Bill Clinton Tried to Discover Truth About UFOs and JFK Murder

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by Jon Austin                January 30, 2018                  (

• When Bill Clinton became President in 1992, he appointed his friend, Webster Hubbell, Associate Attorney General and tasked him with finding out what there was to know about the JFK assassination and the UFO phenomenon.

• In Hubbell’s 1997 memoir, Friends in High Places, he relates that CIA chief James Woolsey provided Hubbell with information that the CIA had run two projects to study whether UFO were a threat to national security. The official determination was that UFOs did not pose a threat to national security, and that’s where it ended. Hubbell was allowed no information at all on the JFK assassination.

• Hubble concluded that there are “unacknowledged special access projects” within the US government that officials will not reveal, and that a “secret government wing” holds classified information that even the President is not privy to.

[Editor’s note]  This is the notorious “Deep State” that is keeping secrets.


President Bill Clinton tried to discover the truth about the assassination of JFK and UFOs while he was in office. Mr Clinton asked Webster Hubbell, his associate attorney general, to find out all he could about two of the world’s biggest conspiracy theories – that more people than Lee Harvey Oswald were involving in killing his predecessor John F Kennedy, and the US Government has covered up for years the fact that aliens have visited Earth.

According to his memoir Friends in High Places, Mr Hubbell hit a brick wall at every turn.
He was unable to find out anything more about the death of JFK.

Thousands of files made public by the CIA about the death late last year were not handed over.
And, while he was able to get the disclosure of some files on US interest in UFOs, there was no smoking gun evidence that aliens conspiracy theorists are seeking.

Mr Hubble concluded that a “secret government wing” holds all such data, that even the President is not privy to.

Mr Hubbell wrote that the two tasks given to him by Mr Clinton were to resolve the mysteries surrounding the murder of JFK and to get to the bottom of the understanding of the government on UFO sightings.

His conclusion of a secret government wing appears to tally with the claims of conspiracy theorists, like the Paradigm Research Group (PRG), which campaigns for alien disclosure that there are “unacknowledged special access projects” within the US government, that are not only top secret but not even admitted to.

However, Mr Hubbell was given some information on UFOs from the then CIA chief James Woolsey. Mr Woolsey revealed the agency had run two projects named ‘Project SIGN’ and ‘Project SAUCER’ to access whether if UFO sightings were a threat to national security.
The inquiries concluded there was no such threat.


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