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Exposure of US Navy source on UFO UN discussions omits retired Navy Scientist testimony

Dr Bruce Maccabee met Source A at secure Navy Laboratory in 2008

An ‘exposé’ has appeared on a prominent internet forum that claims a U.S. Navy officer (Source A) divulging information about covert operations involving extraterrestrial life and secret UN discussions on UFOs is a fraud. One of the founders of Reality Uncovered, Stephen Broadbent, used photos from a recent New York luncheon involving Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations, to ‘out’ the officer as Richard Thielman (aka Source A). After further internet research, Broadbent goes on to conclude. “We have found evidence that shows that Richard hasn’t worked for the military since at least 2001, but possibly much earlier than that.” Among the implications of Broadbent’s ‘exposé’ and ‘outing’ is that the alleged February 2008 UN discussions on UFOs never took place, and that a secret Navy extraterrestrial liaison program is fictitious. The problem is that the same source Broadbent uses to finally confirm the ‘outing’ of the officer in question, a retired Navy Scientist, undermines his alleged ‘exposé’.  Conveniently, Broadbent ignores key questions that arise from the ‘outing’ that lead to a contrary conclusion to his ‘exposé’. According to the scientist, Dr Bruce Maccabee, the officer in question had high security clearances in order to visit him unescorted at a secure Naval facility in 2008. That supports his claims that he was a covert operative for classified programs involving senior US Navy personnel.

In finding background information that revealed Source A/Richard Theilmann sought health insurance for surgery apparently conducted in 2008, this is what Broadbent asks.

Surely, an active duty officer of the United States Navy would not need to be a dependent of their ex-wife just in order to get an operation, they could have the operation as part of their military benefits? Surely, an active duty officer of the United States Navy would not class themselves as being “self-employed” or having to give up a contracting business? Surely, an active duty officer of the United States Navy would not need to look for employment that provides health insurance?

Broadbent goes on to answer his own questions: “Of course not, Richard Theilmann is not an active duty officer of the United States Navy otherwise he would never have found himself in such a precarious position in the first place.” Having reached this definitive conclusion, this is what Broadbent has to say about the final confirmation that led to the ‘outing’ of the officer in question:

The information we already had was more than sufficient to nail this down, but this was, after all, the man who had personally met with Source A on a navy base and indirectly ended up vouching for him.  I called him up a couple of days later and had a very productive conversation. Whilst on the phone, I told him that we had discovered the name of Source A and I wondered whether Source A had identified himself by name to him. He said he had, to which I replied “Richard?” he answered by saying “Yeah Richard, Richard Theilmann”.

This final confirmation along with other material used to reach the conclusion that Source A had not served in the military since at least 2001 led to the stark (in bold) conclusion: The Source A / UN Meeting Story as told by the Pickering’s and assisted by Source A and other personalities in the exopolitics scene is a total and utter fabrication.

Unfortunately, for Broadbent he omits to mention that the same source he used to confirm his outing of Source A, directly contradicts his ‘exposé’. The source in question is recently retired Navy scientist Dr Bruce Maccabee who in 2008 was still working at the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center, in Virginia.  This is what Maccabee had to say in a 2009 interview about a meeting he had with Source A in 2008.

First of all, I work at a Navy Laboratory, at the time, he visited me, I think it was in April 2008. In a Navy Laboratory in order to get in you had to have credentials, you had to have clearances, a badge that would allow you to come in, and even if you get in, you might need an escort, if you didn’t have a sufficiently high clearance. Well Source A came right to my office, without any escort. Which tells me he had the credentials. He gave me a review of all the things he had done over the years. It … certainly looked real. At the very least, he was able to go right through the security of the laboratory and came right through to my desk. I told him how to get to the office and he did it. [Click here to listen]

So here we have a respected senior Navy scientist confirming that Source A had genuine credentials, and a very high security clearance as well to enable him to enter the facility unescorted. All that Broadbent refers to is that Dr Maccabee confirmed the officer’s identity and that was somehow the final nail in the coffin that his claims were all a hoax. It is disingenuous to use a respected authority such as Dr Maccabee to “out” someone, but totally ignore his testimony when it is contrary to the ‘exposé’ that Broadbent is pursing. If Maccabee’s testimony is to be accepted, then how was it possible for the alleged ‘fraud’ Broadbent describes in his ‘exposé’ who has not served in the military since 2001, to pass through unescorted all the security levels at a classified Naval warfare facility, and visit Maccabee in 2008?

Among the security protocols at the Naval Warfare Center were showing a valid military ID card, scanning a barcode on the back of the card, as well as other security protocols in place depending on the location and classification level of secure facilities. These might include electronic fingerprinting, retina scans, biometric readings, etc. Security clearances are regularly updated and limited to specific periods so even if Source A used an old uniform or military ID card from 2001 or earlier, how was he cleared by security personnel to enter the various levels of security and finally enter Maccabee’s secure facility in 2008?

Furthermore, it’s not just a matter of having the right security clearance to enter a highly classified facility, one also has to show cause for being there, similar to “need to know” access. In other words, some superior authority must have sanctioned Source A to travel through the various security layers in place to visit Maccabee in his secure laboratory facility because he had some reason to be there. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work through all the implications of this, but it appears that Broadbent, et al, are pretty oblivious to the implications of Maccabee’s testimony because his ‘exposé’ requires debunking Source A. Why?

Perhaps Dr Maccabee himself may have the answer. In his 2009 interview he went on to say:

As far as the meeting at the UN was concerned, he affirmed that there was one, he was there, and it was not a formal meeting of the UN. I got the impression it was an informal meeting of people who were in the subject… He did tell me some things that indicate the Navy has run into UFOs. UFOs have screwed up some Navy Systems. The Navy, apparently some high level people in the Navy feel this ought to be publicized .. that is the existence of UFOs.

The implications of Source A’s meeting and discussion with Dr Maccabee are startling. A senior Navy Scientist is discussing with an unescorted officer with high security clearance in his classified facility, issues concerning UFOs, secret UN discussions, and senior Navy personnel wanting to disclose the existence of extraterrestrial life. If Source A is not who he claims to be, then it appears that a secure US Navy facility was compromised at various security levels by someone who wanted to have a conversation about UFOs with a Navy Scientist for unknown reasons.

The outing of Source A as Richard Thielmann is a significant development for all who have been following discussions on secret UN UFO meetings. His alleged exposure as a fraud omits serious questions about his ability to enter highly classified military facilities to discuss the UFO topic. That lends credence to his original claims that he is a covert operative within the shadowy world of classified operations and UFOs sanctioned to leak information by a group of Navy admirals disenchanted with official UFO policy. Source A’s outing coincides with Admiral Dennis Blair’s forced resignation as the Director of National Intelligence. Perhaps it’s sheer coincidence but Source A’s outing may signal a push back against Navy sources in favor of UFO disclosure. If he is an exposed covert operative, his ‘outing’ is likely to have significant effects including official attempts to discredit him as a legitimate source of information that can be traced to more senior Navy officers.

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  • To keep a record, here is my response to others on Reality Uncovered responding to the above comment.

    Source: http://tinyurl.com/2aenb2a
    The only snake oil salesmen here are those trying to support an exposure that has some serious deficiencies and ignores key evidence given to the researcher – S.B. If Source A is ex-military and hasn’t served since at least 2001, then please explain how he entered a secure Naval laboratory back in April 2008? In Dr Maccabee’s own words: “In a Navy Laboratory in order to get in you had to have credentials, you had to have clearances, a badge that would allow you to come in, and even if you get in, you might need an escort, if you didn’t have a sufficiently high clearance.” I’m one of those that saw Source A’s badge and it was current back in 2008. So he did have the credentials and clearances he claimed!

    Saying I’m trying to pin the blame on Bruce Maccabee is ridiculous and shows how vacuous the blackslapping here is for an exposure which has serious deficiencies. It’s disingenuous to respond to the Maccabee laboratory incident to say more investigation is under way. If more investigation is underway, then how come the conclusions by Broadbent are conclusive that Source A is a hoax? Bruce Maccabee is a primary witness of someone wearing full dress Navy uniform, walking through various layers of security, showing ID, unescorted in classified laboratory, etc., all done to discuss with him the UFO discussions at the UN. At the very least, this is evidence that Source A was part of a covert operation sanctioned at some level since he could not have done that on his own. If Broadbent was conducting a genuine investigation he would have at least mentioned this inconsistency with his final hoax conclusion, but for not mentioning it at all, he should be faulted as being disengenuous at best. I think he is simply being intellectually dishonest.

    Finally, for the record I have never accepted all of Source A’s testimony as 100% accurate, but have confirmed enough of it to conclude that he is part of a covert operation sanctioned by more senior Navy officers.

    Comment by Michael Salla — May 23, 2010 @ 5:22 pm

  • I posted the following at the Reality Uncovered blogpage where Source A is discussed. I will be interested in seeing if anyone takes Stephen Broadbent to task for deliberately omitting that portion of Bruce Maccabee’s testimony that was contrary to his investigation of Source A.

    Source: http://tinyurl.com/2aenb2a
    Not sure if I’m entering a lion’s den or snake pit but here goes. Broadbent’s article runs two things together: an ‘outing’ of a source, and exposure of an alleged hoax. I have no quibble with Broadbent’s analysis of evidence that led to the ‘outing’. I do however have big problems with the supposed exposure of a hoax. Broadbent says he spoke to Bruce Maccabee by phone for the final confirmation for the outing, but disingenuously ignores the rest of Maccabee’s knowledge of Source A. Broadbent says, “I called him up a couple of days later and had a very productive conversation.” Well, in the productive conversation didn’t Maccabee tell him about Soruce A visiting him at the Naval Warfare Center, and did so while unescorted at a secure facility? In case he needs reminding, here’s Maccabee’s testimony: http://tinyurl.com/33or7eq . Why didn’t Broadbent mention the rest of Maccabee’s story in his exposure if indeed he was examining all the evidence? Instead, Broadbent deliberately ignored that part of Maccabee’s testimony that was contrary to his intended ‘exposure’, and claimed that he found no evidence that Source A had worked for the military since at least 2001. Basically, Maccabee’s testimony is proof that Source A was at the time (April 2008) at least serving in some capacity with the US Navy with high security clearances.

    So if Broadbent ignores all that in his alleged investigation proving Source A a fraud, what does that make Broadbent? Disingenuous at best, but I think others might argue I’m being very kind here for someone who conveniently ignores the testimony of a primary witness admissible in a court of law in putting together a comprehensive exposure of a hoax. I raised this inconsistency in Broadbent’s investigatory method with Jeddhyi/John at OMF and all he had to say was that more investigation was needed. Really, please explain how an ex-military man who hasn’t served since 2001 gain access to and walk around unescorted around the Naval Warfare Center and enter a highly classified laboratory? I think all the backslapping on this article is very premature given the important omissions in the alleged investigation of Source A.

    Comment by Michael Salla — May 23, 2010 @ 6:53 am

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