Author: Giorgio Piacenza

After a clear UFO sighting with multiple witnesses within 300 feet in the Peruvian coastal town of "Chilca" in 1975, I participated with the Mission Rahma contact group and befriended several contactees from this and other contact efforts. I also researched many aspects of the UFO phenomenon for several decades and feel inclined to contribute in the confluence of philosophical and scientific perspectives.

Theological Implications Regarding the Impending Discovery of Extraterrestrial Humanities

By Giorgio Piacenza

(This is an updated version of an article previously published in 2012)

The term “Catholic” means “universal” but is the official Roman Apostolic Catholic Church doctrine truly universal in relation to what we are gradually discovering about the Cosmos? If we consider that at least some of the most important elements of Roman Catholic doctrine and (and of other religions) are ESSENTIALLY and principially universal, there will be room for an interpretive development suitable to the current growing awareness that we are being “visited.”

What is happening right now? Perhaps the unofficial (yet-semi-official because of being high-level in the hierarchy and not being formally suppressed) declarations of Mons. Corrado Balducci and Fr. Gabriel Funes S.J. (director of the Vatican Observatory) are the first intended and un-intended stage of promoting a revolutionary conceptual move in the direction of a truly more “universal” (catholic) and cosmically appropriate kind of interpretation. This entails not just making faith more agreeable with modern science but  also developing or extending/amplifying more adequate theological interpretations that attend to the increasing factual evidence connecting Earth humans with the extraterrestrial presence. The growing awareness is happening now and the role of “God” (also understood not just as “creator” but as “sustainer of being” in some alleged and real ET contact experiences) should increasingly become a matter of discussion and study.

I bet that in trying to find fresh explanations matching settled theologies with current ET-related surprising facts theoretical leaders of many religions will come to recognize how much they share in common. A transdisciplinary-theological, trans-religious approach (if that is a correct term) based in deeply shared commonalities may be born. It is not just that the nations of the world will set aside their differences in case of an “alien threat” as president Reagan once suggested at the UN, the news will be that religious and fundamental metaphysical commonalities should also be gradually realized. Many of the faithful will come to realize that ETs can be welcome in the classical versions of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism. While some ETs may be kind and respectful to us and not all ETs may be benevolent or ideal in our terms, we’ll still be brethren in the Cosmos.

The ET presence will inspire the finding of inter-faith ecumenical connections and -perhaps- more sophisticated concepts about God’s nature and notions such as “PANENTHEISM” will form a basis to supersede excessive, strict, intolerant “us vs. them” or “this vs. that” more superficial doctrinal disagreements. Furthermore, these enhanced interpretations should inspire many of the faithful to update their cultural perspectives. A well-guided religion can assist many persons to evolve their understandings in a healthy, positive way. In relation to Christianity, how are we to understand the redemptive role of Jesus when the extraterrestrial presence becomes widely known?

Is “original sin” and Jesus redemptive intervention on Earth applicable to extraterrestrial beings in the Cosmos? This is a crucial issue here. This was mentioned and discussed in the Vatican sponsored conference (in Vatican grounds) regarding the plausibility of extraterrestrial life in the universe in 2009. However, we should probably not assume that there’s ample awareness about intelligent ET life visiting Earth at the Vatican. As in most cases within large, conventional social institutions, most people either avoid the subject not to imperil their credibility or lack sufficient information about it.

I believe that, after periods of being on the wrong side of the rational debate by rejecting scientific advancements which routinely and quantitatively displace Earth’s Man as the center of all creation, the Vatican curia’s attitude is now becoming quite auspiciously agreeable with the findings and extrapolations of biological-cosmological-material-astrobiological science. This is becoming obvious in articles like those of investigative journalists Paola Harris and Marc Kauffman in which public opinion-relevant, researcher-priests (like Fr. Funes and Mons. Balducci) were consistently allowed the freedom to declare that God may have created intelligent extraterrestrial beings. While both Funes and Balducci suggested that extraterrestrials would be like cosmic brothers to us, the latter was allowed to speculate (beyond a scientifically safe orthodox view) that extraterrestrials may have already visited Earth. There is a time when excessive doubt against so much human testimony about an ET presence is not prudent or wise, he basically said.

Whether most conventional academic scientists look at the best objective evidence today or do it later on, the fact that serious persons are reporting ET encounters and even some air forces in the world are not excluding seriously considering the possibility that some UFOs can be of extraterrestrial origin (besides serious whistle blower testimony, photographs, analyzed photos, videos, archaeological signs, scientifically analyzed, alleged ET implants  and more) should be taken into consideration by objective, open-minded, critical thinking individuals able to think and to express themselves with freedom. On the aggregate, the more serious types of evidence overcome often criticized, flimsier types of evidence also provided in less rigorous form by individuals with less critical thinking skills. One piece of evidence being genuine would be enough to warrant a serious, responsible interest. Not wanting to see this evidence as a whole is a serious and sad oversight which – nonetheless – can and should be remedied for the good of humanity.

Personal dislike for the ET presence theme or for it not conforming to established theory, regular methods and procedures and known facts (as implicit grounds for not looking into this) already smells incredibly out of touch and in itself less credible. Evidence (however unique) and experience (however different from stable reality patterns) should dictate the scientific course to follow.

In my view, the Funes and Balducci declarations are part of a tardy but, nonetheless, healthy move towards the really valid idea of complementing faith with reason, even if it was in principle done in order to remain culturally relevant in the modern world. However, I think that complementing faith with classical “and intuitively-obvious” physical science is simpler than what may be in store for upcoming theologians. All cultural leaders will have to stop sustaining extremely conservative stances as per the ever-more-evident extraterrestrial presence not necessarily manifesting in a classical material ‘realistic’ or classical- intuitive way. The space-time altering phenomenon seems to interact more with subjectivity, meaning and qualitative factors than classical phenomena.

Issues for an Upcoming Theology After rather simple generalizations about possible intelligent extraterrestrial biological existing only in our physical universe are superseded by a realization of the multilevel-multidimensional diversity of actual contacts with extraterrestrials already ocurring semi-discretely, a conceptual challenge will arise. I think this will occur when science and gradual ET disclosures advance to the point of exposing extraterrestrial diversity and complexity in relation to the dependence of multiple physical realms on non-physical realms. This sophistication about the multi dimensionality of creation will call for a more sophisticated theology.

According to some believable contactee friends, this gradual reconnection with -a long forgotten- ET life will increase after December 21st, 2012 which will mark a “point of no return” towards ending our relative and conceptual isolation from the rest of the intelligent Cosmos. What may ensue is an awareness of additional theological implications in relation to how different extraterrestrial beings may have been affected by a more universal type of Fall into sin (defined as an interpretive mistake or deviation from an adequate relation with God through the Logos).

The “Fall” would also have included non-physical (non-ET) angelical creation-helpers established in a higher, non-physical realm and capable of negatively influencing and-or challenging a variety of physical civilizations some of which may have also “fallen” for it and some of whom may have resisted. Many civilizations may have suffered a form of Fall. Perhaps all of creation was somehow implicated. This is also part of contactee lore. Considering that human witnessing is decisive for faith and for validating human experience in general (as Monsignor Balducci proposed), I would say that in-depth ET contact research also suggests that there is credible witness evidence that some extraterrestrials some some the many mansions in the “Physical Multiverse” may have also been swayed more than others by this Fall originating in beings from yet other higher ontological mansions in a higher ontological non physical realm. Accordingly, different context-dependent ways to reconcile with the Creator (the Profound LOVE of Cosmic Consciousness) by positing different kinds of interventions by the LOGOS, perhaps other incarnations of the Christ-Logos Principle may become necessary as we gradually learn how complex the history of the entire Cosmos may really be and grow out of our cosmic parochialism.

Again, we must collectively find how in relation to extraterrestrials- the partially understood essential truths expressed by today’s religious leaders (of all sincerely-inspired world faiths and denominations) may harmonize much better with each other. To advance the cause of reasonable faith in this global-planetary (and perhaps soon-to-be) new cosmically aware age we need to converge the most plausible truths under a truly spiritual, non-reductionist, integral attitude. In our untapped potentials must be ways to overcome excessively dividing fractional thinking.

Integral metaphysicians like Fritjoff Schuon which profoundly and reasonably explored the mystical (but also simultaneously rational) “PRINCIPIAL” shared core of WORLD RELIGIONS discovering common truths could function as guides for the mind-expanding and sentiment-expanding stages leading to a more mature world civilization to come. We need that. We need more world unity andf to beging perceiving that religions have a deep shared core.

Protestant minister Gary Bates (2009) of Creation Ministries International stated that the entire focus of creation is mankind on this Earth. He may be correct in that the entire focus of creation is mankind but he may be clinging to a false interpretation if we limit mankind or human kind to Earth. He may be rightfully defending his understanding of a pure version of Christianity against excessive flights of fancy and I applaud him for that. However, the expansion of concepts is slowly but surely coming for the good.

Perhaps, if we think about mankind not as quantitatively limited to this Earth, but as defined by an essential quality of consciousness and mode of being capable of personally relating with God in a uniquely profound way, a being created by God’s infinite power in innumerable, beautiful, varied forms and measures in His Cosmos, an intelligent, self-aware being equally capable of saintliness as of paying homage to temptation into sin (or error), we may approach a more useful understanding.

The outer appearance of this essential being “created in His image and likeness” may be similar or vary but the essence -qualifying as human- may not. The role of God personally creating Man in each habitable planet or as a universal template (the Adam Kadmon of Jewish mysticism?) after which particular beings representing God and His template molded particular human-suitable forms will need to be carefully addressed. We may also need to further inquire and discover which created physical beings (of different physical forms and physical “densities”) do not correspond to the category of “Man” but must, nevertheless, be essentially loved and respected as they would still be part of God’s Creation.

Some beings may have instincts and a biology that enslave them more reducing their free will and some may be quite benevolent and protective of our highest potentials but nonetheless more mental and lacking a degree of sentiment necessary to approach the higher creative echelons of reality and God. We will also need to essentially understand those (human or humanoid in appearance or not) who do not respect us because we have been unconscious and a peril to the planet, becoming more aware, not necessarily allowing them to hurt us or to replace us as a species but assisting them with compassion to align themselves with God’s will. It is us who need to awaken first and be an example without co-dependencies on extraterrestrials or traditional xenophobic enmity responses.


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Perhaps the Mission Rahma Contact Experience Offers Snippets of What Might be Going On

By Giorgio Piacenza

Many interesting themes were covered in an interview made to Richard Hoagland by the dedicated, independent exopolitical research journalist Paola Leopizzi Harris (click here for list of interviews) go to: However, most people (and Richard seems to be one of them) still hold on to the notion that there’s an end to ‘THE’ (one and only) Long Count Mayan Calendar, an event expected to occur (if calculations are true and accurate as most scholars think they are) in Dec 21st 2012. This prompts me to the following commentary. Not long ago, another “long count” version (extending perhaps another 7000 years into the future) was found in Xultún, Guatemala, by a bona fide archeological team from Boston University led by William A. Saturno.

We have to know that when we speak of “December 21st 2012,” we refer to what was found in the Dresden Codex’s version of the Mayan Long Count but it is likely that other calendar lengths were devised and interpreted in different Mayan cities like as the XULTÚN finding suggests. This has to be taken into account in any serious reckoning of what may be going on and in any future concomitant research.

If the (however “advanced,” also warrior-like and quite bloody) Mayans were indeed advanced seers into aspects of nature more fundamental than those normally explored by modern science, one or more “longer counts” may have other such fundamental meanings not currently explored by UFO-New Age-Exopolitics receptive communities. I wonder what would have happened if news of the lengthier long count found in Xultún had reached the intellectual leaders (like Terence McKenna and John Major Jenkins) of those open-minded, alternative communities twenty years ago. Regardless, it might still be that those authors may at least be partially right and that the 2012 particular alignment: Including the Earth-Sun-Dark Rift-and (from an angle above the level of the plane of the galaxy) somewhere towards the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy (considered its center of rotation) may be quite important after all (even if the 1998 alignment is considered to have been astronomically more precise). However, I think that any normal physical forces (like gravity from the galaxy’s main black hole) or gamma and x-ray radiation are not likely to affect us because of their weakness due to (an approximate 26,000 light year) distance.

Again, we have to be clear that neither our planet nor our Sun will be going through the Galactic Plane (sometimes also called the “Galactic Equator” for convenience). We are currently located several degrees to the north or “above” this “Galactic Plane” and about 27 parsecs distant from it. As we are currently cycling up and away from this plane, it will take millions of years to pass once again through it. In fact what we should be talking about is of an approximate alignment with some important place in the actual center of the galaxy or somewhere in the vicinity of the center of the galaxy.

Not only is this alignment from an angle “above” but the same overall positioning (with moderate differences) occurs every 21st of December (with the Sun between the approximate center of the galaxy and the Earth). In fact the same alignment (but with the Earth opposite to the Sun in relation to it) occurs during June 20th. In both cases we experience a “SOLSTICE” which in Latin basically means “stationary Sun” since during those days there’s a moment in which the Sun seems to stop before reversing the horizontal component of its sunrise-sunset path across the sky. This moment in which the Sun STOPS was perhaps regarded by several ancient cultures as a special moment in which an important aspect of the sense of movement or “TIME” also “froze.” In a sense, it might also be considered a “moment out of time” and this will also be a factor to consider on December 21st, 2012.

In all these observations I think that we must consider that the “alignment” with the estimated rotational center of the Milky Way Galaxy on the December 21st, 2012 date will not be exact but off by about 6 degrees, 38 minutes.

We may also have to distinguish whether we expect any signal, radiation, force, information pulse or an anomaly to stem from the approximate rotational center of the galaxy, from where the great black hole near the galactic center looms or perhaps from the so-called “Great Central Sun of the Galaxy” which is recognized by some esoteric traditions following guidance from Alice Bailey’s neo theosophical tradition. In fact, I don’t discard the possibility that an alignment with a source of internally codifying information akin to the alleged (and apparently still undiscovered) “Great Central Sun of the Galaxy” might be where our Earth could align with in December 21st, 2012.

Regardless, the year 2012 might be different. Some contactee friends of mine (Ricardo Gonzalez from Perú and Luis Fernando Mostajo from Bolivia, friends whom I consider responsible, level-headed and genuine) seem to have been basically told that this year’s alignment signals the POINT OF NO RETURN TOWARD A GRADUAL BUT FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT. According to them, our “reality” may begin reconnecting with the time frequency of another and more original physical universe from which our known physical universe derives. I think that, if there’s any truth to any of this (something which I think is quite possible, even while trying not to fall into a fanatical, absolutist or “true believer” mindset) in any one particular interpretation of a contact experience), there might be a subquantum, re-codifying, information signal stemming from the center of the galaxy, a signal connecting with our sun, the Earth-Moon system and us non-locally. The work of Nicolai A. Kozyrev in “torsion physics,” of physicist Claude Swanson, PhD and his hypothetical sub-quantum “phitons” and that of Basil Hiley on David Bohm’s “Quantum Potential” being like an “active information potential” in “pre space” comes to mind. There may be geometric cycles in “pre-space” through which other forms of subtler physical energy-information patterns could flow. In fact, this “pre-space” may be more like a reciprocal “time-frequency domain” as proposed by Professor William A. Tiller, PhD or like what could be called (according to David Wilcock in The Source Field Investigations) a “reciprocal Time-Space” as proposed Dewey Larson’s “Reciprocal System Theory.” In my view, greater evidence for this complementary/reciprocal level of physical reality will accrue and scientists may also soon discover that this level constitutes a link with a non-physical, information-cohering Subtle-Mental Realm from which physical universes derive.

At any rate, there’s no need for a straightforward “end of the world” and there’s no clearly distinguishable “end of the world” Mayan prophecy as in the apocalyptic Christian sense which is culturally projected as a stable expectation by some people exploring alternative visions of reality. I also think most Mayans nowadays are not excessively worried about the “crucial date.” Many expectations of fast, radical shifts within UFO-ET receptive communities have normally ended up in disappointment, hiding failure “under the rug” and-or in re-directing the expectations. Books like When Prophecy Fails (by L. Festinger) and When Prophecy Never Fails (by D. Tumminia) illustrate some of this recurring situation. There either are social pressures for creating self-deceit and for holding on to a mythic story line structure (on which the sense of personal identity in an emotionally bound group depends) or, perhaps, the interactive nature of contact with different Time frequencies (and perhaps more intense) physical energies cannot be easily interpreted from our regular embodied experience in our particular Time frame and extra interpretive efforts must arise in the personal and the collective unconscious. Perhaps both factors are inextricably linked if contact with higher/subtler physical universes not directly (but perhaps subconsciously) correlated with our subjective experiences force us to experience a mismatch.

Nevertheless, according to both of my friend’s accounts (their contact experiences occurred in separate physical locations), this Dec 21, 2012 event might actually be the beginning of the end of a way to live in “Time” and-or to experience “Time.” How this may arise could be gradual but unexpected and it might include new scientific discoveries on the importance of underlying “coherent information” as the basis sustaining our universe. It might also include an increase interactive awareness with other realms and universes. I speculate like this because of being acquainted with the -by and large- emotionally calm and socially healthy participants in the Mission Rahma, predominantly Latin American contact groups supporting the more intense contact experiences of these and other friends since 1973-74. Such groups are probably part of a more effective interpretive support system promoting more level-headed and interpretively clearer contacts with beings whom –even if friendly and proven as thoroughly respectful over time- may be easily misunderstood because of primarily moving in other Time frequencies under differently cohering and –quite likely- more intense energies.

Interestingly, when in the 1970’s the interactive contact events were more intense and felt like “recent news” the various Mission Rahma contact-experiencing individuals and support groups also tended to interpret ET messages more dramatically and with a greater sense of urgency. Their counter balancing group support (along with well-established, culturally-cohesive patterns) was small and the charismatic leadership of the main contactees (mostly the Paz Wells brothers) was much more influential. Enthusiasm reigned and they also experienced a greater degree of radicalism as might be expected from other contact groups in similar situations. In this stage dominated by strong personalities manifesting “party lines” and followership many mistakes were committed. Nevertheless, intense (physical and otherwise) contact experiences were not (purposefully or otherwise) limited to the main group leaders and, in time, other important contactees came to the fore. In spite of the non-intellectual/non-skeptically analytical but, instead, rather idealistic nature of most (even if well-intended) participants throughout the years, other forms of decency and reasonableness apparently elicited through harmonizing group processes served to gradually hone or perfect interpretive skills and capacities with a tendency towards moderation. This may be why the contacts have (according to my participant-observer’s assessment) continued being evidential as much as life-enhancing (or health promoting), informing, mostly coherent and productive over the years and why the particular messages received pertaining to December 21st, 2012 may be worth considering.

There’s no doubt that these contacts will continue and that new information will be gradually forthcoming and added to a growing and maturing corpus. For instance, the somewhat naïve, over-idealized and exclusivist attitude of considering that abduction events were “not genuine ET contact events” was gradually outgrown. New contactees (in personal or group contacts) do regularly arise in this long-lasting, friendly experience which transcends the multifaceted but power-driven contact styles harbored in larger, more individualistic, impersonal, competitive and developed cultures functioning under rigid social systems geared to impose order. This contact information should be studied, compared and analyzed along with that also apparently given to other contactees that have shown evidence of objective and evidential physical contacts preferably within a support group which is integrally respected and –also preferably- which was also given ample opportunities to elicit their own verifying experiences.

While Mission Rahma’s received corpus of information (sometimes identical or complementary information was simultaneously received by separate individuals) may also suffer from an unknown degree of distortion and misinterpretation it certainly is a work in progress. In contrast with individualized contact experiences, with sporadic apparently unintended contacts and with many different kinds of abduction-related experiences, the predominantly cohesive, friendly, healthy, easygoing but hardworking and altruistically dedicated processes these contact groups undertook through the years could be taken as models for healthy contact procedures.


Further Reading

A complete “Physical Contact Report” written by Ricardo Gonzalez about the most recent contact event and translated into English is forthcoming. Nevertheless, some Facebook posted images can now be seen here.

There’s an informative skeptics blog regarding misconceptions about the 2012 alignment here.

The outstanding researcher William Hamilton III also gives us an interesting perspective here.





By Giorgio Piacenza

New book by Clifford Stone available at – click image

The “visitors” whom retired U.S. Army Sergeant Clifford Stone describes are “three dimensional” in the sense of being more alive and humanly genuine than the rote expectations with which they are frequently portrayed. These “visitors” for him are real persons, not robotic-like conscious minds that have no similarities with human understandings. Nevertheless, he also describes a variety of these entities including his early life friend “Corona”. They can be greenish (and less believable if described due to the “little green men” cliché phrase); they can be indistinguishable from “us” (“us” referring to who? white Nordic humans because if they had been like the “Negritos” from the Philippines or like the pigmies from Congo would they have still been considered “like us”?). Apparently, according to Stone, some are types of “greys” and some are not but, interestingly, he says that all of them have what could be termed an “alter dimensional” aspect. This is particularly valid for me who after years of considering how might ET “visitors” generally operate think that a key lies in being able to interact with what in simple, colloquial terms could be called the “Astral World.” I think that “they” can come from different universes or “coherent molecular spaces” (as mentioned in Sergeant Stone’s interviews) which have different degrees of interaction with the Astral (or Subtle) World whose objective exteriors causally respond to subjective input. The more fused or actively related with the Astral World a physical universe might be, the more flexible and “unphysical” and the more subjectively responsive it might also be.

Since this essay recognizes Sergeant Stone’s emphasis upon friendship I’m going to join the ranks calling him a “friend” (a friend of humanity and by extension of mine) and refer to him as “Clifford.” Clifford’s friend Mr. Joseph Zeromski states that some of the “visitors” are “mischievous” and at the same time he also expresses that they are more spiritually evolved. Perhaps understanding the inner workings of the living Kosmos and being able to apply this understanding in their lifestyles and technologies may in some sense for some be equivalent to thinking about all of these beings as more “spiritually evolved.” Perhaps even an evil entity could be understood like this from a limited human perspective focused upon denser physical matter. However, entities with a practical reach into the Astral World might not necessarily have the same intentions of the kindest persons on Earth. It might mean that they understand more and operate more under some shared rules whether under their own enthusiasm or by a forced need to do so.

Both Clifford and Joseph Zeromski mention or imply that friendship is not only possible with extraterrestrial entities but desirable. They also say that people normally tend to ask the wrong questions in relation to ETS, for instance mostly thinking in terms of technologies that can be turned into weapons and not thinking in terms of the personal, cultural and social lives of the “visitors.” I agree as understanding the cultural, social, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the “visitors” should be of paramount importance to establish a solid, long-term relation with them and to better understand our own history and role in the living Kosmos. Clifford speaks of variety and complexity in relation to extraterrestrials and that, typically, persons involved in UFO research may only be dealing with the “tip of the iceberg.”

Clifford also tells us that, after his son died under strange coincidences/circumstances (not likely related to a military operation) and after he was taken out of his physical body by his ET friend Corona to visit his departed son (he would only remember the encounter with his son before the definitive threshold separating the low-physical Astral World from what could be called “Heaven” or a full-fledged, more enlightened level in that Astral World), he heard and saw an evil shadow “face” who told him that they could kill him if they wanted to. This was followed by another voice that said that he was not to be killed. Were these entities “extraterrestrials” or were they some of the spiritual entities behind the main “good vs. evil” dramas played on Planet Earth? Are they attempting to pull the strings in disfavor of the highest potentials of the human world? I have a feeling that they are of the latter category and remember that in the Bible is the admonition that our real enemies are not of this world.

The SOM-101 Manual referred to by Clifford and other alleged official instructions to deal with the “visitors” mention guidelines such as “official denial,” “discredit witnesses,” “deceptive statements,” “securing an evidence area out of those without a need to know” and managing a “press blackout.” Well, this probably means that persons with the same level of consciousness as the average “out of the loop” citizen are following the basic reaction to a threat. Acting as society’s “superego” under the systems permission the denial of those “in the loop” is imposed upon the non-military, or upon the “out of the loop” collective majority which, after all, for the most part at this stage of the game seems to prefer not to know or to deny the facts by turning UFO ET issues into jokes. With this attitude, the personal (First Person Subjective), cultural (Second Person Relational) and the social (Third Person Systemic) “dimensions” of any real, living being are relegated to non-issues and the typical perspective on extraterrestrial entities (whether from those in the know and those not in the know) becomes easily trivialized and “mono dimensional.”

In this fashion the “visitors” are normally experienced as OBJECTS and not as conscious, feeling, experiencing entities as alive as we are. Then, since the human mind can theorize and remain distant or uninvolved from a Third Person perspective it becomes easier to handle or manage the “visitors” without commitment and essential subjectively felt respect much as civilians of an enemy country are easily bombed from an airplane when soldiers are given a theoretical reason by authorities.

Interestingly, Clifford’s preparation for the job he experienced with the “visitors” started in childhood and apparently an Air force Captain “in the know” coincided with him and this led to his eventual recruitment into a secret ET research program. Could it be that Clifford had a life as an ET and that he made the agreement to assist in the human-ET relation during our era? However it was, Clifford’s “preparation” seems to have involved personal and immediate family members and social relations in which some of the ETS participated since his early childhood. In other words, it involved more aspects of a real self-conscious, intelligent, feeling being’s “dimensions” of reality and not just the distant, Third Person, theoretical style. This is probably why he was utilized by the military to communicate with the ETS and why he was tolerated when infringing some otherwise strict rules as when he liberated a “visitor” guest who felt more like a prisoner.

I would say that Clifford’s preparation was not only personal and social but also “integral” as it involved all of his being. I would also say that some of this preparation involved the “visitors’ using collective unconscious symbols such as when allegedly an ET impersonates someone else during Christmas and asks him if he wants to go to see the “boogey man” (this reminds me of Whitley Strieber’s experiences that also seem to relate with eliciting universal fears). When Clifford allegedly saw and heard a grey type of alien laughing with a “hellish laugh” and making a “crackling sound” he seems to have been not just connecting with the ET “visitor” but with this entity eliciting a direct experience with something in a collective unconscious “imaginal” realm, (a realm that might materialize or become experientially available in a physical sense under certain circumstances as Carl Jung hinted). For some reasons the reality of humans interacting with many ET visitors often takes on dreamlike-but-physical emotionally charged, symbolic characteristics. Are they interested in peeking unto some of Man’s raw creative powers?

As part of his “preparation” from childhood, Clifford also inevitably saw things against his conscious will and found that no one would listen or taken him seriously with few exceptions (his childhood friend Delbert Hudson apparently got to see some entities as well). Also, as part of his preparation to be a liaison between ETS varieties and humans he joined the Army and prepared as a military man and a patriot. He was trained in special operations to recover devices that fell on the ground and which could be potentially dangerous but had to be transported to a secure place. Nonetheless, in addition to this he must have also been trained to work on a regular job (as he states) because not every day important technological devices fall from the sky.

Clifford then, much later in life and, apparently only after the tragedy of his son’s early demise gained enough wisdom to decide to speak out in public (even perhaps against his sense of loyalty and conditioning to the military) so that other citizens would learn more of the truth. His son’s death could be considered as a “preparation” for his public role in disclosure events that followed extending his reach to a much wider group (perhaps from all potential U.S. citizens to all humans).

There’s a moment in Clifford’s 2001 Disclosure Project declaration in which he simply states that “visitors from other planets are coming here to this planet” but after reading into this straightforward and simple statement, I would say that they might be doing so not just physically (or interactive with our particular “space-time”) but also “internally” through dimensions of existence that respond or obey to our wills. In fact, how our minds affect what C. Jung and physicist W. Pauli understood as called the “imaginal” worlds may be important not just to us (when sometimes these “imaginal “worlds materialize in an objective and-or experiential way) but particularly important to the visitors whose “molecular spaces” or physical universes may be more integrated with the Astral or Subtle Realm than ours. In other words, our “astral” creative capacities may also be of great importance to them.

William F. Hamilton III (whom I consider a very good, intelligent researcher with an ample understanding on many UFO matters) brought up the issue of pre-physical “potentials.” In chapter four of his “Alien Magic,” a chapter dealing with “UFO Crashes in the Desert” William Steinman is said to have discovered that a Dr. R.I. Sarbacher suggests (in relation of a crashed or recovered ET craft) that “The activation of an electrical potential is believed to be the primary power to the reactor, though it is only a theory at present.” Well, in my view, if this “electric potential” refers to a more primary energy-as-information potential, a kind of “field” which is non vectorial, he may referring to a pre-physical element that co-exists with the Astral World or Subtle Realm as a structured information subset derived from it. I think that as exopoliticians we must reach out into this “Astral World” in order to understand many of the scientific and personal interests of our ET “visitors” and-or “friends.”

Clifford mentions that knowledge of humans surviving bodily death is important, implying that it also is scientifically and experientially important and useful for the “visitors.” This is an issue that should also be significant to exopoliticians and UFO researchers, not just because of its relation with ET technology, but because to understand the ET mindset and who we are in relation to them and to the Kosmos (in fact, in order to “enlighten up” our emerging world culture) we need to understand our implicit and explicit roles in “otherworldly” matters at large. In fact, survival research in general as much as hyper physics, free energy and the like should be more than fitting for well-rounded exopoliticians.


Paola Leopizzi Harris (2008). “Interview with Clifford Stone about Crash Retrievals and Aliens (with the help of his collaborator Joseph Zeromski).”


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