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Do Moscow UFOs fulfill NORAD officer predictions?

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Moscow UFO filmed on Jan 12, 2011. Screenshot.
Moscow UFOs filmed on Jan 12, 2011. Screenshot.

On December 3, 2010, the recently deceased retired NORAD officer, Stanley Fulham, predicted a major wave of UFO sightings in Moscow in early-to-mid January. This was to be followed a week later by a major UFO wave in London. Fulham’s prediction raised considerable interest given his earlier success in predicting a major UFO sighting over New York City on October 13. What was particularly noteworthy about his earlier prediction was that the FAA radar facility responsible for three major airports in the New York City metropolitan area was shut down for an hour leading to flight delays. Caught off guard by Fulham’s apparent success, I like many others paid more attention to his next prediction about UFOs in Moscow and London. There have indeed been UFOs sightings in Moscow during period Fulham predicted, but to date these have only been reported by one source and been observed over one location. Nevertheless, this has led to one reporter declaring that Fulham’s prediction has been fulfilled.

In his most recent Examiner article, Alfred Webre writes: “A remarkable UFO wave over Moscow, Russia in early January 2011 has reportedly confirmed the predictions of an apparent regional galactic governance council that its interdimensional spacecraft would appear over Moscow Russia at that time.” Webre lists eight youtube videos confirming the “remarkable UFO wave.” The problem is that six of the videos are taken by one person, Oleg Tarabanov over the same location over the first two weeks of January. The seventh is of a hard to see object in an entirely different rural location; and the eighth UFO video has been pulled and is no longer available.

The videos by Tarabanov are the most interesting and clearly show up to two UFO objects over a location that appears to be in an industrial area of Moscow.

While Tarabanov’s videos are interesting evidence of what appears to be up to two UFOs, they hardly constitute a “UFO wave”; and, most importantly, there has been no independent confirmation of Oleg’s videos. Neither the Russian general public nor media have reported UFO sightings in the period specified by Fulham. This contrasts with the New York UFO October 13 event that was seen by thousands of witnesses and widely reported in the media.

So can the minimal UFO activity reported by Tarabanov from Moscow in early January 2011, be put down as yet another failed UFO prediction, or has Fulham been confirmed as Webre claims with enormous exopolitical significance? Of the latter possibility, Webre writes: “The January 2011 apparent galactic governance UFO sightings over Moscow Russia undescore an apparent determination by the ET council to break the USA-Russia ‘conspiracy of silence’ around the extraterrestrial presence…” In this reporter’s opinion, it is premature to declare Fulham’s prediction has been confirmed. Especially so if the goal was to break a US-Russian “conspiracy of silence.” Perhaps, there is more to come in Moscow or a wave of UFOs will appear over London as Fulham predicted, In either case, the exopolitical significance of Fulham’s predictions will deservedly come under closer scrutiny.

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  • My home is situated in Moscow on the 5-th Sokolinaya Gora street, somewhat about 400 meters from 8-th Sokolinaya Gora street, where mr.Oleg Tarabanov is getting his fantastic clips and shots. Altough I am smoker and often walk to balkony to smoke and gaze at sky, I am not so luky as mr. Tarabanov. It seems to me that all UFOs are concentrated over 8-th Sokolinaya Gora street and ET invasion will soon begin from there.

  • UFO Moscow Russia, January 15 2011 21:15 (09:15pm)


    Im an American (native new yorker) living and working in Moscow Russia.
    I don’t really follow any UFO news, so Im not a hunter for these topics or things.

    However, last night, walking from the metro (subway) to my housing complex, as we were walking,
    we saw a crowd of people standing in the neighboring field, looking into the night sky. I thought they were peeping toms into the building.
    as we got closer, I decided to look further, and there in the very close distance, was this flying sphere… it was floating-hoovering sporadically
    from left to right to right to left, stopping in mid air, and this “HUGE” ball of light, at times blinking from the top or bottom, as well as left and right sides…

    Naturally the naked eye will see more. This is just a mere clip…

    It definitely was not a plane, or a jet, ie, not the headlights of them too, nor was it a helicopter with a huge projecting lamp, otherwise, you would see the
    light path of both..

    This was a HUGE SPHERE of light, flying and stopping…


    Moscow Russia

  • Mr. Salla: I am definitely a UFO believer, but the objects on that Moscow video look like Chinese Lanterns to this researcher. I have been wrong before however…..

  • Mr. Salla please read the comments in the article. I get sad, if i see that there´s no investigation from the Videos and its sources…regards

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