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  • how often does this site update itself. I found it a week ago and found it interesting but it seems to have been stagnant since then. No new articles and the last update was Jan 14.

  • Do you have the actual web site addresses of those letters from the National Archives of Canada that talk about UFOs. I could not find them on the site. It is of great importance to my project.

    Bradley Charlton
    (a fellow Canadian)

  • I am first user and was linked to this when reading about UFO and China. From all that we have read we had the closest experience without being abducted. I have aeronautical engineering background and high tech executive. I simply wish to know how to post the experience and related links.

  • The first comment of readers is moderated to prevent spam, and subsequent comments should be automatically included. Only offensive posts are deleted, and those deemed to be spam which make their way onto the comments. We are not sure what happened to your earlier comments and hope that the problem does not persist.

    Thank you for your desire to be an asset to ExoNews.

  • Hello, Over the past month I have left several posts, usually to Breaking News stories. When I have returned to see if anyone responded to anything I had said in a post, I find my post is nowhere to be found. Am I not looking in the right place or have my posts been deleted for some reason? I am not terribly upset or anything, but if I am doing something that the moderators do not like or if I am violating some rule, I am not aware of it. Can someone set me straight? I want to be an asset to the site and its contributors here, not a nuisance. Thank you, Magenta

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