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Photo of UFO over China

”][Updated] On July 9, 2010, The China Peoples Daily ran a story about a UFO witnessed by hundreds over China on July 7. The UFO closed down the regional airport of Hangzhou for an hour, and Air Traffic controllers could not identify the UFO. A resident took a photo of the cigar shaped UFO that was cited in the People’s Daily story. Together with radar evidence and the closing of the regional airport, the photo has been widely circulated as physical evidence of a UFO.

An anonymous source cited by the People’s Daily claimed there was a military link in an apparent bid to dampen speculation about the UFO’s origins.

The July 7 photo was included in a video titled “Amazing Photos of UFO over China”  (see below) that began to be widely distributed on July 10. Along with the genuine photo of the July 7, 2010 incident, there appears to be a number of others taken from 2009 of helicopters that were shown on a popular internet forum, Above Top Secret. It appears that someone wanted to muddy the waters by mixing a genuine UFO photo with a number of dated photos taken of helicopters elsewhere.

Link to original People’s Daily story is here.

For a more detailed discussion of the UFO photo in the People’s Daily and fakes being circulated, click here.

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  • concerned citizen

    Now yesterday there was an event in Australia covered by their news outlet. Reporter Annie Sanson reports for Nationwide News in Oz:

    No pictures, but several eyewitnesses. What’s going on people? Mass Asian secret experiments…conspiracy theories…UFOs?

    This same reporter wrote an article called “We’re being invaded” a few months ago on April 29, 2010 after a week long of unusual lights and craft were spotted by residents:
    The towns in Australia where these past sightings occurred were in Darwin’s rural area:
    Acacia Hills
    Howard Springs
    and a place called Humpty Doo (I’m not making this up, Assies, go figure)

    The reporter Annie Sanson even interviewed an astronomer named Geoff Carr to get a quote…and of course his official answer was he thinks they’re all weather phenomena.
    Hmmm, okkk…

    Anybody have any info on these?? Wondering if I should be worried…

  • concerned citizen

    This happened 3 days ago, and all I can find is “UFO” sightings by local unreputable papers. (not that they are unreputable, but this needs to be covered by a major source.) Only ABC news is the major outlet that I found covering this event:


    And this is not just a simple reflection of light! How insulting to discredit the eyewitnesses like that. But honestly, if I hadn’t seen the widely release film of it already, I would have completely swallowed that explanation.

    People, go to youtube. there are at least 3 video of these trails. They are clear as day TRAILS, not a silly reflection.

    I don’t think it’s UFO – as cool as thatd be – except in the case of it just meaning in its boring translation and “unidentified” flying object. Looks like a missle to me, what I’ve seen from local testing. Or something manmade. But I’m no expert, I have no aviation training and I’ve never been in the military so that’s just a nobody’s guess.

    Either way, why did it ground planes over an hour? why would the airport be threatened? Don’t they have altitude ratings on their radars, so wouldn’t they have known if it were tens of thousands of feet out of range of their planes taking off and landing?

    Keep your eyes out for news from the Xioshan Airport in China. Its in the Zhejiang Province, in the province’s captial city of Hangzhou.

    Follow up please! My curiosity is piqued.

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