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Humanity, a collective consciousness – creating extraterrestrial contact

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By Niara Isley

Like so many who live in this world, that follow UFO sightings, wonder why all the secrecy, imagine technology existing somewhere that we only see in science fiction, I have often wondered, if extraterrestrials are really up there, and if they are really telepathic as we hear from accounts of actual contacts or abductions, then why they don’t hear and respond to the inner outcries of so many of us?

“Look what’s happening in the government! Look what’s happening to our environment! We are oppressed… we are in peril… if you are up there and so technologically powerful, why don’t you come down and help us?” Sounds like a prayer to God.

But as the mounting evidence of extraterrestrial craft in our skies, and, in particular, testimonies of ex-military recounting the shutting down of nuclear missile silos or tests when UFOs are spotted in the skies above, then we have some evidence to support the idea that they could indeed come down and help out in various ways.

So… why don’t they?

I’ve sent my inner, telepathic pleas out there as much as anyone. I’ve been watching the wholesale plunder and exploitation of our environment since I was a teen (I’m now in my 50s), understanding all too well what the outcome could be. When I watch various non-human species in peril of extinction, the sheer scope of the suffering involved in both humans and non-humans, it breaks my heart when I pause and really let it in.

One of my recent insights into what might be the mindset of overseeing extraterrestrials comes from our own sciences, the anthropologists and ethnologists who study other cultures, trying as much as they can not to interfere with those societies and their development.

As below, so above: The extraterrestrials, from their orbital and scout craft perspectives, most likely see humanity as a collective entity in the painful process of spiritual and philosophical maturation.

On human collective consciousness

Sigmund Freud came up with the idea that human beings have a compartmentalized consciousness. We have a conscious mind; ego – our waking interactive consciousness. We have a subconscious; the Id – a repository of our fears, rages, aggression and subconscious programming. And we have a super-conscious mind or higher self – that within us which is our conscience, our moral nature, an inner knowing of right and wrong, of good from evil, that which is altruistic and inspired – that which reaches for what is best in our nature. Karl Jung, a contemporary of Freud, conceived the human collective unconscious from his discovery of universal cross-cultural symbology. Teilhard de Chardin brought us the idea of the “noosphere” a field of collective human consciousness around our Earth, of which we are all a part. De Chardin hypothesized that the next evolutionary leap for humanity would be in the realm of this noosphere. More recently, we have the developing theory of “entangled minds” from the work of Dean Radin and his book of the same title, explaining that human consciousness is all entangled and interconnected at the quantum level. Other scientists are also exploring these frontiers of consciousness. So we have a substantial basis for the theoretical postulation of a human collective consciousness.

If we blend these ideas, concepts and the mounting evidence of their veracity, we can consider that human collective consciousness also has its collective compartments of conscious, subconscious and super-conscious mind. Just as individuals seek to know and integrate the contradictory parts of themselves, humanity is going through the same integrative process. Through the mechanism of a crisis of consciousness, individuals are motivated to search their minds and hearts for healing and meaning when these differing parts come into direct conflict, threatening the existence of the individual in some way. This same process is unfolding for the collective entity of humanity. It is this collective crisis of consciousness that could be actually bringing about the right conditions of dawning, expanded awareness that will prepare us for open global contact with extraterrestrials.

The Collective Human Shadow

“Oftentimes I have heard you speak of one who commits a wrong as though he were not one of you, but a stranger unto you and an intruder upon your world.

“And if any of you would punish in the name of righteousness and lay the axe unto the evil tree, let him see to its roots; and verily he will find the roots of the good and the bad, the fruitful and the fruitless, all entwined together in the silent heart of the earth.”

~~ Kahlil Gibran

As a spiritual person, desiring to know myself deeply, I understand the principle of the “shadow”, or disowned parts of ourselves, residing in the subconscious, Freud’s Id. These are parts of ourselves that were physically or emotionally hurt or injured that we’ve stuffed away, never allowing our feelings around these incidents to completely unwind and heal. When we are unwilling to look at and reclaim this shadow into a healthy integrated whole Self, it controls our lives and actions to a greater or lesser degree. I have turned my introspective attention to my own shadow through the journey of my life. Shadow parts of me that hate, fear, rage, misinterpret and misconstrue through the perceptual filters of past hurts. It is a necessary part of my process of becoming into the person I would like to be, in more full and conscious alignment with my Higher Self.

Holographic theory teaches us that any part of a whole reflects the whole and vice versa. As individuals have a shadow nature, that acts out in a cry to be heard, healed and integrated, we also have a collective human shadow doing the same thing. As extraterrestrials look at what is going on here on Earth, they are observing our collective human shadow acting out, to the point of planetary crisis. Are they to rush in, codependently rescuing us from the consequences of our own unconsciously destructive impulses as a whole? Enabling us to continue our destructive behaviors because we know we’ll be rescued? Or might they want us to learn, once and for all, that what we do to our planet and home we do to ourselves? That there are consequences to our unconscious behavior that we must face up to, and take action to solve on our own?

By learning this absolutely and taking positive action, we may earn their help. There is much to suggest that such positive collective human action is being taken. From systems theory and the sustainability movement, to recognizing how we can affect positive change by how we direct our consciousness, as in experiments in Transcendental Meditation that have lowered crime rates in major cities, and numerous other studies around group intention, people are waking up en mass. They are discovering their empowerment in creating positive change, without waiting for governments, military or corporations to act in the best interests of everyone.

On the other hand, if our military, or factions within our government or military, are shooting at extraterrestrial craft, trying to bring them down or otherwise show hostility, the extraterrestrials may see this as some part of our collective unconscious still afraid of them, still wanting to exploit them or their technology for greed and profit. Our job as people of Earth is to look within, find out which parts of us still fear the unknown, still hate that which seems too different from ourselves. To discover within ourselves where we still feel a lack of “not enough to go around,” spawning greed that exploits and abuses without regard for the freedom or well-being of populations and ecosystems. If we can find those shadow parts of ourselves – and love, heal and integrate them – we become ready for contact. We need to direct our conscious intent to stop any violence going on covertly against extraterrestrials, by focusing on such hostilities ceasing. We then could visualize meeting the extraterrestrials at last on the common ground that they and ourselves could create together.

Extraterrestrials disabling our nuclear weapons may be done for at least two reasons. The first is that the nature of nuclear fission may have far-reaching negative energetic consequences for the ecology of the galaxy, perhaps even the universe and other dimensions. We know from chaos theory that seemingly small actions in one place can expand and increase exponentially to create large effects elsewhere – the example being given of the butterfly beating its wings in one place, resulting in a typhoon or hurricane in another part of the world.

The explosion of nuclear bombs, creating a matter-antimatter reaction, releasing the destructive energy responsible for the devastation wreaked on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, may disrupt the entire fabric of the space-time continuum. When we began experimentation with such devices on this planet, it may have been the equivalent to unwittingly sending up a flare to the extraterrestrials, as the resultant fire and smoke alerts a parent to the fact that their child is playing with matches. The extraterrestrials may be stopping us from damaging further the galactic ecosystem.

The second reason might be to prevent us from annihilating ourselves and buying us time to evolve past our own shadow-self-destructive tendencies. How often have we heard of murder-suicides in the news? One person taking the life of another, then their own life? It could be one lover reacting to the infidelity of the other, then out of grief and remorse taking their own life, either to not have to face life without the transgressing partner, or to avoid the shame at public exposure for such an act, or both. “If I can’t have this person, no one can,” a kind of irrational “rationalization”. On a collective level, this could play out as “if we can’t have it our way, then no one will have it any way.” By removing the ability for such criminal insanity in governments to have its way in the world, the extraterrestrials may be giving us, as collective humanity, time to awaken, heal as a global civilization and realize our full human collective conscious potential. A first-stage collective enlightenment, demonstrating caring, life-honoring, sustainable behavior that creates loving unity and a recognition of our sacred place in the larger Whole.

When we allow others of our race to suffer, or worse still – inflict that suffering, what kind of energetic message do we send into the ethers? When a select few can mobilize the many using religion or misguided patriotic nationalism into wars for their own power and supremacy what does that state to those who watch from orbit or perhaps incognito right here on the ground? How are advanced extraterrestrial civilizations, whose understanding and mastery of multidimensional physics includes both a philosophy of life and living and practical technological application, to regard a race whose collective UNconsciousness of the interconnectedness of all life, lack of vision and resultant destructive behavior threatens our own species and countless others with extinction?

Those things – people, places, events – which inspire us, creating joy, happiness, love and connection, can also give us the ability to look into ourselves as a people, see where we have been harmed and how it has affected our perceptual cognitions, individually and collectively. When we continue along this evolutionary path, we can emerge into greater and greater connection and understanding with each other on this planet. This can give us the ability to then see with clarity and sanity, and reach out our hands in friendship to our galactic brethren. And I say brethren, because all life across the universe in my opinion is an expression of a cosmic “Whole” that we might call God, or Creator. Through the choices we make, our minds, individual or collective, are fully opened to that light of knowing, intelligence, empathy and clarity of perception – or continue to be darkened by perceptual filters set in place by injury and clung to by the refusal to open to healing and understanding. Such choices dictate the possible outcomes.

Individuals who embrace opening to love and its countless unique expressions; who choose to listen to the still, small guiding voice of their higher selves, become in turn a collective still small voice for all of humanity. As their numbers grow, they move humanity towards a crucial tipping point in collective human consciousness expansion. Once the tipping point is reached, expanded awareness and integration of all the compartments of consciousness will begin to spread exponentially.

The current crucible that Planet Earth has become has great potential to birth a maturing humanity that can begin to understand that what we do to each other, we do to ourselves. When we understand that enough to cease destructive actions towards each other, towards other species and our ecosystem, we will have taken a huge step towards creating the common energetic ground upon which contact can take place.

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