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Steven Spielberg Believes “We’re Not Alone in the Universe” and Used to Look for UFOs

by Aodhan Gregory         October 11, 2017        (mirror.co.uk)

• A Special Edition of the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind marking its 40th anniversary contains a featurette of writer/director Steven Spielberg discussing real extraterrestrials.

• While writing the script, Spielberg would drive out to the California deserts searching for UFOs.

• Spielberg says “I still believe we’re not alone in the universe”, but laments that he has never actually seen a UFO.

• Keep looking Steven. Keep looking.


Steven Spielberg followed his first major box-office success Jaws with this epic science fiction adventure about a disparate group of people who attempt to contact alien intelligence.

And it seems like the director behind E.T. The Extra Terrestrial and War of the Worlds was hoping to contact alien life himself while making the much loved Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

The movie celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, and in a new featurette from the special edition 4K Blu-ray box set, Spielberg reveals he believes we’re not alone in the universe.

The 70-year-old Hollywood veteran says initially he wasn’t trying to make a sci-fi film when he wrote the script and directed the award winning film.

The premise of the movie revolves around a line worker who feels undeniably drawn to an isolated area in the wilderness after he encounters a UFO.

Spielberg jokes that he tried to do the same thing.

Film Director Steven Spielberg

“If I thought of it as a science fiction film, I wouldn’t have taken so many drives out to Californian deserts hoping to find and actually having a UFO sighting, which I by the way I’ve never had a UFO sighting.

“The one person who deserves to have a UFO sighting, it hasn’t happened yet for me.”

Spielberg’s belief in aliens isn’t all that surprising given his history of space-based movies after Close Encounters of a Third Kind but it is clear it’s what helped him created this highly revered film forty years ago.

He continues: “I really believed that there was something up there. I still believe we’re not alone in the universe.

“So I was kind of in those days, thinking ‘well there might be something to this.’”


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