Presence that gives rise to everything, including objects and the intelligence needed to understand them.

Perhaps a basic “gentlemen’s agreement” kind or respect in our relations with ETS may require our self-identities to embrace a healthy cognitive respect for the vital integration of all systems (terrestrial and extraterrestrial) but a kind and superior alignment with the highest good for everyone in the long run may require a self-identity extended by an opening of the heart.

Contactees within Mission Rahma (as well as contactees from other groups, theosophists, new agers and channelers) have generally privileged the former kind of leap and within Mission Rahma it has been called a leap into the “Fourth Dimension of Consciousness.” Nonetheless, this expansion or “leap in consciousness” might also correlate with the research and theories put forth in the work of several coinciding developmental psychologists like Dr. Clare W. Graves’ and his “Levels of Existence” (http://www.clarewgraves.com/), Dr. Elizabeth Cook-Greuter and her “Action Logics,” Dr. Jane Loevinger’s and her “Stages of Ego Development” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loevinger%27s_stages_of_ego_development) and Harvard Professor in Adult Learning and Professional Behavior Dr. Robert Kegan’s and his “Orders of Consciousness” (http://www.gse.harvard.edu/directory/faculty/faculty-detail/?fc=318&flt=k&sub=all). In relation to a cognitive and self-identity level of awareness capable of dealing with the world as a whole (and in my view even perhaps) with extraterrestrial contact Professor Kegan refers to the possibility of an emerging “Inter-Individual Order of Consciousness.” At least all of these researchers using different kinds of structuralist methods through psychological tests and other objective ways of quantifying human psychological development coincide with one of the fathers of Humanistic psychology, Dr. Abraham Maslow (http://www.abrahammaslow.com/) who thought that higher stages of human development were indeed possible.

I think that each particular group of self-aware and self-reflective beings on Earth (and elsewhere) admit values which are degrees of understandings which ultimately derive from the original explicated Source, the sound and light of all creation, universes, densities and materiality. As that which provides essential meaning, coherence and order it has been variously recognized in different religions as: All inclusive love, the Logos/Christ, the Word, AUM, the compassionate Buddha Mind, and even as by esoteric mystics as a vibratory essence of MIND behind the seven Hermetic principles given in “The Kybalion.” The human sense of order, of right and wrong, of better and worse, of more or less harmonious, of what to include or to exclude so as to choose and evolve would emerge from this original vibration at the Heart of all that manifests. The ability to recognize it would always be with us (however we may have been genetically modified for the worse) because without it living systems would not flourish. It would be naturally encoded within our bodies and our DNA blueprint. If we feel it as a single thread connecting our body, mind and spirit essences and their corresponding “bodies” we are potentially capable of acting more inclusively and kindly to all of life, extending our vital (and absolutely necessary) sense of belonging and participation to the entire Cosmos.


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