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Apparent Footage of ‘UFO’ Aboard US Aircraft Carrier

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September 14, 2018                       (sputniknews.com)

• A video clip released by the YouTube channel ‘Section 51’ shows a grey metallic triangle-shaped craft parked on a US Navy aircraft carrier. (see first video below)

• Many viewers were certain that the video revealed the fabled TR-3B anti-gravity craft developed by the US Air Force and Skunkworks. Others were convinced that it was a photo-shopped hoax. Regardless, the video has racked up over a half million views.

• The photo-shop explanation wins. See the second video below of the same clip of a fighter jet landing on the aircraft carrier without the TR-3B.


The video, published by ‘Section 51’, a US-based YouTube channel collecting footage of unidentified flying objects, shows a fighter shadowing a US jet as it comes in for a landing aboard the carrier, accidentally sighting a grey metallic triangle-shaped object parked next to a Navy helicopter.

The footage, slowed down for effect and accompanied by appropriately eerie music, has racked up 500,000+ views on YouTube, and pitted users into a debate on whether the video has been tampered with.

Multiple users were sure that it was the TR-3B, an alleged ultra-secret anti-gravity spy plane vehicle some believe is being developed by the US Air Force.

“TR-3B. It really exists!” one YouTube user excited wrote. “I think it’s a TR-3B, the latest of [the US’s] black projects vehicles,” another added, launching into a detailed explanation. “This is the next generation of secret technology developed by the skunk works and other secret development programs. It is in any case not alien. It might have been developed with the use of [reverse] engineered alien technology. But built on this planet.”

Others suggested the object was Photoshopped into the footage, joking about the triangle craft’s “stealth shadow.” “Nice CGI,” one user said, complementing the author.

3:34 minute video of an advanced TR-3B type craft on aircraft carrier

original Navy training video pf the jet landing without the TR-3B on deck (at 1:28 minutes)


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