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  • Trump’s nominee for Chief Scientist at the Department of Agriculture, Sam Clovis, Jr, encountered a UFO as an Air Force fighter pilot
  • Clovis later served as Inspector General of the U.S. Space Command
  • Clovis didn’t publicly reveal his UFO encounter until 2014

Those who thought that potential discussions of UFOs in the White House ended with the defeat of Hillary Clinton and her campaign manager, John ‘We’ll Open the Secret Files’ Podesta, have new hope. The nominee for chief scientist of the Department of Agriculture claims he once had an encounter with a UFO that he believed was traveling at 5,000 miles-per-hour. Will he pursue the release of the files that might identify what he saw?

We’ll leave the discussions about whether former radio host and economics professor Samuel H. ‘Sam’ Clovis Jr. is qualified to be a chief scientist to the political blogs and instead focus on whether the former US Air Force F-16 fighter pilot, former Inspector General of the United States Space Command and alleged UFO witness is qualified to be our inside guy for opening the X-Files.

According to a 2014 report in the Des Moines Register, Clovis was running for one of Iowa’s US Senate seats when he admitted to host Simon Conway at WHO Radio that he once encountered a UFO. From Conway’s account in the Register:

“His radar locked on it, and it was doing things our technology couldn’t do, he explained. The UFO was traveling toward him at 5,000 mph — and we’ve got nothing that does that. It came to a complete stop, he said, then reversed away at 5,000 mph.”

Clovis served in the Air Force for 25 years from 1971 to 1996 and, although he doesn’t give a date, this incident probably occurred earlier in his flying career. There’s no indication that any other pilot or ground crew member saw the UFO nor heard what would have been at least two sonic booms. According to the article, pilot Clovis handed the radar report over to his commanding officers and doesn’t seem to have said anything about it publicly until 2014.

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Types of Contacts

First we have to assess how many types of contacts with intelligent non-human beings there might be. Since there might be other intelligent beings that we could consider as “human,” by “non-human” I mean non-homo sapiens as the intelligent species predominant on the Earth’s surface.

Classical contacts” (with human-like beings), voluntary conscious contacts, typically with “older brothers.” Typically by invitation and telepathy. They are more communicative. In many cases, classical contactees (like George Adamski, Sixto Paz) are asked to write a book, give lectures or share in other ways a positive, transformative message.

“Abductions,” but most would not be abducted by negative beings although morbidly some researchers and in films tend to emphasize that. In many cases they include teaching or preparation, transmission of symbols and languages, sometimes children. Often, “abductions” evolved to acquire the characteristics of “classical contacts.”

Contacted by the fact of participating in highly classified unacknowledged ‘government’ extraterrestrial research and/or in secret space programs. It is a very controversial subject that currently divides ufology. Persons like Bill UHouse and possibly persons like Corey Goode, Dan Burisch, Andrew Basiago, Randy Cramer, William M. Tompkins represent this possibility. Testimonial evidence is admissible as when inside a court the jury seeks to evaluate the consistency or contradictions between the testimonies and may use any documentary and physical evidence that supports or contradicts the testimonies.

“Inter-reality” physical and inter-reality non-physical (often simply called “Interdimensional” which may include mental, astral, lucid dream contacts, contacts during deep hypnosis or during near-death experiences.

“Experiencer” contacts (general term referring to the person living experiences of contact with intelligent non-human beings. A Category that covers a wide range of events (including contacts with physical beings of diverse appearance and level of development, with forms of energy as well as non-physical contacts) and subsumes the previous four forms of contact. Some experiencers describe what seem to be more spiritually evolved entities giving loftier messages others describe more matter-of-fact, perhaps scientifically inclined entities and still others describe entities engaged in human-like (and movie-like) civilizational conflicts and alliances amongst various groups even with human military and secret factions.

In all cases telepathy seems to play a common role. The importance of consciousness as a key factor transcending and connecting realities is generally acknowledged.

As for contacts with perceptible physical beings, people generally describe energetic and / or spheroid forms, human form, small gray, tall gray, reptilian, insectoid, animal, and other forms.

The F.R.E.E. survey in which thousands of persons (who preferably recall in a conscious manner their experiencer memories and who anonymously describe them by responding to hundreds of quantitative and qualitative questions) reveals that a majority of contact experiences are considered not to be “evil” or “negative.”  Besides that, most tend to have a positive, life transforming effect.  Moreover, the varieties of beings most described are: energy beings and/or orbs, beings with a human appearance, short grays, large grays, reptilian, insectoid, animal-like forms, others.  The F.R.E.E. link is www.experiencer.org 

In most cases all types of contacts are initially described as surprising and/or scary and generating difficulties in terms of sharing the experiences with family, friends, spouses, co-workers, and society at large. While there may be some negative and perhaps “evil” experiences, most are found not to be such after the initial phases of fear and surprise are overcome. What is most important is how we as humans react or respond to these situations.

Exopolitical Considerations – Part I

There are many descriptions about the alleged unity, disunity and variety of beings within the cosmic community apparently visiting or interacting with us; descriptions competing for what can be considered important to be of exopolitical relevance. Are some or all of them benevolent, evil, both or neither? What are thousands of persons experiencing or claiming to be experiencing around the world? Who among these alleged “visitors” should we try to purposefully contact to establish a peaceful and constructive civilian exopolitical relationship?

Exopolitical Considerations – Part II

In the F.R.E.E. survey, besides some information about MILABS (human military abductions associated with some “experiencers”) there has thus far not been much of a description about a secret space program (at least of the more astounding kind) as described by persons like Andrew Basiago, Corey Goode, Randy Cramer, William Tompkins. In my view, this doesn’t necessarily invalidate these descriptions of the Secret Space Program (SSP) just like F.R.E.E. doesn’t necessarily invalidate some or all of the information acquired through hypnosis by researchers that receive more traumatized abductees. What it shows is that the SSP information and the traumatized abductee information may be gathered by researchers focusing on persons that come to them to give to them those specific types of information. They might still be a subset of the general experiencer population not reflected in a survey like F.R.E.E.’s.

Since we are on a data-gathering stage my approach tends to be inclusive and non-dismissive of the various aforementioned descriptions, mostly gathered from contactees, abductees, experiencers in general, and whistleblowers. I try to withhold dismissing judgments and to maintain a neutral attitude until enough corroboration or rebuttal of particular claims is available.

My opinion is that we need to learn to be integrative; that is, to live under the underlying principles behind a science that understands the coherence between subjective and objective aspects of reality. And this requires of us to stop thinking so exclusively in terms of an either-or dualistic, dichotomous logic. This would involve being able not to react so emotionally and to suspend judgment even when we hear particular descriptions about the extraterrestrial presence which we find “preposterous.” The quite eager degree of mutual dismissal among individuals within the various branches of what could be called “the disclosure movement” may signal to other intelligences that we are not psychologically ready to integrate the many facets of our human-non- human connections.

Since contact phenomena appear to refer to a deeper level of meaningful connectivity existing in the cosmos, we would also need to change our cultural epistemological foundations toward a deeper cultural understanding to non-destructively harness a conscious non-local access to a science and technology that transcends the classical limits of space-time. Such a science and technology would require from us to get acclimatized to living under non-classic laws, easily experiencing phenomena that now seem strange, laughable, silly or outrageous to us.

Showing a greater degree of unity within the community of individuals exploring UFO, exopolitics, experiencer and related matters would reflect a greater resonance with a coherent, non-local information matrix. It might signal a greater arising degree of maturity in our species for which we would be treated more as sovereign beings and less as immature, self-destructive children playing with fire.

Thus, how do we unlearn to react in the same old ways always seeking self-assertion of our beliefs, premises and identities while easily dismissing whatever truths others may be expressing?  Perhaps by beginning to move in another way.

Scientists and experiencers coming together with mutual respect in order to establish solid evidence would also signal this move toward the maturity needed for an open disclosure to be supported by some of our “visitors” who might – in turn – shown up in more objective and undeniable ways.

In my opinion, we need to attempt to establish an easier communicative relationship with all plausible non-human intelligences but it would be easier to start doing so with more human like beings by working with CE-5 approaches inclusive of open-minded, respectful scientists working a few bona fide contactees.

Exopolitical Considerations – Part III

These are trying times for sustaining the basis of a reasonable and rational civilization at large.Since exopolitics, experiencer research and ufology touch upon issues whose content for many already constitute “fake news”  we are facing a greater challenge to establish and coherently connect the kernel of truth behind all of what is being testified, known or believed.

We seem to cherish finding immediate reasons to dismiss each others’ beliefs, assertions, and truths if they compete with our preferred truths just as many of us compete for being the most influential voices among the segment of the population that cares about whether we are actually being visited or not.  What we are seeing now in an era in which truth is being challenged by fake news and in which belief often trumps objectivity and the foundations for a civilized public discourse extends into exopolitics. In a year that marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the “modern era of UFOs” and after decades of needing “physical evidence” that there might be other intelligent non-human civilizations, many are self-righteously jumping into dismissive condemnatory remarks about such plausible evidence emerging, for instance, under the alleged discovery of humanoid mummies in Nazca, Peru.  It is like a test to see if we are able to withhold conclusive judgments and to come together in the name of truth.  The same may be happening in relation to how “wild” the Secret Space Program may be. Different forms of evidence are acceptable in law and in the social sciences beyond the requirements of vidence from the natural sciences but should listening to all proposals about the SSP be included in a discussion within serious institutions like MUFON which (to their merit) takes pride in seeking objective evidence? I think so because the interactive UFO phenomenon includes objective and subjective experiences and interpretations whose claims are always challenging some standardized belief. It is always challenging us to expand our considerations in a rational, critical-but-experiential and intuitive way to eventually be able to “connect the dots” (as my friend Paola Harris might say).

  1. Kenneth Arnold showing a drawing of what he saw. 2. Photo by José María Fernandez Martinez. Guayama,Puerto Rico 1995. 3. 1938 Photo fromPoland (cortesy of Robert Bernatowicz) 4. 1943 Photo from Huanuco, Peru. 5. Depiction of human and non-human “space brothers” from the Nonsiamosoli organization. 5. Drawing of a “Blue Avian” described by Corey Goode due to his involvement with one of the “Secret Space Programs.” 6. Alleged humanoid mummy found in Nazca, Peru. 7. A 1927 UFO photo from Oregon Junction, USA. 8. A variety of other beings described




Star Nations



By Giorgio Piacenza
UFO research must be turned into a more interactive – experimental activity. Let’s not only continue with a reaffirmation of old paradigms and techniques used. And this does not mean by any means abandoning objectivity and rationality. Working with some “contactees” could be very useful to obtain evidence, although most scientific-minded analysts are not even interested in this.And we can also work as participatory scientists as anthropologists capable of gathering objective evidence and personal insight through greater immersion with a different civilization. An expanded ufological methodology based upon a respectful participatory attitude is the key.

This is not something completely new but is something that I’m resonating with. And it can be refined and improved. And consciousness connects across reality levels and across the vast distances and crisscrossing eons of spacetime. Dr. Steven Greer has been training persons in a CE-5 approach with various degrees of success and there always is room for improvements.

Going out with electronic detection equipment and with night shot and infrared as well as with a team of witnesses and investigators sufficiently trained to make observations objectively and respectful of the contact’s techniques and beliefs of successful contactees could be productive. Practically, a more complete experimental method that reflects the subjective-objective interconnected nature of the interactive phenomenon. It would be great if the opportunity for working in CE-5s and also with highly successful contactees arose for capable scientists like Mr. Mark D’Antonio, developer of the UFOTOG device.

Let us try not to disdain people who claim to have contacts especially if there is enough evidence or reasonable hints that they are indeed interacting with a conventionally unknown phenomenon. The scenario that recognizes the possibility that there are some serious and credible contacts capable of coming up with evidence should not be forgotten. It does not matter if they speak of spiritual aspects that they try to interpret in their own way also under their own limitations and prejudices. We need to stop judging in an irrational manner to support a rational approach. And let’s try to be respectful of their beliefs and practices as well.

I think the next step in UFOLOGY is about our own consciousnesses willing to thread itself into a larger fabric of information or a universal participatory information matrix. As the Buddhists say, we do not exist in isolation. Isolation is a false view that binds us. And many quantum theories like the Quantum Hologram Theory of Consciousness resonates with this. Therefore, there should be a more interactive stage, equally involving subjectivity and objectivity in balance with each other, one in which objectivity is born in the kernel of subjectivity and vice versa and there should not just be a greater accumulation of photographic evidence, testimonials, documentation, and the like.

We can very well spend another 70 years with inconclusive awareness and knowledge about the “unknowns,” or instead interact with them more intimately and know more about them under a new subjective-objective scientific approach…creating a new paradigm or procedure to disclose what we are dealing with. Discovering that -in essence – we are co-equals…making “them” more inclined to manifest more overtly.

Although purely objective investigation is highly valid and important too many decades have passed without establishing or officially proving to the public a possible ET presence or taking the issue with the rigor and seriousness it deserves; a rigor so intense that it must also include the consciousness based, subjective characteristics also often associated with sightings, along with its “high strangeness.” Lest we do this, “science” will remain as a covert belief system, in its polarizing, attitudinal, anti superstition infancy.

Thus, the move towards a more integrative paradigm that opens up to multiple physical, extradimensional, mental and spiritual factors with science and ethics is the more rational approach because it reflects the connectivity about which the UFO phenomenon at large is telling us. Our research should reflect a greater understanding of integration and connection.

Then, in greater sync with its subjective aspects that appear to be involved in a more advanced form of modification of time and space, let’s acquire more interactive evidence. For instance, repeatedly asking for maneuvers or effects that can be filmed under different angles, with EM spectrum devices and the like. I think that the more we behave as a coherent collective (especially for starters within the forefront of UFO research), the more we will gain a credible status of political sovereignty before the eyes of “the others” (that seem to have always been part of us).

Thus, we would be signaling to cosmic intelligence a greater intuitive and conceptual understanding of the inherent unity and interconnectedness all around/within us. And I think that we need to be willing to share the results openly with no strings attached other than a fair and precise reporting with little ego and – as much as possible – no UFO researcher infighting involved. Is that too much to ask for?

UFO over a gentleman in the town of Huanuco, Peru…1943
Scientists Mark D’Antonio and his UFOTOG wide array detector

A photo of one of my contactee friends, Jose María Fernandez Martinez. 1995. Taken in Guayama, Puerto Rico. He told me about the importance of resonance and of working with the conscious and subconscious methods and interpretive medium/language that resonate with the intelligences behind genuine, otherworldly, UFO phenomena. If we worked like this, I’m sure that a greater degree of success and exopolitical understanding would ensue.

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