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DNA Test Results Are In for the Three-Fingered Peruvian Mummies

by Paul Seaburn               September 28, 2017

• Twenty three-fingered mummies were discovered in a Peruvian cave, one of them pregnant with eggs.

• The World Congress on Mummy Studies and the Peruvian government ‘doubt all conclusions’ and considered the media coverage “profiteering”.

• Gaia.tv is heading the research, and submitted a hand sample and brain matter for DNA testing to a lab in Ontario.

• The result of the DNA is that it came from a male homo sapien.

• Gaia’s Dr Korotkov calls it “human-like” and they will need to conduct “a much more detailed analysis”.


Earth was not destroyed by Planet X last weekend, so we can now turn our attention back to more important things, like the three-fingered, potentially-alien Peruvian mummies. The last time we heard from the “researchers,” they had announced the finding of at least 20 mummies by a ‘guy named Mario’ and someone – possibly Mario – saw live creatures running away when the mummies were discovered in a Peruvian cave. One of the mummies appeared to be pregnant with eggs, leading to more speculation that the creatures are aliens and possibly reptilian. Meanwhile, the World Congress on Mummy Studies doubts all of the conclusions and is upset with the profiteering use of the Peruvian creatures – whatever species they may be — and the Peruvian government agrees. Seems like it’s time for a diversion, right? That came this week with the long-promised DNA tests of the mummies and the long-awaited announcement of the findings. The results of the tests are in, and the creatures were found to be …

Let’s pause here for a moment. What do you think the mummies are?

As in the past, the go-to source for all things on the 3-fingered Peruvian mummies is Express.co.uk, which claims to have viewed all of the videos from Gaia.com, the group allegedly in possession of the mummies, conducting the research and sending the samples to laboratories for further studies. It identified the lab which performed the test as the Paleo DNA laboratory at Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada, and said that the report on the mummies’ DNA was available online, but no links were provided and searches turned up no further details on the report.

The Gaia.com website has a short preview of its latest video, which is available for a fee. There also appears to be no updates from journalists Steve Mera and Barry Fitzgerald, who are said to be conducting their own investigations on the mummies.

That’s enough prefacing. The wait is over. The DNA test results are in on a 3-fingered hand and some brain matter and the mummies are … humans! Express.co.uk quotes the report:

“The evidence suggests the source of DNA from the biological material from the cranial brain and the bone extracted from the hand belongs to homo sapiens (humans).” Specifically, a male homo sapien. Let the back-pedaling begin.

“Because we know that now we have three types of human like creatures. It is Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon like ourselves, and Denisovan. Now, at next level, they have to make much more detailed analysis, and much more complicated analysis, so they will create a library of genes, and then they will be able to compare it with database of human subjects. Then, we’ll see whether it is exactly human like, or it is little bit different.”

“Human like” says Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, who claims to have been working with Gaia.com since the discovery of the mummies, in a response video. He and others say more DNA testing is needed.


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