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On April 8, QAnon posted two messages linking the Clintons and the CIA to the plane crash of John F. Kennedy Jr and how his death cleared the path for Hillary Clinton to start her political career by running unopposed by any major Democratic rival for the newly available US Senate seat for New York.

If the Clintons were involved in the death of JFK Jr it would be ironic since Bill Clinton sought to find out who killed President Kennedy just before his inauguration in January 1993, presumably to avoid a similar fate. The answers he received later helped Hillary Clinton launch her political career.

It’s worth repeating that QAnon represents several figures associated with U.S. military intelligence that are working through the Trump White House to release sensitive information to help expose and overcome the power of the Deep State through covert operations. Hence QAnon’s posts opens the reader to the rarefied world of actionable U.S. military intelligence.

Furthermore, QAnon’s posts reveal the thinking of military intelligence officials about leading political figures such as the Clintons and agencies such as the CIA. We are now ready to closely examine what QAnon had to say about JFK Jr:

The first two lines of the post reveal that Donald Trump had a relationship with JFK Jr. This is not that surprising since there are photos showing Trump and Kennedy together at his exclusive Mar-a-Lago club on Feb 29, 1996.

The fact that they were probably friends is significant in that Trump would likely be highly motivated to have the truth come out about what really happened.

The next line in the post refers to the Kennedy’s plane crash on July 16, 1999, which killed him, his wife and sister-in-law. The crash happened soon after JFK Jr had told two friends that he was planning to run for the U.S. Senate seat that had become available after the retirement of Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

Only months before the crash, Hillary Clinton had declared her candidacy for the Senate seat, but was running into criticism for being a carpetbagger since she and Bill Clinton were not New York residents.

According to a New York Daily News story published on July 20, 1999, JFK, Jr., was secretly planning to run for the Senate seat despite Hillary having already declared her candidacy. Given a 1997 private poll showing that “John F. Kennedy Jr. was by far the state’s most popular Democrat.”, it’s highly likely that he would have succeeded.

Kennedy’s entry into the Senate seat race would have denied Hillary the start she was seeking to her political career just before Bill’s impending Presidential retirement.

QAnon was clearly linking the plane crash to the start of Hillary’s political career. While some may consider this to be mere coincidence, QAnon’s next post suggested something sinister had in fact happened.

The link was to a January 1956 document in the CIA’s reading room that discussed an Earth Satellite Program that was linked to Guided Missiles and CIA operations. CIA Director Allen Dulles was mentioned as a part of the program.

QAnon was implying that that JFK Jr’s plane crash was linked in some way to this or a similar advanced aerospace program, the CIA and Dulles. The Dulles connection is highly significant since there is much documentation linking him directly to the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

More specifically, there is a Memorandum containing  a set of eight policy directives drafted by Dulles on behalf of a mysterious committee called Majestic 12 (MJ-12) in charge of advanced aerospace programs. One of the eight directives, Project Environment, gave cryptic authorization for the assassination of any public official that threatened Majestic 12 operations.

The text of the above Directive reads:

Draft – Directive Regarding Project Environment – When conditions become non-conducive for growth in our environment and Washington cannot be influenced any further, the weather is lacking any precipitation … it should be wet.

Dr Robert Wood, who is the foremost expert in analyzing MJ-12 documents using forensic methods, has concluded that the partially burned document is an assassination directive. In an interview discussing the burned document, he pointed out that the cryptic phrase “it should be wet” originates from Russia, where the phrase ‘wet works’ or “wet affairs” denotes someone who had been killed and is drenched with blood.

In the book, Kennedy’s Last Stand, I analyzed the testimonies, circumstances and documents supporting the conclusion that Dulles had arranged for the MJ-12 directives to be applied to the Kennedy administration in general, and to President Kennedy in particular.

The CIA’s Counter Intelligence chief, James Jesus Angleton, was given the authority to carry out the MJ-12 directives, as documented in a leaked November 12, 1963 Memorandum released only 10 days before Kennedy’s assassination.

The Top Secret Memorandum instructed the then Director of the CIA, John McCone, to share all classified UFO information with NASA, in order to fulfill its requirement as outlined in National Security Action Memorandum (NSAM) 271.

In short, the two memoranda Kennedy issued on November 12, 1963 would ensure that access to classified UFO files would be extended to more government agencies, ultimately resulting in direct Presidential access.

Such direct access had been denied to President Kennedy by McCone’s predecessor, Allen Dulles, who retired as CIA Director in November 1961, but likely continued on in his other position as head of the MJ-12 Committee as suggested in the eight MJ-12 Policy Directives.

It’s feasible that the MJ-12 Directives drafted by Dulles and approved by the MJ-12 Committee were used not only for the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy, but also for the removal of his son, 36 years later.

There have been many questions raised about Kennedy’s plane crash and whether or not it was simply due to his inexperience as a pilot, compounded by marital and financial problems, as suggested in an official report by the National Transportation Safety Board. Was the report a cover up for the plane being shot down or sabotaged in a targeted assassination conducted by the CIA? This is exactly what QAnon appears to be suggesting.

So why would the CIA want to help Hillary Clinton attain public office, and was this related in any way to Dulles’ mysterious MJ-12 Directives?

To get an answer, we can begin with the Clintons involvement in a CIA run drug operation out of Mena, Arkansas during Bill’s governorship. There have been multiple witnesses and documents showing how then Governor Clinton was protecting and facilitating the Mena CIA operation.

In late 2017, a movie based on real events was released showing how a former TWA airline pilot, Barry Seal, was recruited by the CIA to a covert operation out of Mena, Arkansas, which involved illegal arms and drug running, and how Governor Clinton protected the entire operation.

More damning is the testimony and documents supplied by Roger Morris, an investigative journalist, who exposed the full extent of Clinton’s involvement in the CIA drug running program, and Seal’s involvement.

In a book, interviews and documentary, Morris revealed how the thousands of documents and many witnesses in his investigation were never published by the mainstream media, or investigated by the FBI or the U.S. Congress.

The reason why Morris’ investigative efforts got nowhere is that the drug money was used by the CIA to finance MJ-12 operations secretly conducted throughout the US in the development of advanced aerospace programs. Many UFO sightings were in fact advanced aerospace vehicles that were part of secret space programs under development by the US Air Force and Navy, with the help of major aerospace corporations.

Having shown his usefulness in the CIA drug running operation at a state level, the MJ-12 group cleared the path for Clinton to become President so he could do the same at a national level.

Just before beginning his first term on January 20, 1993, President-Elect Clinton made a very strange request to close family friend and lawyer Webster Hubbell: “If I put you over there in justice I want you to find the answer to two questions for me: One, who killed JFK. And two, are there UFOs.” According to Hubbell, who described the incident in his memoirs, Friends in High Places, “Clinton was dead serious.”

Hubble said that he was unsuccessful in finding satisfactory answers. He was eventually forced to resign as Associate Attorney General due to the Whitewater political scandal and was jailed in July 1995 for 18 months.

The Clintons quickly learned, because of what had happened to Hubble, that the Deep State, through the CIA and mysterious policy groups like Majestic 12, had great power. Despite all his power as President, Clinton could not thwart the Deep State’s plans.

The Clintons decided to end their efforts to get answers to questions concerning JFK’s assassination and what lay behind the UFO phenomenon. This was despite them knowing that the CIA drug running operations was secretly funding highly classified aerospace programs.

By the end of Bill’s Presidency, the CIA’s “unofficial” black budget was estimated to be as much as one trillion dollars annually, which was more than double the Pentagon’s budget at the time.

The Clintons had become a critical part of the CIA/MJ-12 operations at both state and national levels during Bill’s political career. As Bill’s Presidency wound down, Hillary’s political career offered another opportunity for a compliant and heavily compromised political leader that would support the CIA’s illicit fund raising for secret MJ-12 operations. 

Secret deals were subsequently struck and the CIA/MJ-12 (aka Deep State) supported Hillary’s rise to political power, and the New York Senate Seat was planned to be her launching pad for high political office.

Consequently, when JFK Jr was on the verge of publicly declaring that he was going to run for the Senate seat, not only did he threaten Hillary’s nascent political career, but he also threatened the carefully crafted plans for future CIA funding of MJ-12 operations. Consequently, the same or a similar policy directive to Project Environment, which had been used to assassinate President Kennedy, could now be used against JFK Jr for his threat to MJ-12 operations.  

QAnon’s posts linking JFK Jr’s 1999 plane crash with Hillary Clinton and the CIA are certainly a bombshell. Close examination of the history of the Clintons and CIA secret Deep State actors such as MJ-12 provides a powerful rationale for why JFK Jr was perceived as a threat, and assassinated in a plane crash made to look like an accident.

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Further Reading

by Rick Neale            March 24, 2018            (floridatoday.com)

• Jill Tarter (pictured above) is a former project scientist and current research chair for the NASA-funded SETI program (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Tarter was the astronomer portrayed by Jodie Foster in the 1997 movie “Contact”, and in 2004 she was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world.
• Speaking at the Florida Institute of Technology’s Cross Cultural Management Summit in Orlando, Tarter told the audience, “I think that in this century we are going to be finding life beyond Earth.”
• The problem thus far is that the galaxy is just so big. “We’re out in the boondocks. And our star, the sun, is only one of 400 billion other stars in the Milky Way galaxy.” So it is like searching for fish in the ocean by using a water glass, says Tarter.
• Tarter’s conference discussion, entitled “A Cosmic Perspective: Searching for Aliens, Finding Ourselves”, was one of about 75 talks she plans to deliver this year to fundraise for Allen Telescope Array upgrades. In recent years, scientists have focused the ATA on roughly 20,000 nearby stars – mostly small, dim red dwarf stars. Tarter also expressed hope for a new “Laser SETI” initiative. She said the first prototype will be installed within a month and a half at the Lick Observatory, near San Jose, California.
[Editor’s Note] How can such a brilliant scientist be so oblivious to the ET presence, beings that have studied and manipulated humans on Earth for thousands of years, up to and including the present day? Note that her paycheck comes from SETI, funded by NASA.


ORLANDO — Though scientists have scanned the cosmos for signals from alien civilizations for a half-century, Jill Tarter likens mankind’s micro-scale campaign to searching for fish in the world’s oceans — by withdrawing a 12-ounce glass of water.

“We’re out in the boondocks. And our star, the sun, is only one of 400 billion other stars in the Milky Way galaxy,” Tarter told a conference-room crowd Saturday afternoon.

“And our Milky Way galaxy is only one of about 200 billion other galaxies in the observable universe,” she said.
Tarter — whose astronomical career was portrayed by Jodie Foster in the 1997 movie “Contact” — served as closing speaker during the Florida Institute of Technology’s third Cross Cultural Management Summit at Caribe Royale in Orlando.

The former project scientist for NASA’s SETI program, Tarter is research chair at the nonprofit SETI Institute in Mountain View, California, She has received two NASA Public Service Medals, and in 2004 she was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world.

SETI stands for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. The SETI Institute owns the Hat Creek Radio Observatory, and Tarter helped develop the facility’s Allen Telescope Array in the Cascade Mountains about 290 miles north of San Francisco.

       Jodie Foster in “Contact”

 “I think that in this century we are going to be finding life beyond Earth,” Tarter told the audience.
“We can discover it: We can find biomarkers on planets or moons of our solar system. We can find artifacts in the solar system as we explore. We can look for remote biosignatures in the atmospheres of distant exoplanets,” Tarter said.

“Or, perhaps we can detect the work product of technological civilizations: technosignatures,” she said.

Tarter displayed PowerPoint photos of telescopes, stars and galaxies to the audience. Included were “selfies” of distant Earth, as photographed by Cassini from Saturn’s orbit (2013) and Voyager 1 as the spacecraft was passing Neptune (1990).

“We’re really working on an ancient human question. And that’s very, very rewarding. We might, within the 21st century, have the answer to whether there is life beyond Earth. And we’ve been asking that question for a very, very long time,” she said.



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by Robbie Graham              March 16, 2018                   (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• One of the most significant UFO movies of the 1950s is Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956). The film is loosely based on Donald Keyhoe’s 1953 non-fiction documentary book, Flying Saucers From Outer Space, which drew extensively from the U.S. Air Force’s own investigations. When the movie was released, however, Keyhoe was dismayed to find that that they had made it into a ‘schlock sci-fi B-movie’.
• Nevertheless, the film retains a considerable amount of UFO detail from Keyhoe’s source material. Special effects supervisor Ray Harryhausen received acclaim for his ‘realistic’ design of the alien saucer, with a stationary central dome, a rotating outer-rim, slotted vanes and a high-pitch whirring sound. These were based upon real-life descriptions by Keyhoe and George Adamski. (Watch 3:38 video clip of contemporary film director Joe Dante interviewing Ray Harryhausen with regard to Earth vs. the Flying Saucers below.)
• Another example of similarities to real life were the glowing balls of light that hovered over a house in the film and are casually explained as ‘foo lights’. This is a reference to the anomalous flying fireballs often reported by military personnel known as ‘foo fighters’. The Air Force conducted a two-year program at Holloman AFB known as Project Twinkle to study these types of anomalies.
• In the movie, a dying alien species arrives on Earth seeking a new home. Naturally, the Earthlings take this as an existential threat and use sonar pulses to disable and bring down the alien saucers. The movie’s sonar device closely resembles an invention by Wilhelm Reich that ostensibly would draw orgone energy from the atmosphere through 15-foot long aluminum pipes connected to a body of water by cables which he called the “cloudbuster”. Reich claimed to have used his cloudbuster device to successfully attack and ‘suck the energy’ from ‘hostile’ alien UFOs over Tucson AZ in 1955.
• Finally, when the protagonists remove the space-suit from one of the dead aliens, the being bears an uncanny likeness to the alleged Roswell beings as described by witnesses in 1947, although these testimonies would not come to light until more than twenty years after the release of Earth vs. the Flying Saucers.


One of the most significant UFO movies of the 1950s was Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956), which was very loosely based on Donald Keyhoe’s 1953 non-fiction book, Flying Saucers from Outer Space. In the movie, the last of a dying species of aliens arrive on Earth seeking a new home. The aliens request a meeting with world leaders to discuss their plans for occupation, but the US military, assisted by one America’s top scientists (played by Hugh Marlowe), formulates a plan of attack involving the use of sonar canons mounted on trucks to be fired at the alien saucers—the sonar supposedly interfering with their propulsion and navigation systems, and disabling their force fields.

Conspiracy writer Kenn Thomas has noted that the fictional battle strategy in Earth vs. the Flying Saucers seems to have been directly inspired by real-life UFOlogical events which occurred just one year prior to the release of the movie when legendary scientist Wilhelm Reich claimed to have used his “cloudbuster” invention to attack UFOs (which he believed were hostile) by sucking the energy out of them. Reich’s cloudbuster was an atmospheric device constructed from two rows of 15-foot aluminium pipes mounted on trucks and connected to cables that were inserted into water. Its appearance and functionality were strikingly similar to that of the sonar cannons in Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. Reich believed that his cloudbusters served to unblock cosmic ‘orgone’ energy in the atmosphere, which he said would be beneficial to human health. Apparently, Reich also found them handy for shooting down alien spacecraft in what he described as a “full-scale interplanetary battle” in Tucson Arizona in 1955.

The production history of Earth vs. the Flying Saucers is intriguing. In 1955, Donald Keyhoe, then a jagged thorn in the side of the US government’s UFO secret-keepers, was approached by a group of Hollywood producers seeking to buy the rights to his aforementioned non-fiction book. The producers told Keyhoe their film was to be a serious documentary about UFOs. Although initially suspicious, Keyhoe eventually went along with the deal. Big mistake. Upon its completion in 1956, the “documentary” turned out to be the schlock sci-fi B-movie of our discussion. Keyhoe was outraged and demanded that his name be removed from the film’s credits, to no avail. Someone, it seemed, had it in for this outspoken advocate for government transparency on UFOs (perhaps the same “someone” who, two years later, censored Keyhoe’s statement on live TV that flying saucers were “real machines under intelligent control”).



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