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Alleged Dark Web Video Claims to Show Frozen Alien Examination

by Paul Seaburn        November 9, 2017         (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• Someone found a video on the “Dark Web” that appears to be an EBE “alien” (“extraterrestrial biological entity” ) that froze to death in the snow in Switzerland in 1992. There are photos of people around looking at the body, and they hoisted the body up on a line.

• The alien has a large head with almond shaped eyes, long thin arms and hands with three fingers.

[Editor’s Note] The “Dark Web” is a part of the Deep Web, the part of the web not indexed by search engines and are populated mainly by peer-to-peer networks sharing whatever they want.

• This must be examined with a great degree of skepticism until more information, if any exists, is found.


Are you tired of seeing that same old video supposedly taken of an alien autopsy after the Roswell ‘crash’ that is admittedly fake and may be a recreation of another fake? It’s time to pay a visit to the “Dark Web” where a different video is making the rounds this week with claims it is of an alien examination in Switzerland in 1992. Is this the real deal?

The video was uploaded on November 6 to the non-dark web by the UFO Today YouTube channel.

It’s not clear if they added anything more to the posted video than their logo at the beginning and end. After the logo, it opens with the comment “I found this footage on a server on the dark web.” Again, it’s not clear if this and other comments were on the original ‘dark web’ video or added by the uploader.

The next comment is: “It did not contain any references other EBE 1992, Eiger.” The significance of this is either a coincidence or a hoax indicator. “EBE” is short for “extraterrestrial biological entity” and is also the name of the 17th episode of the first season of “The X-Files,” probably one of the most remembered because it introduced The Lone Gunmen. “Eiger” most likely refers to the Eiger mountain in the Burmese Alps. Its north face is one of the most photographed sights of the Swiss Alps and one of the most challenging for climbers. There don’t appear to be any records of UFO sightings in this area. However, “1992” was a big year for the Eiger — Catherine Destivelle became the first woman to complete a solo ascent of the north face, reaching the top in 17 hours … in winter! Significant but seemingly not related to this video.

The content of the video itself is a drawing of what looks like an alien’s head and photographs of humans in a cold environment standing around what looks like a small, naked being with long thin arms, a large head and wide almond-shaped eyes – the classic grey alien look. The quality is grainy but visible. However, there’s not much to aid in identifying the location, who the people are, what organization if any they might be working for and if it’s really 1992 in Eiger.



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