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Addressing the Alien-Human “Hybrid” Issue

by Nick Redfern      November 23, 2017      (mysteriousuniverse.org)

• This is the account of a woman in her 30’s from New Jersey by the name of Jennifer. Jennifer recalls encounters with ET “Greys” going back to early childhood, as does her mother and grandmother.

• Jennifer recalled being taken from her home in 2009. Under hypnosis, she recalled traveling in a black sedan, which she suspects was a screen memory to disguise that it was actually a UFO, to an abandoned military base where she was led by three dwarfish figures (again blocked memories of the Greys) to an elevator that took her to a large room very deep underground.

• In the room there were six human-ET hybrid children, all but one of them female, sitting still in chairs along the wall. They were all skinny and sickly-looking, with yellow hair.

• Also strewn about the room were toys – teddy-bears, dolls, and many fluffy toy dogs. The children seemed completely disinterested in them.

• Jennifer’s “job” was to encourage the children to play with the toys. She tried, and a couple of the children smiled and laughed a little, but the rest remained stoic and disinterested.

• As the “experiment” seemed to have failed, the Greys took her back up to the surface and took her home in the same ‘black sedan’ (UFO).

• Whether this sort of thing is done from a positive perspective of inter-species cooperation and inter-breeding, or if it’s done to ensure that the hybrids can more successfully infiltrate human society in a sinister, hostile fashion, very much remains to be seen.


As the investigation of the alien abduction phenomenon has shown, more than a few alien abductees report being taken to rooms that are in stark contrast to the sterile and clean – and almost obsessively so – environments aboard UFOs. In these particular cases, abductees enter an environment in which what are known as “hybrid children” are given toys to play with. It’s as if a concerted attempt is being made to humanize the hybrids even more. Whether this is done from a positive perspective of inter-species cooperation and inter-breeding, or if it’s done to ensure that the hybrids can more successfully infiltrate human society in a sinister, hostile fashion, very much remains to be seen. It’s also very dependent on which side of the fence you stand. Possibly, you may well be of the opinion that the whole issue is complete and utter nonsense. Or, just the stuff of fiction.

Despite the bizarre and controversial nature of such stories, there’s no doubt that such reports abound. Take, for example, the story of Jennifer, a life-long resident of New Jersey. In her mid-thirties, she has conscious recall of encounters with the so-called extraterrestrial “Greys” going back to her early childhood, as does her mother. Even her grandmother has vague recollections of encountering a group of “little men” in New Jersey woods, during the summer months, at some point in the 1940s; something which emphasizes the ongoing, multi-generational aspect of these events that so many people report. As well as her consciously recalled interactions with the Greys, Jennifer has been able to pull further recollections out of the depths of her mind and subconscious via hypnosis. One recollection, in particular, stands out, in terms of relevancy to the theme of this article. And in terms of it’s profound strangeness too.

Although Jennifer has no memories of interactions with hybrid babies, she does have memories of being taken from her home, in 2009, to what she described as looking like “an old military base, but shut down,” where she encountered hybrid children. Notably, there are other examples of abandoned, official facilities seemingly being used in covert abduction-related situations. Jennifer’s hypnotically-recovered recollections began with her stepping out of what she first thought was a large, black sedan, but that, with hindsight, she came to believe was a landed UFO. The image of the car, then, possibly being a screen-memory designed to mask, or at least confuse, the true nature of the event. She then recalls being guided, in a somewhat groggy and hazy state, to an elevator by three dwarfish figures that she found it difficult to recall, in terms of their physical appearances. What she had no trouble remembering, however, was what happened next.



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