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Interacting with Extraterrestrials after Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure

Citizen Hearing and Galactic DiplomacyI agree with Dr. Michael Salla. This is the begining of a new phase in Exopolitics. It’s time to become more active in Galactic Diplomacy. At the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure (which took place at the National Press Club in Washington, DC with high professionalism, honor, heroism and quality) the former U.S. congressmen and consgresswomen that heard and questioned the highly credible witnesses and researchers (between April 29 and May 3rd) basically suggested that one or more Latin American countries (already possessing more flexible and open UFO research attitudes than the U.S. oficial position of blank denial and suppression) could -as members of the United Nations- request to the UN: 1) The establishment of a permanent research office to investigate all aspects not only of “UFOs” as a curious, anomalous, statistical phenomenon but also the social, political, cultural, scientific implications of a (varied) intelligent extraterrestrial presence active throughout the globe and affecting every nation in one way or another. 2) An International (UFO Extraterrestrial Presence-Exopolitical) Conference to deal with this matter more  seriously and to establish its credibility and importance among other world political leaders, cultural leaders, scientists, religious leaders, etc. In my view, these proposals will be successfully accomplished only in relation to every demonstration of increased cooperation among countries (leaders and citizens) which have not always had a relationship of complete trust and have tended to see themselves as potential enemies positioning themselves under competing geo-strategic alliances. The ET presence/Exopolitics will  demand greater, step-by-step united world efforts helping us to overcome nationalist differences. It’s a new series of challenges to become a more mature, cosmic civilization.

Attorney Daniel Sheehan also suggested to include the idea that, since technologies have been withheld from countries even if these could diminish the effects of global problems like Global Warming which seriously threatens member states (specially island nations), there would be grounds for the UN to become more active in extraterrestrial issues. I suggested the Maldives as a posible partner for the Latin American countries willing to act alone or in unison in the UN on this matters because one of its democratically elected presidents has been quite active in anti Greenhouse gasses legislation and might be interested in alternative tech. However, I think that some of the ET technology acquired through retro-engineering might be fine to reveal to the whole world but those elements that imply a greater level of maturity to handle with safety and which should not fall into violent or extremist hands should be withheld until humanity starts functioning under more evolved, inclusive or integral worldviews. Nonetheless, this research should be overseen and not allowed to be misused. Thus, education (especially on the nature of reality and derived ethics) is paramount to long term success. People should know that both science and religión don’t have to be destroyed but expanded and deepened. People should know that human life can be improved with knowledge of cosmic principles.

The problem would be 1) Latin American leaders becoming well-informed to be able to seriously recognizing the importance of the situation so as to set aside their local and regional differences and work to understand a global situation. While many leaders are noble in purpose, many still maintain the old tradition of taking advantage of others and of competing against each other by any means. They need vision and realizing that their worldviews do not correspond anymore to the many global problems we are facing. 2) Unity of purpose for a noble cause among these leaders.  It would be easier and more expedited if the presidents of these nations took the initiative at the UN rather than proposing this to their respective congresses and start a slow step by step process. These presidents are mired in many social problems in a (often cut-throat) competitive political environment in which their opponents will try to find any weakness to destroy their public images. Thus they need to be informed by credible witnesses and researchers and educated first into the basics and then into the complex ET presence reality approximately like the former senators at the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure were.
Galactic Citizen Diplomacy deserves all levels of engagement as Humanity is represented by everyone: Individual, United Nations, and country by country. The importance of well-intended, psychologically-balanced and objective private citizens having contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences respectful of our conscious choices is increasing.

We have the opportunity to start a new era of contacts and mutually respectful relations first with well-chosen, specific extraterrestrial civilizations. Then we can assist those that currently don’t seem to integrally respect us. A healing, conciliatory approach is needed. Thus next step is to be informed as to who is who among extraterrestrial intelligences; not to proceed in a xenophobic way, but to wisely (and I want to use the word “lovingly”) choose who are more convenient to contact on purpose and in relation to our highest ideals in order to grow in awareness unobtrusively and to gradually develop our humanity’s full potentials in a benign, mutually respectful manner. We need to know what mistakes and abuses were committed by “them” in our past and to forgive and reconcile with all our cosmic relatives. In the same vein, we must learn to forgive and reconcile with overzealous information controllers and enforcers “in the know” who committed abuses acting on our behalf or on behalf of more private interests, or, even on behalf of deceptive extraterrestrial entities. Richard Dolan’s reflections on what Disclosure and After Disclosure may entail can be helpful. A “witch hunt” will probably do more harm tan good.

Objectively analyzing much experiencer’s/witness testimony which can be cross-referenced with other testimonies, verified with released or leaked documents and with whistleblowers shows that there are many different types of intelligent ET life forms functioning with different, histories, attitudes, inclinations, procedures, interests level of technology and even the ability to reach into higher realms in order to generate effects in lower realms and to me it is clear that every reductionist, polarized view about them will be self-deceptive. We need an integral approach to study this complexity. They are neither saviors nor demons but beings which act towards us in ways that are kind and in ways that are less tan kind judging from our own our perspectives. However, we must choose how we want to be treated and, thus, we must become aware of who we are, who they are and what is the real history behind this interaction.  It is not a matter of all or nothing, black or white.

If we have not been “invaded” as in a typical Hollywood movie this doesn’t necessarily prove that some varieties of ET beings wouldn’t do it if they could, were the only ones coming to Earth or were allowed. But exopolitically-speaking, most likely they operate under their own collective engagement rules. Under these (for instance if unconscious acceptance were valid under engagement rules), the “invasions” could be subtler (as we come to accept certain groups instead of others) rather than overt as -in the latter case- the interests which many different groups of ETs have with respect to humanity (genetic, our mental-creational capacity, emotional, spiritual, energetic, etc) would be mutually challenged. Thus, my opinions is that no particular group or Alliance can exceed certain limits and all which are allowed to intervene may have a historical precedence and right to do so (in Galactic Exopolitical terms). According to how us or our representatives choose to engage different extraterrestrial groups (some of which may subtly deceive us if we subconsciously accept their principles) may increase the probabilities of humanity taking certain course of events.

Private citizens can and should engage in strengthening contact in a mature, caring, lofty manner. The more we become aware of this ET Presence reality and of our great potentials (coveted by different ET groups both in aggressive and respectful manners) the less we’ll be used as simple resources by some more aggressive varieties of these beings (some of which may be atrophied). In my view, we should more actively seek out to strengthen political citizen diplomacy (and oficial political diplomacy) with beings like those that were -at least partially- rejected in the 1950’s and 60’s because they did not offer technology in exchange of being allowed to conduct their projects covertly. These “space brother” types offered teachings (the expansión of philosophy and theology which attorney Daniel Sheehan advocated as important to develop a new ethics and more advanced worldviews). These latter civilizations (many of which looked human but which do not necessarily have to be human) offered a profound transformative possibility to improve ourselves (not imposing it on us) through our own efforts by learning about the spiritual and organizational principles of the Universe. There still are some few persons contacting them; some of them are in Latin America, although some in Latin America some persons may also be contacting deceiving ET types. However, I think we should increase our relations or “Galactic Diplomacy” with respectful extraterrestrials, not only to learn deeper principles about Life but to overcome our current cultural levels of nihilism, commercialism, materialism, relativism, cynicism and self-absorption but to be more properly allied with a protective, benevolent group.

While I realize that in the 1940’s there were some good reasons to establish a highly secret policy (for genuine patriotic reasons also to gain some time trying to figure out who’s who and to learn about some of the ET technology), leaving it all in the hands of those “in the loop” managing this knowledge without checks and balances and the participation of well-meaning, capable intellectuals, spiritual leaders and such also leads to a misrepresentation of humanity at large in the politics of the Universe. The rights a President has to generate an Executive Order was given by the People through its representatives in an assembly or “congress”and it is of lower legal priority than the Law-giving of the Congress and the People. We shouldn’t allow a break-away civilization generated after secret investigations and managing culturally differentiating technology to impose a “might makes right” exopolitics on the rest of us. We need to get involved in Galactic Diplomacy.

By Giorgio Piacenza

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Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

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