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  • Breaking News: Wikileaks to release UFO documents from US diplomatic cables

Breaking News: Wikileaks to release UFO documents from US diplomatic cables

Julian Assange. Screen shot from Washington DC Press Conference

In an online interview with readers from Britain’s Guardian newspaper, Julian Assange responded to a question concerning UFOs.

Mr Assange,
have there ever been documents forwarded to you which deal with the topic of UFOs or extraterrestrials?

Julian Assange:
Many weirdos email us about UFOs or how they discovered that they were the anti-christ whilst talking with their ex-wife at a garden party over a pot-plant. However, as yet they have not satisfied two of our publishing rules.
1) that the documents not be self-authored;
2) that they be original.
However, it is worth noting that in yet-to-be-published parts of the cablegate archive there are indeed references to UFOs.

So far only 667 US diplomatic cables have been released from an estimated total of 250,000. Assange gave no date for when those dealing with UFOs  will be released.

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    The Mayan 5 ages have heretofore all come and gone without leaving Earth in ashes.

    Therefore, I think folks expecting the world to end in 2012 should consider doing easy
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    Admittedly the Mayan Long Count Calendar actually appears to end in 2012.

    Means what?

    Admittedly the pathways in the pyramid of Khufu have been purportedly measured in analogous
    fashion to the Mayan calendar (indirectly, and I’m late to theosophy, formerly the consummate
    atheist myself, so I cannot give attribution or details as to that one,) but none of this necessitates
    a wreckage.

    On the other hand, Terence McKenna, whose own visionary calendar bot based on Y Ching, which
    I believe an outgrowth of Confucianism, which I’ve proposed is based entirely on Western religion, suggested that in 2012 we see time entirely differently.

    I’ve proposed (though need to place it in more places on my website) that time is not before and later but this data point and that data point.

    What Jim Turner has discovered, I’m convinced is a Mayan conviction that’s telling of Earth visitors.
    THINK: In Star Trek Generations (Star Trek 7) Dr. Tolian Soran needs placing himself at a particular
    place and time to regain access to the “Nexus.”

    I’m going to pass over who presumably built the apparent monument (astronomically it looks confirming, and, I’ve always been open to “stuff”) because it no way had to be the Mayan King presumed by Jim
    Turner, who nonetheless deserves jackpot credit.

    Obviously they chose the transit of Venus across the sun, perhaps combined with the galactic alignment,
    for when their King might once again link with Earth’s visitors.

    O.K., hold onto your seats, y’all.
    My own website uses a hook with mushy underpinnings.
    If the universe is a computer (informational, which means your G-d isn’t just a “word” figuratively, but
    LITERALLY,) then I’ve proposed how information can exert informational gravity, and thus how
    time becomes not entirely trivial, but not the impossible mountain either.
    Prior to that I’ve proposed that the Earth has indeed been visited.
    I’ve proposed they wanted to impart, simultaneously scientific and moral lessons.
    I’ve proposed our history was to be, and is, OUR TOTALLY SINCERELY SCIENTIFICALLY
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    how morality proves science and history; how history proves science and morality; and, how science
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    Imagine: Visitors from Sirius-B (those Dogon and their perfectly depicting toy?) which is
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    (I’m not biblically trained but I’ve had access to one who is rigorously biblically trained, and this
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    Presumably, it’s to inform us to accept those visitors as our forebears, who could have pushed us
    off this planet a long, long time ago.

    should also mathematically match patterns within our protein energies (ours and our visitors–that
    has to be,) then the mathematical pattern that defines the universe utterly and entirely is also the pattern
    that defines us and our visitors.

    I’ve no idea whether such match will be found, though much to my kind-of discomfort (I obviously
    prefer anonymity still) I’ve been told such a match sounds eminently possible, that coming from one
    involved with commercial biotech whose son is actually involved with the math of protein design for
    (quote, importantly: “lock – and -key”) DNA design. If it should be, that would prove
    the universe is (substantially) living, the universe is informational, and the universe is created by moral code.

    So now, are you going to be naughty or nice?



    (Perhaps Earth’s visitors will present themselves on the galactic alignment and day Venus crosses the Sun
    (best seen from the Isle of Juan Fernandez.) In case that’s true, I’ve no idea what they like,
    but I’d start by offering whatever it is James Bond is drinking.)


    That Nostradamus consciously intended to identify matter-of-fact identifiable more than one future personality, but less than three,
    so as to render a lock-and-key style proof of legitimacy to the other quatrains is, to my knowledge, first proposed in website.
    The supposed fact of that alone providing a pattern followed in other quatrains (lock-and-key proofs for each such quatrain’s legitimacy is also, to
    my knowledge, first proposed )

    What has preceded this website: Pasteur’s life span was correctly described as spanning the Grand Lunar Cycle (see as to the legitimate approximate cross-reference value
    of astrology to astronomical dating on the Home page, as well as comments as to astrology having (surprise!) at least a possible (very) crude value informationally should the universe in fact work
    something like a computer. The Mayan calendar was also based on constelational cycles.
    The explicit obviously mutually-confirming dual meaning and the double date-confirmation within the quatrain dealing with the duel between Montgomery
    and Henry II is also not original but supports in reverse my proposal that identifying Pasteur and de Gaulle, but not more proper noun personalities, was deliberate so as to establish the self-confirming pattern.
    All is suggestive of the mingling of personality and “informationalism.”

    Nostradamus states explicitly in the Preface to Siecles that his original prophesies are altered because the changes he foresaw would seem too unbelievable. He also clearly feared the prospect of tampering with future events in the present.

    Yes, that’s corrrect. It simply happens he had a specific reason, which matched
    Emmett Brown’s fear of tampering with future events.

    He possibly indicates that an awareness of two possible futures is something he believed we should have today.

    My website explains why visitors to Earth and gay religious right leaders in the business of
    making straights afraid of being wrongly ferreted out as gay, for the sake of scapegoating for
    profit, don’t condemn religion, but rather confirm it.

    My website explains why all religions rooted in original curiosity are one.

    My website explains why all discord emanates from paranoia, transference, ego defense mechanisms and
    arrested growth, and why humanity has not grown

    My website explains how it is the same science that may enable humans to travel to another solar
    system may be connected to the same science whereby G-d saves souls.

    Nostradamus: Pasteur, de Gaulle (“Charles de Gaul:”) more than one, but not one too many.
    My first serious girl friend took a for-credit (?) off campus astrology course for the (entirely legitimate astronomical) dating value, plus I guess for any insight that might come along.
    I audited, much consistently, in hindsight, with what has followed now in recent years. This may matter to me today as Nostradamus so identified future dates.

    If the universe is informational, then…guess what?! Astrology is not just a valid dating cross reference with astronomy, it potentially offers informational value,
    though surely the rough orientation of constellations, simply seen from Earth’s vantage, is a crude source.

    * Nostradamus’ Pasteur (proper noun mated with unhidden forecast of infectious agents discovery) and “Charles de ‘Gaul'” an accurate hit: “Pres., of 3 French Republics.”)
    * This website’s discovery of not 1, not 3, but 2, a lock-and-key proof, mimiced for each quatrain, those in reverse proving the Pasteur / de Gaulle quatrains.

    * Nostradamus’ dating is astrologically, accurately cross-matched with our own astronomic clock. Astronomers accept astrology as a clock cross-reference. Does it also reflect
    * an informational universe very crudely? (Isaac Newton was astute in the subject.)



  • please release what ufo info. you have to the people of the usa, please before the us stops you from releasing the info. you have, because they will and then we will never know about this subject. the us will never release this info. to its people and we have the right to know and you are our only hope of knowing. thank you sandra reid

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