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Has US military Built Space Ship to Travel the Universe?

by Sean Martin                      September 27, 2018                         (express.co.uk)

• A pair of triangular craft have been spotted in the middle of a massive 900 metre circle in the desert of New Mexico near the Holloman Air Force Base. Conspiracy theorists are speculating the US Air Force could be leading a new age space race to the moon after spotting the two crafts, one much larger than the other.

• The video was uploaded to YouTube by the UFO hunting channel ‘Third Phase of the Moon’. The video narrator says, “What’s really strange is that when I first searched these coordinates, Google Earth didn’t really work so we had to go through a few different ways of trying to find this location.” (see 3:48 minute video below)

• Commenters on the YouTube video say that the craft could be the US governments replicas of alien technology, or they could be of extraterrestrial origin. One commenter suggests that the two ‘craft’ “…look like a couple of shade cloth tarps to keep the sun off whoever is under them”.


A MYSTERIOUS craft has been spotted near a US military base which has led some to believe a high tech spaceship could be involved in the new age space race.

Global powerhouses are in a race to get back to the moon, and ultimately to Mars, and conspiracy theorists are speculating the US could be leading the race after spotting something suspicious.

Users of Google Earth have been trawling the online globe to spot any suspicious activity and believe they have found something in New Mexico.

Two triangular crafts have been spotted in the middle of a massive 900 metre circle in the desert of New Mexico.

To make matters more mysterious, the two crafts, one much larger than the other,were found near the Holloman Air Force Base.

The Holloman Air Force Base is something of a UFO hotspot and was centre of a 1974 documentary which claimed experts there had been in contact with aliens.

Now conspiracy theorists believe that authorities at the air force base are using their ET knowledge to get into space.

3:48 minute video of triangular craft near Holloman Air Force Base



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