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While the White House Sleeps – UFO news hovers

Citizen Hearing on Disclosure dislodges former Congress members’ skepticism

Washington DC – Little question remains that the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was indeed a staggering close encounter of the Fourth Estate kind. Yet, blinkered journalist, the White House and the big boys at ABC – CBS and NBC didn’t quite get the message – or, if they did, they’re not letting on they know about news of the UFO cover-up nipping at their heels.

In addition to The Huffington Post’s*Lee Speigel and Mitch Potter of the Toronto Star’s Washington Bureau** leading the way in premier press coverage, the biggest coup of the hearing – the former Congressional leaders did get the message.

It was almost as if a surgically rendered tactical lobotomy was performed by each witness on the former Congressional members. Under the watchful eye of CHD organizer and Chief Surgeon Stephen G. Bassett – with no anesthesia needed, the evidence perplexed, astounded and ultimately convinced each Congressperson that – there is truly something very strange going on in our skies and deep and dark factions within the US government know all about it.

Just down the road while the White House slept, the UFO news hovered. Sustained by in depth accounts by 40 expert witnesses, the evidence virtually grabbed the entrenched and oft-times skeptical mind-set of six former Congressional leaders by the scruff of the neck – shook out any Thomas Aquinas knots of doubt, leading each member to assume a 180 degree turn-about by the end of the week on the authenticity of UFOs and ETs engagement of the planet; each of their Friday summations professed unanimous support for the Disclosure effort. A declaration proposal was formulated to present to the UN – “We’ll hear more about this soon,” said Bassett.

Waves of documentation about UFO sightings by pilots, radar confirmation by the FAA, the scrambling of military jets to chase UFOs and an onslaught of de-classified documents lapped at the shores of incredulity over the five days – proving unequivocally that the US government and their intelligence agencies know and have known full-well for 65 years what’s going on. Secrecy reigns supreme.

What did we learn?

  • Trillions of dollars neatly sequestered in SAPs (Special Access Programs) to develop reverse engineered craft (ones simplistically modeled after crashed UFOs),
  • Documents showing that Presidents and elected official have been left out of the loop,
  • The astounding realization that Congress and the Senate as democratic bodies of oversight have no inkling about the ET state of affairs in their crumbling democracy,
  • This squirreling away of trillions has sucked the life out the American education system, health care and augers the eventual death of social security programs; despite the hyperbole emanating from the ever tensing jaw of one – Barrack Obama – that the nation is strong,
  • UFOs are real – we are not alone.

Proof?  You ask… Well – if you’re a journalist asking that – can’t help you there – you weren’t in attendance to see and hear what was proven ten times over on each day of the hearing by people like expert researcher and author Richard M. Dolan and UFO archivist Peter Davenport of NUFORC. So – get out there – do the research for the love of Mike – get up to speed on the politics and research behind the biggest story on the planet… orrr – keep on covering the size of Kim Kardashian’s waistline and Congressional grid-lock (yawn). Continue to ridicule the UFO phenomenon on the basis of ignorance and wax on endlessly about why Brad Pitt is the sexiest man alive.

There is, however another choice you can make: Join the movement- become part of the inevitable wave of disclosure due to strike the shores of a very troubled and tired democracy. ZNN is open and willing to assist any news organization to connect with the leading experts and officials in the military, research community and legal profession to acquire documentation and sources on this matter.

So, how can you get the full view of what went on?

Well.. ZNN will do stories and radio over the next while on the event – to focus in on specifics – that’s what we do. But want the best scoop zone? Go to the Huffington Post and join Lee Speigel*. He has brilliantly assembled a ‘day-by-day’ chronicle of the entire CHD. Spiced up by clever insights and well crafted commentary, the facts all come out. Having been at the hearing over 5 days – ZNN monitored all the media reports – Lee’s accounts are the most comprehensive over the 5 days.

Have a peek – it’s almost like being there.

Other top-notch coverage:

– Front page print edition coverage Mitch Potter**  The Toronto Star – Washington Bureau.

– Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Media page.

-In essence there’s a message here for the neophyte and hard-ball blinkered journalist.  It adds up to one very simple question: UFOs are real – the government knows it – why don’t you?

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