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Operation Right to Know is Back

Press Release – Article by Ed Komarek
Operation Right To Know (ORTK) is an activist grassroots UFO/ET disclosure organization dedicated to political solutions as a remedy for a very serious human evolutionary political problem the UFO/ET cover-up or Truth Embargo.  ORTK was very active in the 1990’s and got widespread mass media attention during its many demonstrations in Washington DC, around the US and even in the UK. 
Pictures of these demonstrations are still being used by mainstream media when discussing disclosure issues.  ORTK disbanded even after many successes because it was not successful in sparking a widespread UFO/ET political movement.  Now after over 25 years since its inception in 1992 we have decided to try once again to assist in the still ongoing gathering momentum disclosure process.
Some of the ORTK members have been involved in the UFO community for as long as 50 years and have seen the gradual extraterrestrial awareness of the UFO community, media and public at large over time.  Still, most people remain confused and amused by pervasive Deep State media propaganda operations and individual hoaxing and scamming about not only what is going on behind their backs, but what is really at stake for the individual and for humanity as a whole. 
Briefly, those few of us that have been able to develop abet a vague overall picture of the core situation know from the evidence that the Universe is full of intelligent life.  We believe other top predators like ourselves have evolved on other worlds, developed space travel and have come upon earth in their travels to covertly interact with us.
As could be expected credible whistle-blower testimony indicates that some of these beings have evolved beyond predator-prey relationships, but others have not yet evolved to a peaceful co-existence and are a threat to humanity.  Over the past 70+ years whistle-blower testimony indicates that the governing elites that control nations through military action, finance and propaganda have sorted through the maze of who is friend and who is foe to some degree. 
Secret treaties and alliances have been made with several ET civilizations, some which are a serious threat to humanity’s future.  Some elite covert factions of humanity and aliens strive out of self-interest to suppress overall human evolution even while others try to aid human evolution on earth.  Consequently our human future is caught up the larger exopolitical sphere of opposing forces making it very important that the general public is fully informed to help tip the balance in humanities favor.
The government’s own declassified and leaked documents show Elite covert control is accomplished through a cover-up policy of ridicule and denial initiated by the CIA in the early 1950s.  This all the while exploiting control of special access to advanced ET technologies using special access need to know programs (SAPs) and suppressing other technologies that threaten established industries like the fossil fuels industry. 
Consequently these predator actions of the few against the many have been destroying humanities Star Trek future for a Mad Max one.  (This assessment of the situation is of course controversial even among ORTK members, but it is believed that it best represents the best model of the situation to date to help guide our actions forward.  Only a full and honest disclosure will ultimately settle the matter and in that we are unified.)
ORTK is currently organizing itself in the social media to hold future political actions such as a proposed demonstration in front of the White House and maybe a march to Congress in July 2018. 
We have a website  http://ortk.weebly.com/ and our Facebook group where interested parties can join us or get up to date information on our activities.  We have ORTK posters and signs at our website that can be used with articles.  You can Just click on the SIGN icon top right of the home page.

MSNBC Recognizes the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure. Who Will Follow Suit?

By Giorgio Piacenza

image002On April 12, 2013, The Rachel Maddow Show from MSNBC gave us a full segment on the upcoming Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure to be held in Washington DC between April 29 and May 5, 2013. Her segment was titled “Watch This Space”  and mentioned that, not long ago, the White House was forced to respond (after receiving 12,000 signatures) to a “We the People Petition” to reveal an extraterrestrial presence visiting Earth. While the White House’s Office of  Science & Technology Policy responded in the negative in that “there is no credible evidence” for this.  Could it be that the White House will indefinitely represent the policy of official denial in a world in which Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Belgium, England and other countries are revealing part of the UFO report files? Can a simple denial from an Office (which  probably is neither informed, or has cared to carefully investigate) appease the general citizenry (perhaps for a few more decades) and that’s about it?

Probably, official denial won’t hold too much water this time as a 5-day marathon fake hearing in a room configured at the National Press Club to resemble a Senate hearing with the participation of 5 genuine former members of Congress.  This event invites us all who are convinced that there is serious credible evidence of the extraterrestrial presence to support -as Ed Komarek says-our leaders for them to come out finding the courage to treat this subject seriously. We should be healing, rather than negative about our leaders since we are all part of the same human situation facing an eye-opening reality. It is a big step for our leaders to take as initially worldviews are questioned and “orthodox” science (it wouldn’t be likely for ETs  to get here they say) which is the official “common sense” standard for most institutionally-focused persons would also be questioned.   However as Rachel Maddow showed (taking an honest initiative among the large U.S. networks), it may take a make believe congressional hearing to allow the Government to take notice move on with the issue (as the U.S. is one of the world’s last holdouts of official government denial of a major country’s interest in the UFO phenomenon).

This is news as it may well be a sure-footed beginning…not unlike taking a first step into a new direction that can change the destiny of a major journey; a first long-lasting, political-cultural step towards recognizing the legitimacy and respect for the issue of the many important (legal, scientific, philosophical, spiritual, political) implications of a genuine extraterrestrial presence. More news networks and opinion-guiding institutions should follow (unless told to keep away or to downplay it?) in one way or another even if their spoke persons -by training and habit- may still attempt to throw to us a reaction-provoking, tongue-and-cheek style, either to dismiss or simply to create a form of controversy.  Bryce Zabel and Richard Dolan’s analytically-adequate book A.D. (After Disclosure) might also become newsworthy, at least among the next generation of the daring intelligentsia trying to catch up with the Exopolitical issues that should have been recognized about 65 years ago (and are already being seriously discussed by individuals like Michael E. Salla and Manuel Lamiroy).

Rachel Maddow announced that the five former senators will be paid $ 20,000 each to conduct the hearings. I don’t know about that detail but I know that the witnesses in general are seriously reporting very real -even if incredible- aspects of a worldwide phenomenon that could be admitted in many objective and impartial courts and that has been officially and non-officially recognized since the 1940’s but which, in spite of enormous amounts of adequate evidence (including physically analyzed alien implants ) it has been largely ignored, debunked, laughed at and distorted by most of our cultural, political, scientific and religious leaders.  Let’s study the whole of the Exopolitical phenomena inclusively, both in its objective and in its qualitative aspects.

Other important pro-disclosure events (like Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure Project gathering of important witnesses in 2001 at the National Press Club) have taken place and interest has peaked and subsided as the media gave a lukewarm coverage to them. However, Larry King from CNN was valiant enough to interview several key witnesses as well. This time there is a greater opportunity for the issue to cease being in the entertaining fringe boondocks of Fantasia and to gradually (or even sooner) become a cultural “meme” as seriously considered as the national debt or other normal political concerns. The more respectable individuals like former Canadian Minister of Defence Paul Hellyer speak up, the less movers and shakers and regular folk will try to look the other way (so as to look respectable within formal culture). The less the issue elicits smirks, fear, denial or excessive, blinding enthusiasm , the more we’ll be able to collectively deal with its implications, change our selves on purpose as adults and (literally) soar to the Cosmos. My take on this is that dangerous technological secrets (one of the valid reasons for the cover-up/truth embargo) will still be kept for quite some time and -after some degree of official disclosure- we will continue with our lives while gradually opening up to a whole new world in which science, metaphysics and spirituality are seen as a more complete kind of knowledge.  Moreover, the possibility of strengthening positive, mutually-respectful relations with conscious human choice-respecting varieties of ETs could also come to fruition as this option would be in the natural interest of most people on Earth.

Sgt. Clifford Stone Interview by Ed Komarek

By Neil Gould

In this film Ed Komarek interviews Sgt. Clifford Stone who participated in UFO crash retrievals within a covert group in the military. Sgt. Stone describes how he was recruited into this secret group [without the knowledge of his superior officers] and “tells all” about his personal encounters with ETs since childhood and his ET encounters whilst in the military.


“I was involved in situations where we actually did recoveries of crashed saucers. There were bodies that were involved with some of these crashes. Also some of these were alive,” he said. “While we were doing this, we were telling the American public there was nothing to it. We were telling the world there was nothing to it,” Mr Stone added.

“You have individuals that look very much like you and myself, that could walk among us and you wouldn’t even notice the difference,” he said.

Stone claimed to have catalogued 57 different species of alien life forms.


The film has been animated to give viewers the best impressions possible of the events that Sgt. Stone experienced; totally outside of the mainstream worldview.













This important filmed interview coincides with the release of Ed Komarek’s new book “UFOs, Exopolitics and the New World Disorder” and Sgt. Clifford Stone’s new book, “Eyes Only”; both expand on Sgt Stone’s out of this world experiences.


The film [53minutes] had to undergo a format change and was edited and animated by Neil Gould, Exopolitics Hong Kong.


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