Month: March 2017

Former President George W. Bush responded to Jimmy Kimmel’s question about UFOs – whether he had ” gone through the secret files of UFO documents”. Amidst inappropriate (subject-demeaning) laughs in the background, President Bush responded that he had been informed about them but that he would not tell about it.

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EXPERIENCER-based data may give us an idea of how humans are treated, what are they told, what the various entities may be like, what do they want and what do they share. This data should be crucial for making exopolitical evaluations and decisions. According to this data, it seems that most consciously-remembered interactions with non-human intelligent beings associated with the UFO phenomenon are benign and constructive. Only a few would be “negative” or deleterious. If there is a greater percentage of negatively-oriented entities (as some “insiders” or “whistleblowers” have shared in recent years), then for some reasons they might not able to interact with Earth humans as much. 

The Dr. Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) has been conducting an anonymous SURVEY directed to experiencers that claim to consciously recollect contact experiences with non-human intelligent beings in connection to UFO sightings.

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