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Michio Kaku admits UFO are real & worth investigating

Prominentt theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku discusses Leslie Kean's new book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record. In the televised interview aired on Monday August 23, 2010 he says that the evidence in Kean's book is compelling, and admits that 5% of UFO reports are real. He concludes UFOs are worth officially investigating.

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  • Chupacabracandleabra

    So, we’ve had this rather amazing alien truth “revealed” from a professional scientist, Michio Kaku, European nations disclosing thousands of documented UFO/alien files, and now seven former Air Force Officer’s describing a 1967 UFO Incursion at a nuclear missile complex out West. Robert Hastings, at the press conference in Washington, Monday, said he has over 100 more Air Force missileer witnesses who have had similar UFO incursion experiences, right up to 2007.

    The “truth” of alien visitation and the reality of ufo/alien presence, is finally clear. CNN put it into their news cycle, Monday, some 22 or so media outlets put it into print Tuesday, publicizing the Hastings/Salas story. Now what? A quiet ho-hum?

    We heard the Air Force repeat their original 1969 Blue Book statement: “UFO craft pose no militarily threat.” But if you follow Col Corso, in his book, “The Day After Roswell”, the Air Force has been denying the existence of a “ufo threat” while the military industrial complex has worked to close the technology gap, by reengineering alien technology, and it turning into US technical and military dominance . So, we are left mostly in the dark, wondering what do we use a “US Space Command” for, and whether or not McKinnon’s computer hacking has revealed the “facts” of named US space craft, with “Navy” ship’s names, not floating on the seas, and the names of US Space Command pilots flying them.

    Obviously, we have a Official secrecy disconnect, and a public too uninvolved to demand the hard answers from Congress. Yes, there is a core of concerned people, who are belittled and ignored, still, labeled as “kooks”. If you ask a smart question, you get a dumb answer from the government.

    I think the Disclosure Revolution must begin with the media, starting with more public reaction to the reporting of John Kelly, at the Washington Post. It should be treated with the long term disdain the public gave to Dr. Hynek’s, “Swamp Gas” theory. The public outrage should be focused on Kelly’s lack of factual reporting, and to demand it from every media outlet in all future ufo-related stories. Mr Shea, of the American Reporter, did the best synopsis of Mr. Shea’s cookie eating waste of words, and clarified best, the significance of the severn former Air Force Officer’s testimony.
    How much more credibility do we need? These were the men that controlled the key trigger’s to nuclear Armageddon, for cripe’s sake!

    We may not yet be able to expect our military to “come clean” and reveal the nature of its Black Projects. However, the media, when push comes to shove, relies on advertiser sales, public buying, and I think, a government subsidy, to continue putting out the military’s high quality disinformation. Let’s ask Congress to explore the media-military connection, in depth.

    If you don’t believe this, take a look at the history of the NYT reporting on UFO’s, and compare that to the 1947 Security Act, gained from FOIA requests. It directs the media to deliberately mislead the public in as to the true nature of ufo’s.

    Disclosure must first come to a head politically, through alternative media, and the place to start is for the public to literally stop buying what its being told, and that means public boycotts of watching anti-disclosure news stations, and to stop buying tickets for sci-fi, alien abduction stories, passed as “entertainment”. We are being appeased and exploited, and it serves the purpose of the government, not the public’s right to know the truth.

    We are being told the truth, NOW, and the public is ignoring it, largely because we’ve already been given a false alternative “reality” that seems more exciting than say, the recent Washington press conference. The truth, fully revealed over time, will be far more fantastic than “Independence Day”, or “ET”, the Movie. Recognize when the media plays down the truth with jokey little stories, like Mr Kelly’s, and reject it.

    Make no mistake, UFO’s “sitting” on our nuclear missile complexes and disabling them, even temporarily, is a big deal! Why aren’t we asking, and demanding direct defensive action to stop the incursions, while simultaneously being told “the threat” to the military, is real. It’s right in the FOIA documents. There is a disconnect here, and a lazy, uninformed public, and a colluding media allows this disconnect to play out, day after day.

    Are we being told the true nature of this disconnect in our media? No. Not once in the 40 year history of UFO “incursions” have we had one Official explanation of why this is allowed to occur, and why the incursions are not stopped. The fact we’ve had 5 megawatt radars that have effectively taken down UFO’s, intact, around the world, (See Corso and Sgt Clifford Stone) but not used at missile complexes, is a mystery to me. And the media has basically colluded in maintaining the public’s disconnect, for unstated purposes, that supposedly protects the public, for “security reasons”? The media has been instrumental in “dumbing down” the public through “entertainment journalism”, utilizing the “giggle factor”, and public ridicule, which is an insult to the intelligence of the American public.

  • Only one sighting needs to be a genuine interstellar craft in order for the entire filed of study to be legitimate. Just one. When our most trusted senior officials and authorities come forward in a public way to tell us that such phenomena are actually evidence of ET's existence, it can be taken to the bank that this is done in violation of  orders, oaths, security protocols, etc… and is being done because at the end of the day the apparatus that put out all the disinformation, manipulated the  media, discredited the same  sorts of people for the past  3 generations can ONLY do one thing to right this   enormous, egregious wrong: Let the truth be known WITHOUT silencing these individuals. Let's face it, how long does it really take some bit of information to go viral? A few hours? Even China a real pro at  media oppression- has a hard time  stopping such events from being disseminated
    As for  the question about why ET does not land on the whitehouse lawn…it seems like a valid question, but it is not. We make way too many assumption about who ET actually is and what ET's capabilities and motives truly are. To take a civilization such as ours and to expose it to what must surely be a spectacular universe loaded with other civilizations  must be done in a responsible way and we may have no idea what sorts of things must be in place to make such a transition not only feasible, but successful. If ET  comes with all the intelligence we assume, then it must come with some measure of faith on our part that such a disclosure will be done in  a way that has been shown to have worked for other civilizations. The last thing any galaxy would want would be a paranoid nuclear or high-energy -enabled  rogue resident with an itchy trigger finger. We don't even like it when it's on our own planet.

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