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October 2, 2013
A Definition df Exopolitics developed by members of the Exopolitics Institute

A Definition df Exopolitics developed by members of the Exopolitics Institute

EXOPOLITICS IS ABOUT… EXOPOLITICS is about studying the political implications of the possible or real extraterrestrial presence. It is a subject of world interest and research which is very serious and promoting public education and a new way of thinking about our cultural foundations, new laws and public policies on a world-wide basis. The percentage of concrete evidences (like physical implants with nanotechnology analyzed in prestigious universities and institutes) eliminate the credibility of the psychological factor of considering the possible ET presence as “TABOO.” Exopolitics is part of a world conversation and exchange of ideas that need to flourish to improve and mature our emerging planetary civilization. It is necessary to develop a more integral society that knows its place in the Cosmos. 1) A discipline based on the social sciences (and its methods) and that it studies the institutions, processes and political ‘actors’ pertaining to the relation between human beings and the extraterrestrial presence, including in this relation the organization of cosmic governance among extraterrestrial-cosmic civilizations. (This statement is a combination of some definitions by Dr. Michael Salla’s and Dr. Alfred Webre’s). 2) An intelligence gathering and assessing activity. This aspect doesn’t need to operate under 100% concrete corroboration and proof as may be an ideal of the hard sciences. Instead it relies on a well-informed, ‘intelligent’ assessment of probable situations. Objectivity, cross references, falsifiability, coinciding and non-coinciding evidence toward one position or another is welcome. 3) A social activism or social movement promoting public education, open dialogue and as much official disclosure as may be possible by world governments or covert groups controlling research of the reality of the extraterrestrial presence, technology, extraterrestrial civilizations, alternative or forgotten history of humanity. 4) An active search to establish peaceful and mutually respectful relations-exchanges with possible physical, parallel physical, extra dimensional, transdimensional extraterrestrial presences engaging our world and humanity and, while promoting dialogue and personal and collective preparation for direct contacts, seeks to understand who represents the interests of humanity, the planet and other living species as a whole. 5) A culturally transformative intellectual and spiritual opening to new paradigms, the role of consciousness, the most inclusive scientific advances, integral philosophies and metaphysics which may inform a larger understanding of humanity’s relationship with the Cosmos.



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