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Exopolitics: Stargate to a New Reality – Book Review

Paola Harris has dedicated over three decades to interviewing key witnesses and experts concerning extraterrestrial life, and an international government cover-up. In her newly released book Exopolitics: Stargate to a New Reality, she discusses nine protocols for extraterrestrial contact. The interviews and insights in her book will open the reader up to the grand possibilities confronting humanity as we collectively deal with the visitation of extraterrestrial life – a secret harder to keep due to the pioneering research work of Ms Harris. Her work in documenting whistleblower and experiencer testimonies has made her one of the founders of the new academic discipline of exopolitics which she believes is the key to forging a new international political reality.

I caught up with Ms Harris and asked why her book is important for the general public at this time? She referred to keen interest by a younger generation of researchers, and a number of noteworthy events that occurred in the latter part of 2010 in her reply:

This book is about “passing the baton to the youth.” One essay by Michael Vogt expresses fear at disclosure. Another by Jason Friend welcomes it. Even Travis Walton has mixed feelings about full disclosure. It has updated UFO news, i.e., The Denver Ballot Initiative, The Washington Press Club missile shutdown whistleblower press conference etc.

It’s worth pointing out that Exopolitics: Stargate to a New Reality is the fourth in a series of books documenting whistleblower and experiencer testimonies by Ms Harris. I asked her why whistleblower and experiencer testimonies were so important to document. She replied:

They make the field credible. Most are military and pilots and scientists working on Black Projects (first hand witnesses). They are in Chapter 3″ Tears in rain.” There is also a new unpublished Colonel Corso interview with a medical doctor in Colorado.

I asked her: “What are the most important challenges facing the world given the material in your book?” Ms Harris replied: “Transparency, and national security issues in a world racked with chaos, rebellion and transformational political and economic crises.” As we await revolutionary events to unfold in Egypt and other parts of the Arab world, it’s important to consider that a global event as momentous as an official announcement of extraterrestrial life, will likely take place alongside unpredictable social and political events around the world.

Her book title incorporates the word “exopolitics” which Ms Harris defines as “an academic study of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth and its sociological, as well as political, implications for humanity.” I wanted to know why the field of exopolitics was important for emerging into the new reality she describes in her book? She referred to the work of former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer:

The old order is shifting. This change needs to occur for our planetary survival as Paul Hellyer writes in his book: LIGHT at the END of the TUNNEL: a Survival plan for the Human Species. We are undergoing radical political changes and we must have something in place to substitute the old;  A New World View as Dr. John Mack called it. In the field of UFO Contact, it is an opportunity to enter into a cosmic reality, a galactic neighborhood; but only those educated in this field who can be diplomatic in their approach will be admitted. Education is the key.

Ms Harris book has been eagerly awaited by many seeking to learn more about the fascinating whistleblowers and experiencers she has interviewed over her long career. This and her three prior books are groundbreaking historical records of whistleblower and experiencer testimonies that will be studied closely by students and the general public for years to come. As we move closer to that day when the existence of extraterrestrial life is officially disclosed, Ms Harris book(s) will reveal much of the hidden history behind alien visitation and government efforts to suppress this from the public.

Exopolitics: Stargate to a New Reality, by Paola Harris, M.Ed. is available from AuthorHouse

Book Review by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

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