How we Tend to Think Exopolitically

On our Intimate Psychological Perspectives and how we Treat the UFO and ET Contact Phenomena

Our most intimate perspectives about reality influence our exopolitical responses; for instance, whether we deify, condemn, reject or embrace evidence and an actual ET-multidimensional presence. As exopolitically aware individuals we need to become aware of these psychological dynamics in order to attempt to respect all these partially correct ways of understanding. This becoming aware would be a meta-understanding of the ways our perspectives possess, limit and free us.

How we think and the exopolitical decisions we are inclined to make once ET reality is progressively acknowledged depends on our capacity to embrace reality in various more or less inclusive ways. This idea is based on Integral Theory.

The manner how we also respond and relate to the UFO and contact phenomena and to anything which we encounter in this world (or any other world) depends on what we can manage in our consciousness. And consciousness (here understood as a capacity) can increase so that we don’t end up being unconsciously possessed by the objects of reality we encounter. Of course, this also applies to exopolitics.

The UFO and ET encounter experiences, as well as other otherworldly phenomena, enhance our consciousness capacity to handle more of reality without denial, suppression, repression, selective cognitive bias, applied either in a personal or in a social context together with all the other self-identity protection mechanisms. This applies to those suppressing the information and protecting our ignorance and the rest of us somehow participating in the same.

Fortunately, these multi-world, multi-reality contact experiences also enhance our appreciation of the precious fact that living entities connect to the most beautiful intimacy. We need these multi-world experiences to change and learn to act sensibly and to live together; to adapt to a much needed greater reality so as to survive as intelligent beings in mutual harmony with all forms of life.

According to the predominant evolutionary perspectives in our self-identities, attachments, and capacities for awareness, more advanced ETs (capable of manipulating our reality limits more effectively) could be interpreted as 1) Powerful, magical deities, part of (natural) intelligent forces-beings all around us and capable of controlling these forces; 2) ETs as deities/gods or rejecting them as deities/gods in order to defend our attachment to other deities/gods or defend our exclusivist version of God; 3) ETs as rational, mathematical, physical and genetic engineers, advanced and precise, but not interested in emotion or spirituality; 4) ETs as essentially equal space brethren needing us as we need them; 5) ETs as all of the above. The evolution of perspectives
Perspectives 1-4 tend to be mutually exclusive. Perspective 1 is a blurry blend of material and spiritual experiences as part of a single reality. It may be comfortable with what we call the otherworldly but is not keen on discriminating and analyzing. Perspective 2 is highly exclusivist as ETs may be considered a friend or foe according to our religion and doctrinal beliefs. Perspective 3 is highly skeptical of anything beyond material proof and requires concrete and socially accepted verification from “experts.” It is focused on external material verification, discrimination and analysis partly as a backlash against the first two perspectives. Perspective 4 feels discomfort against hierarchical differences and seeks equality: Thus, it feels discomfort against perspectives 2,3 and 4. Only perspective 5 may be inclusive and comprehensive enough to be useful in understanding the range of experiences associated with the experiencer and UFO phenomena.
Giorgio (based on Integral theory)

Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

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