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Exopolitical Highlights at the VI World UFO Forum at Foz de Iguazu – Brazil

December 4, 2014

The field of Ufology is moving forward and EXOPOLITICS is also becoming more recognized and talked about in this move. At the well-led forum by Mr. A.J. Gevaerd, the “Foz de Iguazu Letter 2014” intended for Brazilian representatives and senators was perfected and signed to ask them to begin to openly discuss UFO issues. The forum’s […]

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Ethics of Transdimensional Extraterrestrials

August 7, 2012
"This UFO-shaped Adinkra drawn by Landweber is a graphic representation of a binary error-correcting program found in the laws of physics in relation to Superstring Theory. Physicist James Gates discovered this pattern and may show that our universe is programed and even possessing error-correcting codes

By Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera I think that -upon coming in contact with our particular physical reality- extraterrestrials equally acquire internal limitations in relation to each other and to us and must therefore follow a careful kind of engagement with Humanity and this would impinge upon what we would consider their “ethics.” Many of us have […]

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