Super Solar Flare to Wipe Out Humanity, Theorists Fear After Solar Observatory Shut Down

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by Sean Martin                   September 14, 2018                    (

• On September 6th, without warning to local law enforcement, the FBI swooped in and shut down the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, and the local post office, and evacuated nearby residents without further explanation beyond “security reasons”. Workers at the observatory have no idea what is going on.

• The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a storm watch for a G2-level solar storm on September 11th. A solar storm could heat and expand the outer atmosphere of Earth, causing a loss of internet service, GPS navigation, satellite TV and mobile phone signals. A strong solar “super flare” could cause much greater damage to the surface of the Earth. But many people have pointed out that there are many solar observatories around the globe, so it would be unlikely that only the New Mexico solar observatory would have spotted a dangerous solar flare.

[Editor’s Note]  An update to this story says that locals have reported seeing Black Hawk helicopters flying over the National Solar Observatory site.  Did this particular solar observatory see some type of spacecraft or other object interacting with the Sun, or objects portaling in through the Sun? Might they have detected the blue spheres that Corey Goode claims have been buffering the cosmic energies coming from the Sun? Might they have detected the first signs of the cosmic energy “event” that Corey and others have foreseen or predicted? Could they have found evidence that the Sun’s solar activity is not fueled by nuclear fusion but by an electronic process as part of the galactic electromagnetic “Cosmic Web”? Or did they simply want to prevent locals from witnessing a top secret event at one of the nearby government or military facilities such as Holloman Air Force Base?

[Update]  Authorities released a statement saying that the reason for the FBI’s closure of the observatory and the post office, and the evacuation of nearby residents for two weeks (Sept 6 thru 16), was the ‘criminal activity’ of a ‘dangerous suspect’ who posed a threat to people in that area.  The ‘threat’ turned out to be a janitor suspected of using the facility’s wireless internet service to send and receive child pornography, according to federal court documents. With no reported arrests, they reopened all of the public areas on September 17th. 


The National Solar Observatory shut down has some fearing the sun’s activity is much worse than experts are letting on.

The FBI swooped on the National Solar Observatory last Thursday, closing it down to employees and the public without explanation.

The official line given was “security reasons” but local law enforcement in Sunspot, New Mexico, and workers at the observatory have no idea what is going on.

With no authoritative word as to what is happening, the internet is mustering its own theories and some believe it is to do with an impending solar storm.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a storm watch for a G2-level solar storm on September 11, just days after the NSO was closed.

This has led to conspiracy theorists believing a ‘SUPER FLARE’ is on its way which could wipe out humanity and the FBI is not revealing this as they do not want the public to panic.

One person wrote on public talk board 4Chan: “Forums are talking about it being a ‘super-flare’ strong enough to turn the surface of the planet into an uninhabitable wasteland.

“Either we’ll have a press conference this week, or rich people are going to start ‘disappearing’ quietly.”

Another person added: “A big enough solar flare from our sun could wipe us out. Probably just as likely as an asteroid.

“There are so many threats out there and we are probably past due for a mass extinction event. “
Regular solar storms blast radiation in all directions from the sun, some of which hits the outer atmosphere of Earth, causing it to heat up and expand.

This means satellite signals would struggle to penetrate the swollen atmosphere, leading to a lack of internet service, GPS navigation, satellite TV such as Sky and mobile phone signal.

However, if a solar flare is strong enough, the radiation which hits our planet would be the equivalent to a global nuclear bomb.


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