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UFOZ 2014 VI UFO Forum Brazil

The field of Ufology is moving forward and EXOPOLITICS is also becoming more recognized and talked about in this move. At the well-led forum by Mr. A.J. Gevaerd, the “Foz de Iguazu Letter 2014” intended for Brazilian representatives and senators was perfected and signed to ask them to begin to openly discuss UFO issues. The forum’s emphasis was on the social implications of the extraterrestrial presence. There also was an emphasis in speakers that proposed using effective psychic and “espirita” (spiritist) means to develop verifiable human-extraterrestrial interactions.

While there were several outstanding researchers (like France’s CNES’ Jean Jacques Velasco and Professor Erling Strand of the Hessdalen Project and Østfold University College) objectively substantiating the high probability of advanced, intelligently directed objects behind some UFOs, definitely the tenor of the event was not about whether the ETs might be here but about moving forward now that it was clear for most researchers that they were. Next (from notes taken personally at the conference) I’ll give a few summaries of three specific presentations more specifically relevant to exopolitics.

From the presentation by Mr. Thiago Luis Ticchetti (co-editor of “Revista UFO” from Brazil):  

QUESTION: What will happen after disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence? Some possible answers:

After 1 min: Call relatives and tell them about the news. After 1 hr.: Billions of emails. After 1 day: More serious questions are asked.

First reactions

Are they similar to us? Are they intelligent but non-human? What are their goals? Are they benign or malignant? Are we safe?

Handling of disclosure information

Will it be handled stealthily? With how much aperture to the public? Will only a few of the secrets held be given to the public or all of them? Will this information be given voluntarily? A total radical aperture including the good and the bad?

What will happen with the political conflicts around the world? Will some be set aside to face as a species the new challenges? Ufologists will become important.

If there’s a partial (controlled) aperture it may be because governments fear a generalized panic. How will the world financial markets be affected? How will they be affected by extraterrestrial technology thereafter?

Most likely there’ll be a “false,” deceiving aperture because “nothing is certain in a trillion dollar industry filled with cover-ups. But changes do take place. Perhaps the population will have about 6 days to digest information that will change life forever.

Martial Law will be declared in a number of places in the world. The media will say that UFO stories were true after all. INTERNET will be working at maximum capacity. There will be some technical problems.

In Budhism, Hinduism and Spiritism there’s belief in extraterrestrial existence. Some other religions may have a problem with that.

There will be opposing and favorable opinions about ufological opening. Opposing: More armament will fall into aggressive hands. In favor: Technology can help people.

By the time of that dialogue/controversy perhaps more will be known about who the ETs are and what they want?

Who are they and what do they want?

Are they a threat or are they friendly? Are they in fact “extraterrestrials?” Are they intelligent machines? Are they terrestrial entities? Are they “extra” or ultradimensionals? Are they angels or demons? Are they time travellers? Are they from the future and cannot interact with us openly so as not to alter the future?

Are we like laboratory rats? Are they in a rescue mission? Do they want our DNA? Do they want to create a new type of species and-or save their own species? Do they want to eat our meat perhaps like the mutilated cows? Some evidence indicates that they were alive when they were eaten. 30,000 persons disappear every year.

Do they want our souls? Do they want our “oasis” planet? Perhaps they want nothing? Do they have empathy towards human beings? What technological level do they have? Have they already infiltrated in our society? Would some hybrids be able to pass for us easily?

Giorgio Piacenza: I’ll add: Do they want us to teach them something (let’s not assume that they can’t learn some things from us). Do they want to have our capacities, even capacities which we have not clearly recognized in us?

Institutional, Social & Cultural Questions

Will some cultural foundations crack? Will some institutions suffer credibility problems for having previously hidden this reality? How much did they know inside the government? Who knew?

There will be a new “energy equation” (new sources of energy affecting societies, productions, the economy).

How will the legal system of countries with extraterrestrial presence change?

In the coming Age what is liberated-disclosed will determine what is going to happen.

How will the day-to-day life of people continue? How will the educational structure change?

History will be re-evaluated. With respect to anthropology and archaeology we will ask: What is true or false?  Psychology will have questions like: Is it possible to control experiences and memories like some ETs have shown?

Exopolitics will grow. All politics will be global. Since Brazil is the 5th country in terms of population and area and with several ufologists it will become a ufological power.

Soon we will all know the truth.

In 1986 there was a night in which after several dramatic sightings UFOs were admitted in Brazil with the presence of Brigadier Moreyra Lima https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iT8VuLKOGzE#t=58

From the presentation by Dr. Alexandre Dittrich Buhr “Proposal for an Ethics for the Encounter with Cosmic Civilizations”:

Dr. Buhr is a professor and a judge, with a MsC in legal sciences and lives in the Brazilian State of Santa Catarina (where important crop circles have been regularly appearing in the past few years). He’s also had a long-time interest in Space Law, is the author of “Direito Espacial” (Space Law) and clearly includes important Exopolitical considerations.

We have to consider Space Law, Ufological Events and Ethics: Space Law regulates how countries and businesses use space. Ufological Events need to be understood under a legal perspective and Ethic need to be developed for encounters with cosmic civilizations.

By convention In Aeronautical and Space Law the limit where space starts is at 100 Km over sea level. Space technology is present in daily life. Economy, agriculture, airplanes already use space related technology.

There is Public International Space Law; Public Internal Space Law and Private International Space Law.

Space activities tend to be messy. However, there have been some treaties like the foundational 1967 Space Treaty, the 1968 Agreement on the Return of Astronauts and the Return of Objects Launched into Outer Space, the 1972 Space Liability Convention (how states are responsible when satellites fall), the 1974 Registration Convention (only 62 signing states have to inform the UN of satellites launched and their orbits but military satellites are not controlled), the 1979 Moon Agreement (subscribed by very few countries). But the 1967 Space Treaty is for the good and interests of ALL countries, stating that nothing from Outer Space can be an object of national appropriation. But the U.S. probably places weapons in space even if the UN is in agreement with the spirit of the 1967 Treaty.

Brazil has already celebrated treaties with the European Space Agency (ESA), Germany, Argentina, Chile, China, Colombia, France, India, Russia, Ukraine and the US. Brazil has been a member of the United Nation’s COPUOS (Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space) since its foundation in 1959.

It is currently considered that private activity is not contemplated under Space Law. This includes activities like space tourism, asteroid mining exploitation and rendering services to space agencies. There also is the issue of space waste. Also militarization of outer space is prohibited but it is done. There are unilateral and multilateral considerations. There’s the possibility of “space terrorism” (like attacking necessary satellites). There also is the possibility of encounters with hostile cosmic civilizations.

For most aerospace legal authorities there is no UFO phenomenon to consider. However, the violation of air space requires a legal interpretation. Also the issue of human contamination due to contact with extraterrestrial organisms requires more understanding. Moreover, the Penal Code would apply to implants, as a form of creating damage to the human body. It would also apply for sexual experiences during abductions and to the sanctity of home space violations.   Some UFO-ET related events typified in the (Brazilian) Penal Code are implants generating corporal lesions (art 129), subtraction and/or placement of genetic material (213), kidnapping and withholding a person (art 150), illegal subjection of a person.

Mario Nogueira Rangel who wrote “Secuestros Alienígenas” (Extraterrestrial Abductions) made clear that many symptoms associated to the Abductions are violations both of the Penal Code and of Human Rights. However, we should recognize that there also are positive types of contacts. Think of Ezequiel’s experiences and of Elizabeth Klarer’s reference to the extraterrestrial Akon from Alpha Centauri. Interestingly J.J. Hurtak provided additional insights to the revealed names present in Klarer’s case.

But how should we position ourselves before a variety of extraterrestrial encounters? We need to develop an ethical understanding, a philosophical understanding and Interplanetary Space Law. We need to identify who they are and if they correlate with our basic ethical norms. We need to develop the philosophy of Interplanetary Space Law. For instance was the European civilization that brought modernity but enslaved so many in the New World good or bad? Are older extraterrestrial civilizations that have been interacting for a long time with us but which violate our rights good or bad?

From the presentation by Dr. Michael Salla “Exodiplomacy: How will Humanity  Negotiate with the Extraterrestrial Visitors”:

“Exodiplomacy” is defined as the profession, activity or skill of managing diplomatic interplanetary relations by national and/or planetary representatives. There are many events signaling an increasing recognition of issues dealing with the extraterrestrial presence. Exoplanets are being discovered; in 2009 the Pontificial Academy of Sciences held an astrobiology conference; followed by the Royal Society conference on the Scientific, Societal Agenda on the Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life. On September 18-19, 2014 there was a NASA -SETI – Library of Congress symposium called “Preparing for Discovery.” The message (in agreement with the Royal Society is that it is important to prepare.

In a ceremony dedicated to unveling a bust for Pope Benedict XVI on October 27, 2014 Pope Francis I stated that God gave autonomy to beings in the Universe assuring them of His continuous presence according to the internal laws he gave them to develop http://www.ncregister.com/daily-news/pope-francis-lauds-benedict-xvis-emphasis-on-harmony-of-faith-and-science

Dr. Salla announced that the Reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii, a sovereignty independence political movement dedicated land to welcome the extraterrestrial visitors and could be a lead which governments could follow.

Regarding the practice of exodiplomacy who will represent the Earth? The UN? Major nations? Amnesty International? Popular Individuals? The Dalai Lama? Is there a role for private citizens? We can speak of “second track” exodiplomacy which includes non-official efforts to establish lines of communication. We need to educate society. However, discovery of extraterrestrial life may have already happened and secret negotiations may have taken place. For instance, Canadian Engineer Wilbert Smith found that UFOs exist and that they were the most highly classified matter in the U.S. Also, whistleblowers claim that President Eisenhower had two secret meetings with extraterrestrials (one at Edwards AFB in 1954 and one at Holloman AFB in 1955). Moreover, former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer believes (as stated in his 2014 “Money Maffia” book) that secret negotiations with ET races have taken place. First-hand testimonies also suggest that alien technology has been reversed-engineered.

Dr. Salla informed us that – according to the U.S. Constitution – the U.S. senate has to ratify International Treaties but that “Executive Agreements” “other than treaties” are allowed. If such agreements had been held in 1954, 60 years would have passed until today (2014).

However, “Galactic Diplomacy” or extraterrestrial contact is also already happening through private citizens and perhaps we already have enough information to start preparing as citizens for more open contact with ETs. We can also educate and prepare other private citizens.


"This UFO-shaped Adinkra drawn by Landweber is a graphic representation of a binary error-correcting program found in the laws of physics in relation to Superstring Theory. Physicist James Gates discovered this pattern and may show that our universe is programed and even possessing error-correcting codes

By Giorgio Piacenza Cabrera

 "This UFO-shaped Adinkra drawn by Landweber is a graphic representation of a binary error-correcting program found in the laws of physics in relation to Superstring Theory. Physicist James Gates discovered this pattern and may show that our universe is programed and even possessing error-correcting codes
Is this a sign that transdimensional information controls reality? This UFO-shaped “Adinkra” (drawn by Landweber) represents a binary, error-correcting program discovered by Superstring & Supersymmetry physicist Sylvester James Gates.

I think that -upon coming in contact with our particular physical reality- extraterrestrials equally acquire internal limitations in relation to each other and to us and must therefore follow a careful kind of engagement with Humanity and this would impinge upon what we would consider their “ethics.” Many of us have asked are extraterrestrials “benevolent” or “malevolent”?  Are some “benevolent” and some “malevolent” or are we only imposing our human standards onto them? Opinions are heated and there might be good reasons for any of those evaluations while -typically-  we might be emotionally attached to any of these. However, I think that the issue needs to be more intelligently considered and we might make progress.  The simple answer might be “both” and “neither” but let me start from the beginning.

“False Flag,” human-created, ET invasions would be events which cater to a primitive –or rather naïve- way of experiencing the world, one dependent upon external, physical manipulation. If the “container” or “conveyor” of physical experiences itself (what we currently call “space-time”) can be modified, the relational situation among ETS with this capability would not be what we normally expect. An “either-or” issue is normally more limited to a mechanistic, classical science. According to my ongoing research on the origins of physical reality, modifying physical space-time first requires connecting more intensely with specific patterns in the metaphysically prior “Astral” “Subtle” or Mental” Realm…a realm (unlike the physical universe we are more consciously aware of) of immediate, interior, subjective expression; a realm in which mental objects manifest in the exterior or shared experiential “space” “after” the primacy of interior, subjective insights.  While “time” in a physical universe can be primarily understood as allowing distinct, sequential, experiences or intuitive apprehensions (in Whitehead’s sense), “time” in the Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm can be understood as allowing exterior experiential objects to coincide with interior-subjective insights in any order suitable to that interiority. In both cases “time” allows distinctions to be made as perfect experiential unity is neither of the Physical nor of the Astral-Subtle-Mental realms. While in the Physical Realm (composed of conceivable and possible physical universes) exterior objects limit experiential insights within an exterior order in the Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm exterior objects would accommodate or directly respond to insights. The degree of denial of the latter would determine how “physical” a universe is.

If there’s any truth in relation to any fundamental shift being introduced by a pre-quantum realm “code” or “signal” stemming from the center of our galaxy in December 21st, 2012, it may have to do with a Astral-Subtle-Mental reprogramming of patterns that affect what is possible in our experience of the physical universe. For us the change might occur gradually rather than in a “quantum leap” kind of way and it might just manifest as an increased way in which our physical reality might be able to interact with the Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm and with subtler physical universes. Connections will probably naturally open with physical universes whose systemic components resonate with precisely defined greater or more inclusive degrees of interaction with the Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm. According to some contactees from the Mission Rahma group, this recoding of fundamental Subtle Realm patterns affecting “our” physical universe might affect extraterrestrials more immediately and intensely than what we’ll experience.

I think that physical universes are specifically regulated and depend (for their specific fundamental values and degree of macro-experiential separation from their own negentropy (or degree of synergistic causality obtained from combining with its own negentropic states) upon specific limitations imposed upon the more fundamental Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm whose shared experiential “spaces” or exteriors respond to the mind without the experiential limitations or “dimensions” which we call “duration” or “distance.” The amount of asymmetry introduced to that Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm is concomitant to how “physical” and limited to inertia, entropy, experiential delay and separate objective causes-effect relations a particular physical universe is. This asymmetry would also separate the macro-scale, entropic, time-forward causality we are ordinarily conscious of, from the micro-scale, negentropic, probably associated retro causality we are ordinarily unaware of or tend to occasionally perceive in a subconscious, dream-like, precognitive or altered state.  Nevertheless, both causalities seem to remain symmetrical at the quantum relativistically-invariant level of unobserved events as suggested by the Klein-Gordon Equation. That our universe might be designed, specified and “programmed” might be reflected in the “Adinkras” drawn by Gregory D. Landweber which (according to superstring physicist Silvester James Gates) apparently represent error-correcting, binary programs accompanying the physical laws of our physical universe.

Being able to reconnect both complementary causal and retrocausal, time-forward and time-backward probably but (in so far as they coincide, “actual” or “real”) physical spaces would “increase the gauge symmetry” (as Dr. William A. Tiller might say) and would require (as Dr. William A. Tiller might also say) an intervention from the subjacent Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm common to both and whose “intervention capability” or what would correspond to Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm “quanta of action” might operate both at speeds below C and above C (the speed of light in the vacuum). In fact, particular subsets of that metaphysically prior realm of physical consequence may be stably interactive with the “akashic” vacuum plenum that may sustain all realm levels and qualitatively different kinds of realities thus also sustaining our specific physical universe.

I think that would matter most to adavanced ET beings would be the ability to experience while structuring information knowing quite well that all levels of the Cosmos are defined but interactive, pliable and ultimately not “Real.”Being able to manipulate the possibilities of EXPERIENCE and the INFORMATION which structures experiential objects by manipulating what we call “dimensions,” “space” and “time,” impinges upon the “rules of collective engagement” among different “transdimensional” ET species. This makes these “rules” more sophisticated than what we normally think as most of us in this physical Earth are still limited to a parochial, animalistic (predator-prey effective) sense of macro-level, material “reality.” In this way of experiencing “reality” exterior physical actions dominate and we are instinctively used to “dangers” coming from the outside. Nevertheless, trying to impose one’s will or to satisfy one’s species’ needs primarily through physically external actions and technologies would make no sense if the manipulation of EXPERIENCE and of object-structuring INFORMATION depends upon the sensitive issue of shared inner “spaces.” These are relational “spaces” and relational “spaces” cannot be ignored to sustain a subjective sense of being and technological advancement would force a deeper kind of relational “space.” Upon entering our physical world the extraterrestrial inner relational spaces would be compromised. Thus, agreements among transdimensional ET species would have to take this into account as shared inner “spaces” have to be respected. Another way to say it is that, in order to interact with our physical reality, the ETS “imaginal” worlds (in the Jungian sense) would be compromised. These worlds are Astral-Subtle-Mental but do generate physical effects and would generate physical effects in the particular physical universe they come from. Thus, having to share aspects of their “imaginal worlds” in order to interact with our particular physical reality would imperil the realm where their subjective experiences (most intimately linked to their sense of being) unfold. Their first person, subjective experiences inevitably linked to a shared, second person “we-generating” relational Astral-Subtle-Mental “space”  in turn linked to the production of the particular physical reality they want to interact with would be affected if they intervened too aggressively or distorted how we perceive and experience our physical reality.

It is not a simple as saying that we are imposing our “good and evil” prejudices and dichotomies upon “them” or as saying that all of them have a benevolent intention because they have overcome dichotomous thinking. Generally speaking, “they” may have different histories, inclinations, needs motivations and agendas but their interaction with our physical reality would open them to certain perils. Through acquiring Earth human Astral-Subtle-Mental patterns, the way “they” experience their agentic or volitional selves in their stable physical universe might acquire characteristics related to a distortion imposed on us. Expression vehicles internal to their agentic or volitional selves could be altered. The different sets of engagement ethics with physical Earth humans could be primarily contrived and rationally-objectively accepted or primarily adopted from a willing and subjective initiative.  The former would be like a rational, objective, “third person,” practical “gentlemen’s agreement” so as not to imperil Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm experiential vehicles mutually internal to all ET species involved (when interacting with the particular physical universe in which our Earth humanity manifests. The latter would be like a more synergistic, spontaneous, “first person” subjectively-initiated desire to enhance the lives of all entities involved in these multiple reality interphases. In either case, we would not see external, overt invasion tactics as most “False Flag” ET invasion scenarios would apparently simulate. The demands of a higher realm “subtlety”, so to speak, would impose similar complications on all extraterrestrial participants.

Being able to manipulate the same space-time while sharing the same Astral-Subtle-Mental  experiential “space” would change the “ball game” as few ET civilizations would risk disarraying their internal Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm order with which their people experience their unique interpretive sense of reality. Thus, there would be a mechanism in place to deter or intercept the few “rogue” transdimensionally-capable ETS not playing by the rules. The same mechanism would force ET entities with different needs, motivations and agendas to respect each other and not to intervene beyond what is minimally required. Those not willing to maintain the general agreed-upon safety of all ET civilizations with a stake on humanity and physical Earth would be sifted out.

The degree of reconnection (or of mutually canceling) of the causal and retrocausal or of the primarily entropic and negentropic complementary physical aspects that originally spring from the (duration cero and distance cero) mental object-manifesting objective exteriors corresponding to the  Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm would generate various degrees of more or less “ethereal” and more or less “dense” physical universes. Some of these universes would allegedly be the ones from which many ET species originate. They would still be “physical” as their intuitive experiential grasp would follow from exterior objects (however syntropic and synchronistic that experience might be). When the mutual cancellation of the causal and retrocausal “split” is complete, we would not be speaking of “physical universes” any longer as experience would not manifest through the use of exterior objects interacting under the “dimensions” of distance and delay.

The subsets of the Astral-Subtle-Mental Realm components of visiting extraterrestrials (subsets impinging upon their own physical realities and timelines) become shared internal components with us when they shift their vibratory states in order to resonate and relate with our physical universe. This means that the Astral-Subtle-Mental a previous potential agentic or volitionally active aspect of their selves becomes actual or active and coincidental with ours. Again, these subsets (required to relate with our physical universe) would become “actual” from a previous (non-interactive) “potential” state and, as being components that manifest our physical universe now coincide with their own actual and agentic interior experiences. These Astral-Subtle-Mental subsets of extraterrestrial physical universes that would now coincide with the same Astral-Subtle-Mental subsets that generate our particular physical universe and kind of experiences would also become common to all the ET species physically interacting with us. In other words, the patterns would be incorporated and would become internal or free-will responding to their own agency, to our agency and to the agency of any being interacting with our physical universe and timeline. This would not just impose responsibilities but also restrictions and inherent safeguards.

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