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Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth – Stuart Holroyd

Stuart Holroyd. Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth. Published in 1979, Corgi Childrens

By Neil Gould.

Stuart Holroyd, an author with an interest in religion and mysticism; was persuaded by Scientist and Paranormal Investigator Andrija Puharij to bear witness to communications coming from Space Gods through psychic medium Phylis Schlemmer; to write this book as his assessment of these events.  Holroyd describes the contents of the communications whilst providing the reader with background information as to the states of mind, idiosyncrasies and the interactions between the three protagonists. 

This is a book about channeled communications from the Space Gods, known as the Council of Nine, who work through a transceiver to help mankind through a time of crisis during the 1970’s; preventing a nuclear war.  The communications center on three “chosen” people from vastly different backgrounds. They converged in 1974; Scientist – Andrija Puharij, Psychic – Phylis Schlemmer and a wealthy and flamboyant aristocrat with a passion for car racing – Sir John Whitmore.  Holroyd frequently interrupts his exciting narration with background information or logical argument challenging the credibility of the protagonists; the Council of Nine explains terrestrial politics, religion, pollution and our state of civilization. Holroyd weaves the political facts between the channeled information allowing the reader to make their own assessments. Credence and advocacy are reinforced with scientific and metaphysical comparisons from similar events which have occurred worldwide;

Holroyd provides several alternatives to the truth.   His introduction focus’s on the leading character, scientist Dr Andrija Puharij, who had made a lifetime study of the paranormal.  Puharij had brought Uri Geller to the USA for the purposes of studying him under laboratory conditions. Puharij reported effects such as telekinesis, teleportation and voices coming from Gellar’s head.  The reader is asked to choose between Puharij being hoodwinked by Geller, Puharij was lying or Puharij had simply gone mad. Ultimately the work of Puharij had left a scar on his scientific reputation.

Sir John Whitmore was the financier of the mission. Tall, athletic, blonde hair and bearded, a professional racing driver, country gentleman and International tycoon. Some people thought him crazy however Holroyd begs us to hold judgment until  later on in the book. The honor of being “chosen” cost Sir John a substantial portion of his patrimony.  Psychic Phylis Schlemmer is the medium channeling the messages from “Tom”, “head of the management” (Council of Nine). Using a Faraday Cage; 8×8 x12 feet, metal box lined with copper, Schlemmer would fall into a trance and begin transmitting Tom’s voice.  The copper line cage creates an electrical vacuum keeping out electromagnetic waves enabling clarity and privacy of transmission.  

Tom warns of the lurking dark forces, disembodied beings willing to steer the three towards the dark side should they not take care of themselves and each other. Phylis Schlemmer has since seen the collapse of her family life and former business interests.

Psychic investigator, Puharij traveled extensively reporting on cases including psychic surgery. The “Arigo” case in Brazil; Puharij met with a surgeon who would operate with a rusty knife, after a diagnosis of no more than two minutes. In 1952 a Dr Vinod visited Puharij at his research laboratory in Maine. This psychic and sage went into a trance and used a voice different to his own. The communications began with “We are the nine principles and forces…”  

These transmissions were never published and terminated when the attendant group split up.  Phyllis knew Puharij had investigated the healing work of Arigo and sent him Photos showing the results after her student Bobby had healed a blowtorch burn on the arm of a welder named Reg.  In 1974 Andrija met with Bobby and Phyllis. Bobby was regressed and an entity called “Corean” emerged through Bobby’s voice inspiring healing and warning of the problems facing the planet earth.  Puharij asked that Bobby should demonstrate his healing abilities at a public lecture, to cure someone who was in another city. Tom warned against any metal being near to Bobby, due to the high energy transmitted form the upper realms. The experiment came to a grinding halt after the apparatus exploded. Phylis had removed the steel zipper from Bobby’s pants and replaced it with a plastic one. She had failed to recognize the buttons on his clothes were metal covered in material. All were reprimanded by the entity for not having been more vigilant.  Bobby became emotionally unstable was unable to keep his commitment to the mission; his purpose was to show mankind the reality of paranormal healing.  Tom went on to explain that a landing would take place over a period of 9 days that was physical.  Beings would descend and be amongst men. Some would be teachers bringing new technologies to help deal with mans problems. The main purpose is to raise the vibration of the souls, to bring them out of darkness.

The Earth was described as a bottleneck for souls trapped in the density of this planet; the whole universe could be affected. Mission failure was not an option. Schlemmer had forgone her free will in a previous incarnation only to be returned after she had finished the job.  Tom exacted their location; the Zone of Cold. “We are beings of a higher frequency who intricately transform communication fields to a lower frequency”.

The Council’s nourishment is derived from Earth people doing good and spreading love.  Holroyd assures the reader that the content of the channeling was pure; not drawn from the conciousness by telepathy from Puharij to Schlemmer. How could Schlemmer know about Light fields and thought fields, the different kinds of electromagnetic energy and the organization of electrons in sub atomic space?  “All of you and all of us make God, an infinite intelligence supported by true love which grows with true love”.  The three are given their mission; to make a rather long and daunting trip across Scandinavia Turkey, Moscow Iran and Israel. At each location they were to meditate; the presence of the three would create an energy vortex to enable world leaders to come to agreements and prevent a nuclear war. To protect Kissinger from being assassinated as he flittered back and forth; the forces of good and bad played both sides  Holroyd challenges the content of the communications, parallels them with Gnosticism and Esotericism. Esotericism is known to its devotees as “Ageless Wisdom”, portions of which have been released to humanity from time to time through two main channels, authoresses

Helena Blavatsky and Alice A Bailey. Holroyd presents the case of “Charles” in the book by Brad Steiger “Revelation: the Divine Fire.  A case where an entity “Ishkomer” brings at similar dates with messages about the coming upheavals, spiritual guidance; that extra terrestrial interfered with the natural development of the species of man,  Only the most compelling and controversial footage was transcribed from hundreds of hours of tape describing how the three are told the truth about Atlantis; why Neanderthals died out and replaced by Homosapiens, matters on soul, birth, life and death.  Holroyd’s well-balanced account of these events end on a powerful note; perhaps guided by the Nine, explaining that it was too late for technology to save the planet; what one did in this life must be undone in the next,  to understand the necessity for the purification of this planet, the most beautiful and diverse in the universe. For if this planet is purified it will be the greatest paradise for all souls and set the Universe free.

Neil Gould is a member of the Board of Directors Exopolitics Institute


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