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Exopolitics Hong Kong Attends Cseti Event with Dr Greer.

By Neil Gould, 14 September 2010

I decided to join Dr Greer in France where the next Cseti workshop was being held; a human initiated ET contact event. Galactic Diplomacy was the final qualifier in receiving a Diploma in Exopolitics from the Exopolitics Institute’s Certification program [Dr Salla]. To ensure a safe and successful event, Cseti send all trainee “Ambassadors to the Universe” a briefing pack which includes several of Dr Greer’s books, the Cseti protocols and various DVD’s which show previous encounters during CE5 sessions. The protocols are designed so that participants behave in such a manner that prevents any injuries whilst working at night in remote locations. Above all, the protocols are designed to cope with procedures associated with an ET landing or invitations to board the ET craft.

Our venue was in Western France; the exact location kept secret till the last moment to prevent interruptions by either military operatives or curious towns folk. The day begins with Dr Greer’s remote viewing training. One of the attendees not only saw what Dr Greer had in his bag but told Dr Greer that it was his personal compass. Protocols were drummed in and our reading materials [hundreds of pages] discussed in great detail. That night we were given the location, a 2000 acre private estate belonging to a French Aristocrat who greeted us with great warmth as we passed by his 17 room Chateau on the way to the field.

At 9.30pm we formed our circle of chairs in the field as Dr Greer and his team set up their equipment; radars, cameras, lasers and magnetrons. Darkness arrived quite late at this latitude perhaps 10.30pm. Cseti Protocols were emphasized over and over.

• Light –Anything that returns a light signal is not a Star or Aircraft
• Sound –Tones from crop circles or landing sites over radio; acts as signature card
• Thought –Coherent Thought Sequencing after meditation; guided experience, send out thoughts on location as a beacon; guide the Ets to our location.

Dr Greer began to broadcast various tones [Fibonacci numbers and the Cseti logo in digital coding] into outer space. The professionalism of the Cseti team, Linda Willits, Emery and others was amazing. Each had their eyes on the equipments awaiting an ET “lock on”. Radars were set in place, lasers affixed to predetermined stars and a magnetron surrounded by a bank of cameras; some with a slow shutter speed were all set to go.

Dr Greer led an emotional prayer to Gaia apologizing for the way man behaves in relation to the planet; yet Dr Greer asked for forgiveness to those associated with the Majestic control group, praying that they will see the light. This was followed by a meditation which helped the group enter a slightly altered state of mind. Coherent thought sequencing protocols to communicate with the Ets using coherent mind transmissions, just as a laser puts out coherent light [concentrated light]. The group was trained to mentally depart from our spectrum of physicality and use thought to act as a beacon to guide the Ets to our location using coherent consciousness. The mind shifts from the physical and material spectrum and into the finer sub-electromagnetic field. It is non local and allows instantaneous communication via thought; sometimes referred to as remote viewing.

Glowing orbs began to appear spontaneously and Dr Greer and his team were able to spot many more dashing between the trees. Some participants were frustrated at not being able to see some of these orbs due to the vast 360 degree field of vision. A beam of light came out of nowhere and appeared in the southern quadrant outside the circle. The radars activated and then Dr Greer began to speak. Each time Dr Greer decided on the implementation of further protocols the radars would bleep twice; it was clear to all that two bleeps signaled a “yes”. Over the next few days the activities intensified, a craft flew high overhead at great speed then blinked out. Some said it was a meteor but the Ets had their way of telling you otherwise; a second craft appeared in the same location but flew slower in the shape of the number 9. This number was significant because it was a number central to a crop circle shape that we had all signaled to the Ets during our remote viewing workshop. Dr Greer asked the Ets to materialize, only if it was safe to do so; mindful of his previous encounters when the secret government had used electromagnetic pulse weapons to scare off or harm the Ets and prevent a full CE5. Those who could use their soft eyes technique could see Ets glimmering just below the crossing point of light. Dr Greer compared the challenge to a layman looking down a microscope at a slide containing tissue or blood. It would seem chaotic to most of us yet to the professionals there would be entropy or organization within the patterns. The Ets wary of not scaring the participants triggered the flashing of a car’s headlights. Some of the participants thought that someone had sat on their car keys. The Ets then did the impossible, they caused the inside cabin lights to flash but not the headlights.

The final night had amazing events in store for all, including Dr Greer. After conducting a Puja, the group was shown the shimmering outline of several 100ft discs materializing in the field only a few hundred feet from us. We had to use “soft eyes” to see them. The transdimensional craft had appeared below the crossing point of light; the sub- electromagnetic field. Dr Greer instructed us to remain seated as he approached the craft, his arms by his side with his hands in the open position, a protocol designed to show he was unarmed, welcoming and peaceful. He seemed to fade in and out of vision as he neared the craft; a bewildering moment. Dr Greer ordered us to follow, exercising the protocols and with our hearts in our mouths we walked through the etheric walls of the ship and stood huddled together inside. There was a strong smell of Rose oil and the temperature inside was at least 5 degrees or more higher than that of the cold farm field. The ship left us after 10 minutes causing problems with Dr Greer’s compass which could no longer focus on true magnetic north. It was now 180 degrees off its setting. The magnetron began buzzing and Dr Greer realized that a portal had opened from nowhere to the centre of his compass. Dr Greer was clearly stunned; this was a first for him as an ET heartbeat began pulsing through the portal. Dr Greer asked someone to time the beats which began at 80bpm rising to 108bpm.

The following day during the afternoon workshop one of the participants was somewhat freaked out by the phenomenon and was hastily assured that all was ok and encouraged to learn and understand more about what was actually happening. Another participant had felt the effects of the crafts electromagnetic field which had earlier on caused Dr Greer to go ataxic. Dr Greer had let out a scream which was echoed by the Ets. He explained that the associated effects from the electromagnetic field caused him to do so and described it as a sympathetic discharge.

Cseti Event in France

At the end of the event, the following morning, I headed back to the train station so as to catch my flight home to Hong Kong. I shared a compartment with some of the participants one of whom was a pensioner who had saved up for a long time just to experience a CE5 or Close Encounter of the 5th Kind, human initiated ET contact. Some of the people had been compelled to come through dreams. By this time I had to stop taking in the information as it was becoming quite emotional, reminding me of my own experiences. I realized exactly what this event was all about. It was about those who could sense the other side of the veil and about those who could not sense anything due to their consciousness being anchored to the extreme density of this physical spectrum. There were those who expected to kick the tyres of the ET craft and those who understood that these craft are conscious and able to remain just outside of our spectrum of physicality. We were being invited to join stellar society but we have to make many changes to the integrity of this planet. We were being shown that the inhabited universe is peaceful, multidimensional, where consciousness exists within a non linear paradigm. Galactic Diplomacy is already part of the Exopolitical field of study. Mankind is fast approaching the veil of truth, a crumbling jail wall that will soon let in the light that this planet needs so badly.

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