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by Nick Redfern      November 16, 2017       (mysteriousuniverse.org)

  • This is the story of an incident that occurred on August 15, 1955 in Kelly, Kentucky, a small town ten miles from Hopkinsville.

  • About 7pm on this night, Billy Ray went out of the house to fetch some water from the well. He saw a large, illuminated, circular object land in a gully. He and his friend Elmer grabbed their shotguns and went to have a look. Suddenly a three-foot tall silver ape-like creature with long arms held high in the air came at them. Elmer blasted it with his shotgun but it didn’t harm the creature. It did a back-flip and disappeared into the darkness. Back at the house one of these creatures was peering through the window and got shot in the face. The creature ran away unharmed. When they went outside one of the creatures on the roof grabbed Billy Ray’s hair. Another creature was watching perched on a nearby tree branch. When they started shooting at it, it floated to the ground. Soon a group of these creatures were going nuts all around them, lasting into the night. Elmer, Billy Ray and family left the house and drove to the Hopkinsville sheriff’s office. When they all returned to the house, the creatures were gone.

  • Major John E. Albert of the United States Air Force investigated the incident and officially determined that some silver-painted monkeys had escaped from a traveling circus.

  • UFO researcher Dr. J. Allen Hynek also investigated the incident. He noted that there had been no traveling circus in that vicinity at that time.


The subject of UFO research is filled with cases that positively reek of high strangeness. And they don’t get much stranger than a very weird incident which occurred in August 1955, in the vicinity of Kelly and Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Depending on whose version of events you accept as the truth, either aliens landed or a band of marauding circus monkeys – painted silver, no less – were on the loose! Kelly was, and still is, a small, rural town which is situated just short of ten miles from Hopkinsville. It was the night of August 15 when absolute chaos broke out. It all went down at the farmhouse of the Sutton family, who had visitors in from Pennsylvania: Billy Ray Taylor and his wife. Around 7.00 p.m. Billy Ray left the farmhouse to fetch water from the family’s well. And what a big mistake that was.

In mere minutes, Billy Ray was back, minus the water. Terrified Billy Ray told the Suttons and his wife that as he headed towards the well he saw a significantly sized, illuminated, circular-shaped object come to rest in a nearby gully. As the group tried to figure out what on earth (or off it…) was going on, they mused upon the possibilities of shooting stars, meteorites, and good old leg-pulling. By all accounts, it was none of those. In just a few minutes, the Sutton’s dog began to bark, growl, and snarl in aggressive, uncontrollable fashion – after which it raced for cover underneath the porch. Clearly, something strange was going down. Exactly how strange, soon became very apparent.

Intent on making sure they were in control of the situation, Elmer Sutton and Billy Ray Taylor armed themselves with a shotgun and headed out into the darkness. In no time, they were confronted by something terrifying: a small, silvery, creature – in the region of three feet tall – that was scurrying towards them with its long, ape-like, arms held high in the air. Sutton did what most folk might do when confronted by a strange, dwarfish thing after sunset: he blasted the beast with his shotgun. To the consternation of both men, the gun had no effect, aside from causing the creature to do a quick, impressive back-flip, after which it disappeared into the darkness – for a while.

Rather wisely, Elmer and Billy Ray raced for the safety of the farmhouse and locked the doors behind them. In mere moments, the same creature – or, at least, a very similar one – was seen peering through one of the windows. Elmer’s son, J.C., took a shot at it. The only damage was to the window. The small beast scurried away at lightning speed. Elmer Sutton and Billy Ray took a tentative walk outside to see if they could see the creature – or creatures. That was a very bad move: as they prowled around the property, a clawed hand came down from the roof and seized Billy Ray’s hair and head.

Terrified Billy Ray pulled away, screaming, to see the creature charge across the roof. To their horror, a second creature was staring at them from the branch of a nearby tree. A second shoot-out achieved nothing, aside from the remarkably weird sight of the creatures floating – rather than leaping or falling – to the ground and then racing into the darkness. The tumultuous events continued throughout the night, with guns firing, and the creepy little beasts seemingly doing their very best to create as much havoc and mayhem as was conceivably possible.

Realizing that the situation might very well go on all night, the group decided there was only one option available to them: they had to flee the farmhouse, which they did in two cars, making their speedy way to the sheriff’s office in nearby Hopkinsville. The sheer, collective state of fear into which the Suttons and the Taylors had been plunged, pretty much immediately convinced the sheriff that whatever had happened, it was no drunken prank.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on one’s perspective), by the time the sheriff and the family arrived back at the farmhouse, the creatures were gone – they did, however, put in a reappearance in the early hours, and conveniently after the police had left. In no time at all, the media got onto the story, as did the U.S. Air Force – the latter coming up with a very bizarre explanation as its staff sought to lay matters to rest.


With thanks to Mojo Jojo and the Powerpuff Girls, and Cartoon Network.

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by Paul Seaburn     November 9, 2017       (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• Someone found a video on the “Dark Web” that appears to be an EBE “alien” (“extraterrestrial biological entity” ) that froze to death in the snow in Switzerland in 1992. There are photos of people around looking at the body, and they hoisted the body up on a line.
• The alien has a large head with almond shaped eyes, long thin arms and hands with three fingers.
• [Editor’s Note] The “Dark Web” is a part of the Deep Web, the part of the web not indexed by search engines and are populated mainly by peer-to-peer networks sharing whatever they want.
• This must be examined with a great degree of skepticism until more information, if any exists, is found.


Are you tired of seeing that same old video supposedly taken of an alien autopsy after the Roswell ‘crash’ that is admittedly fake and may be a recreation of another fake? It’s time to pay a visit to the “Dark Web” where a different video is making the rounds this week with claims it is of an alien examination in Switzerland in 1992. Is this the real deal?

The video was uploaded on November 6 to the non-dark web by the UFO Today YouTube channel.

It’s not clear if they added anything more to the posted video than their logo at the beginning and end. After the logo, it opens with the comment “I found this footage on a server on the dark web.” Again, it’s not clear if this and other comments were on the original ‘dark web’ video or added by the uploader.

The next comment is: “It did not contain any references other EBE 1992, Eiger.” The significance of this is either a coincidence or a hoax indicator. “EBE” is short for “extraterrestrial biological entity” and is also the name of the 17th episode of the first season of “The X-Files,” probably one of the most remembered because it introduced The Lone Gunmen. “Eiger” most likely refers to the Eiger mountain in the Burmese Alps. Its north face is one of the most photographed sights of the Swiss Alps and one of the most challenging for climbers. There don’t appear to be any records of UFO sightings in this area. However, “1992” was a big year for the Eiger — Catherine Destivelle became the first woman to complete a solo ascent of the north face, reaching the top in 17 hours … in winter! Significant but seemingly not related to this video.

The content of the video itself is a drawing of what looks like an alien’s head and photographs of humans in a cold environment standing around what looks like a small, naked being with long thin arms, a large head and wide almond-shaped eyes – the classic grey alien look. The quality is grainy but visible. However, there’s not much to aid in identifying the location, who the people are, what organization if any they might be working for and if it’s really 1992 in Eiger.



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by Nick Redfern      October 25, 2017      (mysteriousuniverse.org)

  • A common element of alien abductions is that abductees report being submerged in some kind of thick liquid that allows them to breathe.
  • In an article entitled “New Evidence of Military Involvement in Abductions”, Helmut Lammer tells the story of a woman who was taken to an underground facility where she “…saw naked humans floating in tubes.”  She herself was forced into a pool of breathable “golden yellow bubbly fluid” while other humans looked on.
  • Another abductee reported how he was submerged in a glass cylinder and able to open his eyes and breathe a thick warm greenish fluid without discomfort.
  • Another abductee reported finding himself naked in a large funnel-shaped pool filled with a greenish black gel-type liquid, along with “at least 15 other humans… all of them screaming and panicking…”.
  • Another female reported that she was occasionally abducted by “dwarfish, black-eyed entities” and immersed into a clear thick liquid that smelled of nail polish, which she could easily “breathe”.  Tall, skinny, pale-faced Men In Black warned her not to talk about her experiences.
  • Phys.org stated in March 2017 that Earth scientists have been working on “liquid ventilation”, ie: breathing a liquid instead of air to treat severe pulmonary or cardiac trauma, and to use in deep diving and space travel.

Within the domain of the alien abduction phenomenon, there are a number of accounts of people reportedly taken on-board UFOs and submerged into mysterious liquids, or gels – as in completely submerged. Very oddly, and as the abductees state, the liquid does not prevent them from breathing normally. Researcher Helmut Lammer – in an article titled “New Evidence of Military Involvement in Abductions” – tells the story of a woman who he refers to as “Lisa,” and who found herself in just this precise situation. Lisa was an alien abductee, but she was also someone who was subjected to what have become known as Milabs – or “military abductions.” It was in this latter context that Lisa had a very traumatic experience, as Lammer shows.

Lammer says Lisa was taken against her will to what turned out to be a below-surface facility, in which she “…saw naked humans floating in tubes. Lisa claims that she was forced by humans into some type of pool filled with a golden yellow bubbly fluid, while other humans looked at her. Lisa has traumatic recollections that her kidnappers tried to make her and other victims able to breathe in the liquid. In two of the before mentioned cases the abductee was forced to breathe the liquid like Lisa. The hypnosis transcripts reveal that the liquid breathing experiences were traumatic for the abductees. Both abductees where totally immersed in the liquid and both reported that they could breathe the fluid.”

Then, there is this from another abductee: “I found myself inside a clear glass cylinder, totally submerged in some kind of warm fluid, thicker than water, thinner than oil. To my surprise, I was able to breathe this warm fluid without discomfort. I could also open my eyes without a problem. The solution was clear, of a greenish color and the container was softly lit. I remember, still fully submerged in this solution, that I slowly began to recall the abduction that had taken me away from my bedroom, minutes, maybe hours before.”

There is also this one: “…I woke up again, this time naked in a funnel shaped pool filled with a greenish black gel type liquid. The pool had to be 20 yards wide all around. And pretty deep. The pool was made of some kind of shiny metal. With the gel it made the surface very slippery and you would slip under the gel if you tried to get out. I then realized something very odd at that time. I wasn’t alone. There were at least 15 other humans with me. All of them screaming and panicking…”


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