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by Nick Redfern           March 14, 2018          (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• The 1950’s was the heyday for the ‘Contactee/Space Brother’ movement wherein people like George Adamski (pictured above) were routinely visited by benevolent non-terrestrial beings. Also known as “Orthons”, these Space Brothers have appeared throughout history on mountain tops, in deserts, and have appeared to walk on water, or fly in the sky. The Contactee is a sort of psychic lightning-rod who is highly susceptible to receiving psychic messages. The Orthon will plant ideas and stories into the mind of the Contactee as a seed to spread these ideas to the rest of the population. These implanted ideas are meant to provide a helpful cultural message to humanity. Orthon was the name of Adamski’s Venusian ‘space brother’ whom he “met” in November 1952.
• In his book Looking for Orthon, the late Colin Bennett explains that these Orthon’s are figments of the imagination triggered by extraterrestrial forces for the purpose of implanting information into a susceptible Contactee, including the physical presence of the being itself. The Contactee is certain that he has met an actual physical being, and may even photograph it. So there is a measure of deception and manipulation happening. The psychic implant may also extend to materializing objects and situations.
• In his book Passport to Magonia, Jacques Vallee says that Orthons and Space Brothers may be a form of ‘alien’ life that has been with us for a long time. Such ethereal beings are part of the structure that creates a “mystical experience” in a Contactee. When someone says that they’ve seen a fairy being, and another says that is impossible as fairies don’t exist, it still leaves the idea of the possibility that nevertheless, they may in fact exist.
• Writes Vallee, “[Orthons] allow humanity to breathe and access a Matrix world in which anything that can be imagined can happen. It might be denied by [the] social-scientific left, but the truth is that dreams, fantasies, and mystical experiences of all kinds play an absolutely essential part in all human mental operations.”
• “George Adamski played a significant part in establishing New Age thinking,” continues Vallee. “It might be well to remember that the entire body of our moral philosophy and spiritual life is formed by visions and inspirations… Those who thoughtlessly dismiss mystical experience cut themselves off from all art, literature, and no small part of all thought and philosophy… The greatest tribute that can be paid to Adamski is that through both foul means and fair, he helped to create one of the very few routes to the unconscious that we have.”


As some readers of Mysterious Universe will know, one of my big interests is the Contactee/Space Brother phenomenon, which was most prominent in the 1950s. It’s a subject which is very often derided by many in Ufology (and, at times, with good reason…). But, that doesn’t take away the fact that the issue is an important one. Of those who tackled the whole controversy, certainly one of the most knowledgeable was the late Colin Bennett. He wrote what – in my opinion – remains the most important and insightful book on contactee George Adamski. The title of Colin’s book? Looking for Orthon – Orthon being the alleged name of the equally alleged alien that Adamski claimed to have met in November 1952.

Back in 2009, I interviewed Colin about his ideas on Adamski, the Space Brothers and the Contactee crowd. And, today, I thought I would share with you – and without interruption – Colin’s observations on those long-gone times of the 1950s when the Contactee movement ruled the ufological roost. Colin, who died in 2014, told me:

“Many Orthons have appeared throughout history. The equivalents to Adamski’s Venusian ‘space brother’ have appeared on mountain tops, in deserts, and have appeared to walk on water, or fly in the sky. Their sole function is to sow seeds in the head; just as a farmer grows a particular crop. These seeds act on the imagination, which replicates and amplifies whatever story-technology is around at the time. People such as Adamski and the rest of the contactees were, and still are, like psychic lightning-rods for certain brands of information. Undoubtedly, rich or poor, clever or dumb, they are possessed by a kind of higher cerebral disturbance, and like Moses, they are as prepared for the ‘visitation’ as they anxiously await for a new product brand, for the equivalent to RFID-type branding is what ‘contact’ is all about.

“Contactees are host-nutrients for whatever cultural sales lines are on offer from visions conjured up by clouds, sea or sand. The message is ‘consumed’ and thoroughly processed exactly as a viral product is absorbed. The incomprehensibility of the received stories is irrelevant. They represent a heavily codified branch of postmodern intellectual consumerism. In receiving ‘messages’ at all, Contactees are bar coded as it were, and elements of the induced story-technology are ready to crystallize out into that final alchemical stage called the mechanical real. But we must be careful here. As the alchemist said to his apprentice, ‘The game may be rigged, but it’s the only game in town.’

“Deception and all its ramifications is the key to this whole business. This does not burst the bubble of the mystery however, for manipulative levels of faction may well be our first clue as to how a possible alien mind might work. If the levels of deception of all kinds in human culture are anything to go by, the range of such within an alien culture must be both multiple and profound.”

“The ‘space-folk’ are sculptured by wars between rival viral memes competing for prime-time belief. It may be that, as an independent form of non-organic life, memes as active viral information can display an Orthon entity at a drop of a hat. They come complete with sets of cultural agendas. After they have rung the doorbell as it were, and the goods are sold, these metaphysical salesmen disappear like the traditional Men in Black, no doubt traveling on to seed other dreams in other towns and other heads. The goods we have unwittingly bought are half-formed memories of having met someone from another world.”



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 THE CONVERGENCE: Technology, disclosed formal evidence, experiencers capable of connecting through their consciousnesses with non-traditional realities under multiple experiential perspectives and new theories are coming into focus as a QUALITATIVELY NEW PHASE OF UNDERSTANDING of our participatory relationship with non-human intelligent beings associated with the UFO phenomenon. None of these elements can be forcefully separated from each other without doing violence to the seamless, interrelated, vaster reality into which we are awakening.
Dr. Nathalie Cabrol‘s “Connectivity Network” (a network between disciplines linking space sciences, planetary sciences, life sciences, geosciences, astrobiology, cognitive and mathematical sciences) is a new, good, more integrated step forward from previous SETI approaches. To be more specific, it is a multidisciplinary step forward on the methods used moving away from an anthropocentric approach by focusing on the cognitive and perceptual basis which other beings may have in relation to their environment.
Resultado de imagen para Nancy Cabrol connectivity network
But, the trend toward more inclusion of experienced reality has to be continued. In fact, to fit into the full range of ufology and what experiencers are telling us, this requires a step further: Coordinating a multidisciplinary approach under a common factor or factors that underlie and connect across disciplines (and which, in that sense, can also be called “transdisciplinary”). And it must also include subjectivity and consciousness as fundamental and – at least – as co-equal with spacetime and matter. 
Dr. Cabrol’s approach would still be located within a way of thinking based on classical physics. It may be adequate for beings that – like us – utilize fixed physical patterns that can be explored via classical means and classical experiences with a greater degree of inter objective disconnection (also more disconnected from intersubjectivity).
However, what if extraterrestrial intelligence is already ‘here’ under an experiential ‘dimension’ or reality which connects us (the so-called “astral” “subtle” or “non-physical” realm underlying all physical manifestation). And what if this intelligence has already been ‘here’ for a long time (in linear terms) and the “Fermi Paradox” is answered by the fact that ‘they’ (physical ETs capable of using non-physical means) do not use a classical means to “travel,” to communicate, to think, to experience or to evaluate whether to communicate massively with us or not. In fact, their perceptual and cognitive basis would be different from ours. They would wait until we resonate in a healthy/constructive way with them, without huge interpretive distortions and without themselves (or considering Dr. Jaques Vallée’s ideas, their “control system”) being infiltrated and distorted by us.
J. Vallée: We have to do something that will cause them to react. And I don’t mean building landing strips in the desert and waiting out there to welcome the space brothers. 

J. Clark: But what do you mean? 

J. Vallee: I hesitate to be too specific. I’m speaking, as I’m sure you understand, of the attempted manipulation of UFO manifestations. It’s a pretty tall order. We’re assuming that there is a feedback mechanism involved in the operations of the control system; if you change the information that’s carried back to that system, you might be able to infiltrate it through its own feedback. 

We would not resonate well with them because we still rely upon a classical way of perceiving, thinking, feeling and being. And our active instincts are honed to this. We still sense each other and objects and beings n general as essentially separate while other consciousnesses might see us as participants in their reality. But experiencers (as Ingo Swann and countless others) transgress this boundary. Through telepathy and various other types of resonance, we interact.  And, according to supernormal human experiences, we the potential to outgrow our “classic reality” stage of awareness and to experience reality in more sophisticated ways.
In fact, what if ‘they’ not only use a non-local, but also a “transdimensional” physics connected to their consciousnesses in order to connect in an experiential and physical manner and, thus, overcome spacetime distance and perceived-experiential event separations by using both an underlying non-local (pre-physical and a non-physical) information matrix (or more fundamental mental reality) with its own kind of substance capable of interacting with physical substance, thus making a more advanced TRANSDIMENSIONAL scientific approach possible?
In this way, multiple potential physical patterns deriving from a unifying realm of mental information possibilities subjacent to all possible physical combinations could be combined and actualized with greater freedom overcoming a set of specific, congealed physical patterns in our linearly-perceived causal universe. The non-physical domain connecting all physical possibilities would allow meaningfulness to be utilized – for instance – via closed timelike loops within Sarfatti’s “Post Quantum Mechanics” and an accompanying, transducing, inter-realm component, usually termed in theosophy as “the etheric.”
All beings able to use their perceptual cognitive patterns across the physical and non-physical realms and (in varying degrees) overcoming linear time limitations would be quite puzzling and unintelligible to most of us still largely confined to classical perceptual and cognitive systems. And, from our linear perspective, they could have been here even before we as a species were here on the planet. Or they could be right next to us, just slightly out of phase from our perceived physical reality and, moreover, also be able to completely move in and out of the physical domain itself. 
In this “transdimensional” approach subjectivity and objectivity would be of equal value, both ultimately unified by a non-dual Consciousness which also can be understood as a non-dual Being. A unified, functioning, subjecto-objectivity would be the way of the future in order to understand how the ‘others’ (the others which are simultaneously distinct, are aspects of us and participating with us) interact and blend with our experiential, perceptual and cognitive systems. Factors like separations in sequence or in time and in distance or in space would be secondary to how experiences in consciousness can be combined. 
The coherent, experiential unification of objects and subjectivity across timelines and spatial qualities would be key to the science and technologies displayed by the advanced civilizations. 
In fact, according to Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory and to Lex Neale’s highly welcomed extension of Integral Theory (called “Integral relativity of Awareness and Energy”) into the non-physical realms, the inseparable reality aspects of subjectivity, objectivity, intersubjectivity and interobjectivity which remain in every (physical and non-physical) level of existence and their ways of revealing, interacting and connecting consciousness through many experiential and participatory methods would all be of equal value and away from the privileging of causal exterior objectivity above all else.
The invariant, underlying connective pattern itself is the reason why an even MORE EVOLVED FORM OF ASTROBIOLOGY would be “trans” as in “transdisciplinary,” “trans-reality” and “transdimensional.” Quite likely, more advanced civilizations capable of overcoming spacetime separations first came to these realizations. 
Perhaps by utilizing superluminal, EM, scalar-based, longitudinal waves (which can couple with regular, transversal EM waves) whose superluminal components may connect with retrocausal probabilities (and/or future actualities in probable future timelines) would be a better way to communicate with advanced civilizations, to modify spacetime, to cohere realities through resonance and specifically tune in with spacetimes and gravity in relation to intentionality and to their information-modulating, rotating and counter-rotating vortical nodes quite likely also manifesting as standing toroidal forms (a component of which is perhaps also expressed as volts per second in linear terms of energy carrying pulses travelling along the direction of motion).
These longitudinal waves may exist in what has been called the “Quantum Potential” in realistic QM interpretations and may be useful to modify quantum probabilities, thus, also concrete manifest physical reality. Perhaps, according to their degree of manifested retrocausal probabilities, these waves may serve to couple experienced linear, time-forward, entropy-based physical reality with various degrees of the non-local – yet physical – information aspect of the a theorized “quantum hologram.” But, inasmuch as the retrocausal component becomes equal to the forward in time (normally exteriorly manifested-actualized) component, that is, when exterior time forward and interior time backward components cancel each other out, direct, non-spacetime, non-physical, in fact, mental (or subtle) realm influences may be able to modify the quantum potential and physical actualization probabilities, rendering possible a more direct interaction with “consciousness.”
Thus, a deeper level of “transdimensional” effects may be possible, even temporarily modifying the energy density and other characteristics of spacetime, opening portals, combining physical and non-physical reality levels to connect with various stable sub-levels of physical reality.
These longitudinal waves (which are perhaps being energized in a deeper, fractally connected level of the quantum vacuum) might be used to establish both hyper luminal and instant decoding resonant states with the universal subquantum quantum hologram of all past and future physical information. Moreover, these waves may operate in the same “sub-quantum” level of reality as what has been termed “torsion waves” and perhaps various superluminal speeds are possible, besides an instant, non-local resonance in which communication is more like a blending of similar vibrational states or cohesive patterns.
Longitudinal waves – by virtue of being superluminal – would connect with the retrocausal aspect of the quantum potential (a way of understanding the so-called “etheric”) and could be used to reconcile the quantum potential’s time-forward (causal) and time-backward (retrocausal) components, canceling them back into a state in which they were not separated…the non-physical realm or domain or possibility.  Thus they would be reconciled into a higher symmetry in which subjective experience and exterior objects correlate as co-equals in terms of causality. This would differ from the physical domain or realm in which causality primarily depends upon the relation between exterior objects.
Could we, perhaps, also explain through longitudinal waves the regular, transversal EM effects sometimes detected and associated not only with UFO events but with ghosts and with instrumental transcommunication? Thinking that the mutually reciprocal relationship between longitudinal waves (being affected by a non-physical source) and regular transversal EM waves may relate with information, this might serve to transduce physical entropic states into non-physical order and also to temporarily re-transmit new organization states back into the physical realm? It would be an interesting line of research.
But, do longitudinal waves exist or can be produced to experiment with? Well, yes considering the experiments in superluminal energy transmission already being carried on by Dr. Konstantin Meyl and the superluminal, real-time communication system being built by Dr. Eammon Ansbro.
Both SETI astronomer Eammon Ansbro in Ireland and electric engineer Konstantin Meyl in Germany seem to be able to produce longitudinal waves emphasizing different aspects of these (also predicted and apparently used by Nikolas Tesla), something which promises to launch us into the next level of direct, real-time communication and practical participatory interactions with advanced ETI which think differently because they also capable of overcoming spacetime limitations.
Moreover, the use of toroidal capacitors would also assist in using regular, positive, energy as is demonstrated in the work of NASA engineer Dr. Harold White.

Imagen relacionada

But perhaps, by producing and patterning these longitudinal waves with specific resonant frequencies, we may be able to amplify negative energy states of the zero-point energy of the vacuum and, thus, to open stable, traversable wormholes without the need for immense amounts of ordinary, positive energy.
For Konstantin Meyl, longitudinal waves transmit usable electric energy with a receiver instantly or practically instantly detecting the transmitter. This is why I think they may form a close time-like loop and, according to Dr. Jack Sarfatti’s expose of “Post Quantum Mechanics,” this would allow a non-deterministic modification of (energy pumped) Frohlich open systems. It is as if experiential moments in time meet as one, cohering meaningfully and displaying a more intimate form of entanglement which allows for back and forth communication, a true relationship and not only correlation in some dynamic properties like complementary polarization states.
It would be a physics that allows regulating events as when two individuals are telepathically blended as a single experiencer beyond the limits of time and space. And I posit that this physics will allow for multiple alternative approaches to coincide with experience and consciousness first as co-equal and, ultimately, as more fundamental. The quantum hologram theory, longitudinal-scalar waves, torsion waves, Post-quantum (realist) theory inclusive of retrocausality, the Copenhagen Interpretation, cosmological theories of multiple universes, would become compatible under a more comprehensive understanding. 
Furthermore, the whole gestalt of we may call “unconsciously connected humanity,” in order to remain viable and not under progressive de-humanization and the control of other intelligences, will have to face the truth and adapt. 
Moreover, through education and honest leadership We (The People) would reunite with the so-called “breakaway civilization,” an alleged segment of human society whose level of retro-engineered extraterrestrial technology (and participation with extraterrestrial species) is such that they have effectively become a different type of civilization, with a more complex understanding, space-faring, partially inter-reality-faring, already in close contact with some (benign and non-benign) advanced extraterrestrial intelligences, a civilization allegedly not necessarily limited to any particular formal Government and already unable to be understood in our regular political world.
Of course, the degree of any this which might be true is still highly speculative and, for the time being, what we have are incredible, coinciding stories presented as whistleblower, insider witness testimonies. But, also for the time being, since 1947 (and after 70+ years of secret research and formal negations for security reason, for self-interest reasons or “for our own good”) we have a more basic, ongoing confirmation, educational effort: the honest to God start of a pro democratic, disclosure process in progress as the Department of Defense, CIA, DIA (and probably other agencies and secretive higher-ups) have allowed the B corporation “To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences” to get closer to the citizenry by revealing through still important media institutions formerly classified documents and engaging them with projects that make the news more assimilable.
Overall, the mental and physical experiential “landscapes” of our evolving humanity and that of the “others” must meet to solve the paradox of occasional encounters, extreme experiences and extreme negations. The worlds must meet as we become more inclusive and aware of each other.
Photo of an interesting group of scientists and intelligence officers fromTo the Stars Academy recognizing the importance of space-time manipulation and the capacities of consciousness in order to understand and reproduce UAP/UFO phenomena.
First and foremost, through the capacity which consciousness has to connect experiential ontological realities (and from an astrobiological perspective), we will be able to explore and (assuming risks and responsabilities) interact with a vast, multi-layered cosmos teeming with life. Consciousness-assisted technologies may help but the main capacity is consciousness itself independent from this artificiality. Thus, I hope we do not become overly dependent upon them and fall into a new object-dependent, materialist trap (as many multi-reality-connecting, transdimensionally-capable extraterrestrial civilizations may have).
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To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences

by Kalee Brown            February 15, 2018             (collective-evolution.com)

• The universe is vast. The Earth alone holds 8.7 million different species. For every grain of sand on every beach on Earth there are 10,000 stars each carrying its own planetary system. The Milky Way holds billions of Earth-like planets. And there are billions of galaxies. We may even be living in an infinitely-increasing number of universes, or ‘multiverse’.
• We are all souls living in human bodies that come to Earth for a specific reason or to gain experience and knowledge. We’ve reincarnated hundreds of times into different physical bodies. Some of us are native humans, some are extraterrestrials desiring a human experience.
• Starseeds are souls that are not native to planet Earth, but benevolent extraterrestrials who come here to help bring awareness and positive change to humanity. The number of Starseeds born on Earth has been increasing in the 1980’s and 1990’s.
• How do you know if you are a Starseed? Well, you don’t necessarily fit in with the rest of the crowd. You don’t have much in common with other family members. You question authority and reject the economic system and educational system. You can sense other people’s feelings and energies – both good and bad. You tend to express yourself creatively.
• So many issues are now surfacing and challenging humanity. The light of truth is exposing the massive corporate and government corruption that foments perpetual war. It is said that Starseeds have come to planet Earth in order to help shift humanity toward a higher level of consciousness. As a result, more and more people are now increasing their awareness and helping to bring about this massive shift in consciousness.


Planet Earth houses an estimated 8.7 million different species, with approximately 6.5 million living on land and 2.7 million in the oceans. We have an abundance of different animals and fish living all over this big blue sphere, and when you really stop and think about the vastness of this planet, it’s pretty amazing.

Keep in mind, this is only one planet; a tiny spec within this giant thing we call the multiverse. We know that 8.7 million different species live on our planet alone, so how many actually live out there?
It’s a puzzling question, and sobering, too. Even if just one more planet in the universe held the same diversity of life, that would represent a further 8.7 million species to discover. And if one more planet has life, it’s reasonable to assume others would as well.

To boggle your mind even further, let’s review just how small we are in comparison to the universe: For every grain of sand on every beach on Earth there are 10,000 stars, and the Milky Way includes billions of Earth-like, potentially habitable planets. The Milky Way itself is only one of billions of galaxies, and we may be living in an infinitely-increasing number of universes, otherwise known as the multiverse.

Keeping the infinite and incomprehensible size of the multiverse in mind, let’s focus our gaze within for a moment. We are all souls living in these human bodies, and we came here to gain experience and knowledge. Your soul has chosen to incarnate or reincarnate into your human existence right now, but what was it doing beforehand?

Were you living on Earth? Perhaps you’ve lived hundreds of lives, continuously reincarnating again and again onto this planet. Or were you a different species, one that we’d consider extraterrestrial? Or maybe, could this be your first time ever incarnating onto Earth?

Many of us feel there’s more that meets the eye when considering those 8.7 million species living on Earth. What if, within these shells, many of our souls are actually all from different species ourselves?

If you’ve always sort of felt like you’re not really “human,” that you don’t necessarily fit in with the rest of the crowd, then welcome. Take a seat, and know that you’re not alone. Many people who feel this way refer to themselves as Starseeds; they’re simply souls that are not native to planet Earth.
Are You a Starseed?

So, you now know what the concept “Starseed” means: a soul that is not originally from planet Earth. The real question here is, what exactly does that mean to you? Does this concept resonate with you, do you feel like Earth truly is your original home, or do you feel like it’s just some made-up term to justify not fitting in? I encourage you to read the rest of this article, and ask yourself those questions as you read it.



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