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ets-5thdensity-2By Alan Foster

One of the main conclusions that comes with any honest assessment of the Extraterrestrial situation on Earth, by those involved in UFOlogical studies such as the Exopolitics Institute, the Disclosure Movement, the French COMETA report etc., is that once we have full and open Disclosure, this will affect the political and economic situation, but most particularly the Theological situation. Discussions and arguments about the central figures of world religions, and whether they are of Divine or Alien origin, will be hotly debated by spiritual and religious people, by UFOlogists, aetheists, sceptics and the media; particularly in light of the ‘Ancient Astronaut’ theory. This is an emotive subject, so to put this into a wider context, I would like to put forward the reasons why Angels, regarded as being of a Divine spiritual origin, should not be confused with the physical properties and motivations of Extraterrestrial beings. This does not have to be an either-or scenario, as it will be easier for many people to accept Disclosure if it doesn’t come at the expense of their religious beliefs.

Monsignor Corrado Balducci was a leading theologian at the Vatican, and interestingly enough, he was also one of their expert exorcist priests. He ended up speaking out openly, particularly on Italian mainstream T.V., about the fact that he was on a Vatican Commission looking into extraterrestrial encounters. In 1997 he was interviewed by the cultural anthropologist and UFOlogist Michael Hesemann , where he advised that the Vatican was receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans, from their papal ambassadors in various countries such as Chile, Mexico and Venezuela. Father Balducci said that he was on the Vatican Commision looking into extraterrestrial encounters and how to cope with the emerging awareness of the reality of extraterrestrial contact. In August 1998, he said, “It is reasonable to believe and affirm that extraterrestrials exist. Their existence can no longer be denied, for there is too much evidence for the existence of extraterrestrials and flying saucers.” He also made reference to Angels while being interviewed by Michael Hesemann in 1997, when he said, “We know with certainty of the existence of God, of the Angels, and of us. The Angels, God’s messengers, have always concerned themselves with humanity, and it is certain they are still doing this today. Each human being has his or her own Guardian Angel that follows him or her everywhere. There are visible appearances of Angels.” He also emphasised that extraterrestrial beings are like us, they are physical, you can touch them. However, there is a spiritual reality as well. It is important people realise there is a difference.

This is one of the aspects of reality I have also referred to regularly in articles and lectures, and I feel it is imperative we are aware how the spiritual realms differ from UFOlogical and extraterrestrial interactions. The ET technology has anti-gravity capability, seems to be able to go inter-dimensional and super-luminal, even warping space and time, and is able to beam people through solid objects like windows, car roofs, walls etc. This gives them a god-like status. And yet our own ‘mainstream’ technology would make us seem like gods, compared to only 110 years ago, with the first attempts to fly by the Wright Brothers, let alone from the perspective of Neanderthal Man. However, there is a difference between Divine spiritual beings like the Angels, whose purpose seems to be to subtly and unconditionally help souls in their evolution at pivotal moments in their soul existence, compared to the more physical properties of the various ET’s interacting with humanity. The extraterrestrials purpose, briefly, seems to range from those involved with manipulation, control and the taking of our resources and genetic material, to those who are observing as we go through these incredible changes on Earth, to those beings that are more benevolent and also concerned with a higher purpose, morality and a more cosmic evolution. It is a complex scenario.

Features of an Alien.
Kim-Carlsberg-ET-FamilyIn 1964, Command Sgt. Major Bob Dean was stationed as an Intelligence Analyst at the NATO Headquarters, at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe), originally in Paris, and then in Brussels, Belgium. With that role he had a clearance above Top Secret, actually ‘Cosmic Top Secret’ clearance. It was while there he came across the ‘Assessment’ Document, that was only for those with a ‘need to know’, as an assessment of the current extraterrestrial situation on Earth. It became clear that the military who were aware of the ET situation knew there were at least a dozen different species of ET interacting with Earth at that time.This comprised different types of the Grey Alien, Reptilians as physical beings, or in some cases as inter-dimensional negative entities, there were Mantid types and also Human types eg: the Nordics. Infact the document made it clear that the ‘Top Brass’ were more concerned with the Human-type of ET’s, rather than the non-humans, because they knew they could walk in the corridors of power, eg: political and military buildings, and not be noticed. Whereas the non-human types, who also had incredible technological superiority, could easily be distinguished as not human. It was with thanks to Bob Dean that we are now aware of this document and the military’s assessment of the situation, even back in 1964. It is generally regarded now that the count of ET species is much higher than a dozen. Once again, it is because of this that when Disclosure happens, and debates are raging about the many types of ET beings, that there will need to be a distinction between physical and spiritual beings, to give the full picture of extraterrestrial reality and hierarchies of heaven, so as not to simply overlay one with the other.

Features of an Angel.
angels1– References to Angels appear in most of the religious texts, from over 600 acknowledgements in the Bible, to references within Islam and Judaism. They have appeared with wings and without wings, physically, and in dreams and visions. The word ‘Angel’ comes from the Greek – Angelos, and the Latin – Angelus, which means Messenger or Courier. ‘EL’ at the end of Angel means ‘bright’, ‘shining’, or ‘shining being’. Within religious texts, Archangel Gabriel is referred to as the Angel who appeared in front of Mother Mary at the Annunciation, and who also, known as Jibra’il, dictated the Holy Koran to the Prophet Muhammed. They are often regarded as heavenly beings that work for God and the Divine ‘Light’, and facilitate the transition of the soul between this world and the next.
– Prior to the first battle of the First World War in 1914, at Mons, there were many witness reports from both the British and German Forces, that a huge Angel was seen over the battlefield with his hand raised, as if to say ‘stop’ to the slaughter that then followed.
– Within the Native American tradition there are references to the Angels, where they are called the ‘Bird Tribes’. It was believed that the Bird Tribes (Angels) would not interfere with their freedom of will without invitation. Extraterrestrial beings were generally referred to as ‘Star Nation People’.
– In David Morehouse’s book ‘Psychic Warrior’ (1996), David relates to his experiences working as a U.S. military remote-viewer for the CIA’s Paranormal Espionage Programme. The covert programme originally started with remote-viewing, but as the accuracy rates become higher, it was decided to also operate a ‘remote-influencing’ programme. It was then that David wanted to get out, as the operation became more nefarious. What is of interest here, is that via remote-viewing operations, he states that all the members of the unit were aware of other races and species of extraterrestrials, many who were more advanced than us. However, through all the trials, tribulations and retaliations from the CIA for trying to get this information to the world, he says that he was saved by his Angel, who helped him, and who he refers to many times in the book.
– In the Oct / Nov 2014 issue of ‘Nexus’ magazine, there is an article by Paul Stonehill about ‘Cosmonauts on UFOs and Strange Phenomena’. On p.43 he refers to the 1984 Salyut incident, where six cosmonauts seemed to have a profound Angelic experience. Outside the orbital station they saw seven gigantic shapes,… “that turned out to be seven heavenly Angels. The Angels looked so much like humans, and yet they were different: they possessed huge wings and blinding haloes. When the Angels gazed upon the Soviet crew, they did so with the most wonderful smiles of joy and rapture; no human could smile like that.” The cosmonauts’ report was classified as Top Secret, and medical tests indicated they were of sound mind.

Angelic Appearances.
The more research you do, and the more eye-witness reports and experiences you have of personal Angelic appearances, the conclusion is that Angels are Divine helpers, guides and messengers, whose remit is to help the greater good as seen from their elevated perspective. And yet, their interactions are subtle, personal and deeply relevant to the situation at that intense moment when they are needed. It is the relevance to the situation in the moment, and the life-changing effect it has, that makes so many people feel they have experienced an Angelic interaction. Below follows just a handful of those testimonies I have been made aware of:-

Two Angels in London.
I spoke to a lady who said that in 2004 she had been to a Conference in central London, and after taking the train late at night to another area of the city, she had a long walk in the dark to her car. She was nervous and asked that the Angels would be with her to protect her. She then instantly saw, next to her own shadow on the ground cast by a single street lamp, two new shadows appear, one on either side of her. She then had an overwhelming sense of peace, and felt that the shadows were cast by the Angels helping her.

Help with the Transition.
I know a lady who worked in a Cancer clinic in a major city, and in 2005 she told me about one case, of the many Angelic appearances she was aware of, that had happened to terminally ill patients and their loved ones. It involved a man who was sadly on his death bed. His wife was there as he was dying. The man said to his wife that he could see an Angel in ‘Light’ at the foot of the bed, who had come to meet him. The reason this seemed a particularly powerful testimony, was because his wife said that her husband was normally sceptical about this subject.

In March 2006 there was a programme on U.K. Television about bereavement and its effects on people concerned. One of the accounts in the programme was of an eight year old boy who died of leukemia. Just as he was dying, he sat up and whispered to his mother, who was by his side, “Angel.” She said, “Can you see an Angel?” He said, “Two of them!” Then he passed away. This incident helped his mother greatly as she had to deal with the bereavement and loss of her young son.

Averting a Driving Disaster.
A lady told me that in about 1999 she fell asleep behind the wheel of her car while driving. She had just been to see her husband in hospital and was concerned and very tired. As she fell asleep, the car drifted onto the verge and was going to crash, she then felt a presence on the back seat and a voice said, “It’s OK, just keep going straight, you’ll be alright.” She felt very peaceful, and was able to calmly drive the car back onto the road. She looked into her rear-view mirror and saw a figure sitting behind her in the supposedly empty car. She said she knew it was her Guardian Angel and he had saved her.

The White Feather.
Over the years, countless people who believe they have had an Angelic experience or feelings of protection, have said they have come across a small white feather that appeared inexplicably as if to acknowledge that there had really been the presence of an Angel. One case involved a lady in 2008, who said that her husband had just died in a hospital in Somerset, U.K. She and her family had gone to the hospital, driving through thick fog to get there. As they stood around the bed they all noticed a white feather on her husband’s chest, on his pyjamas by his heart, and said that it hadn’t been there previously. Simultaneously, the fog seemed to clear outside, and a shaft of sunlight shone through the window and shone on his face. Her daughter, who recently had been suicidal, was so affected by this event that it changed her view of life and she kept the feather and a cutting of his pyjamas. When his wife visited his grave for the first time, there was another white feather on it, which she showed me from her purse. This also gave her great courage and helped with her bereavement, but also with her belief that the soul goes on after death, and that her husband was OK.

Any serious discussion of Angels and their interactions with humans becomes deep and profound, when you genuinely look at the implications. It invariably involves appearances at pivotal times, such as life-changing moments, healing meditation, helping lost souls and ghosts, protection against dark forces, and in many cases at the point of death, when a person is passing over. This seems to be not only to help the person passing over, but also to give faith to those who are left behind afterwards. This is why this goes far beyond physical extraterrestrial encounters with humanity, and to the subjects of life, death, soul, reincarnation, Divinity, God and Holy purpose. A most profound subject. And if we are to truly understand the processes that are at work on Earth, at the most basic level, we also need to respect the eye-witness testimony, and the evidence given. In a court of law the eye-witness to an incident is listened to with respect, but when it comes to Angelic experiences and also to Alien abduction, it is as though the eye-witness has no value. This needs to change.

With Disclosure will come many complex discussions regarding not just the Cosmic neighbourhood but also the Realms of Heaven. By recognising the distinctions between the two, it can help Cosmic and Heavenly truths to co-exist, rather than come into conflict.

Alan Foster. Copyright 2015.


[March 20, 2015 – Kaimu-Kalapana, Hawaii] Today the moon’s shadow blocks the sun in a total or partial eclipse, depending on location, as well as the spring equinox. Today is also the official launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the making of a unique documentary film about how John F. Kennedy’s presidency was eclipsed by the dark shadow of a sinister force operating behind the scenes in the US government.

The planned documentary begins with Kennedy’s World War II experiences that laid the foundations for a powerful behind the scenes battle during his presidency to access the nation’s deepest national security secrets. Kennedy’s Last Stand is a documentary film project that will introduce evidence never before revealed about how President Kennedy learned about classified UFO files during World War II; and why his multiple attempts to gain access during his presidency to UFO related projects and files became a key factor in his assassination.

Kennedy’s Last Stand will be the first JFK assassination documentary to examine the close personal friendship between John Kennedy and James Forrestal, who became the first Secretary of Defense in 1947. The film will cover how Forrestal introduced Kennedy to the UFO issue during a trip to Germany in July 1945 when JFK witnessed advanced NAZI technologies that were repatriated to the U.S. under Operation Paperclip – an Operation Forrestal helped orchestrate as the then Secretary of the Navy.

Kennedy’s Last Stand will examine new evidence confirming the relationship between Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers, and how Monroe learned from Kennedy that he had seen retrieved a UFO craft and extraterrestrial biological entities. Monroe’s threat to give a Tell All Press Conference in Aug 1962 led to her murder in a way that implicated Robert Kennedy, who visited her twice during her final hours to retrieve a red diary with the President’s UFO secrets.

This film will reveal for the first time in any documentary how Kennedy’s dramatic Sept 1963 initiative to cooperate with the Soviet Union’s Nikita Khrushchev on joint space and lunar missions included a secret attempt to share access to classified UFO files previously denied to his administration.

Finally, smoking gun documentary evidence that Kennedy was assassinated before his efforts to gain access to classified UFO files succeeded will be examined along with the shadowy force and key figures behind his assassination.

Kennedy’s last Stand will be approximately 45 mins in length, and is planned to be released shortly before the Nov 22 anniversary of JFK’s assassination.

To learn more or to support this Kickstarter project, please visit the Kickstarter Film Project webpage, or the official film website –




Four city Canadian tour to present indisputable National Security evidence to Canadian Minister of Defence the Hon. Jason Kenney and the Canadian public


Press Release

For Immediate Distribution




Toronto [ZNNZlandCommunications has learned that, in addition to over 9,500 UFO files on record in the Department of National Defence and RCMP archives, the NORAD Commander has verified in a correspondence to Disclosure Canada of a five year average of 1800 reports and 75 intercepts of what they refer to as ‘UNKNOWN TRACKS’ or ‘Tracks of Interest’. Government officials have never before disclosed this information to the Canadian public. [Canadian Access to Information file A0441177_1-A-2014-01494-000]

According to Disclosure Canada – a recently formed investigative group – questions about these reports and intercepts, along with thousands of archived files about UFOs and extraterrestrials appear to be something Canadian government officials do not want to talk about. Disclosure Canada wants to know more from Canada’s Minister of Defence.

In a dramatic venture to get answers from the Canadian government on the questions remaining in the dark about the NORAD report and Canada’s UFO files, this Toronto group has sent a letter of inquiry to Jason Kenney, Canada’s recently appointed Minister of National Defence. This letter is expected to be sent to Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau, the NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in addition to Parliamentary Defence critics Jack Harris and Joyce Murray and Parliamentary Secretary James Bezan.

Disclosure Canada today revealed to ZNN that the Canadian Department of National Defence has confirmed receipt of its letter to Minister Kenney.

It appears Disclosure Canada has indeed done their homework. Disclosure Canada has informed ZNN that they have in their possession a mistakenly divulged, line by line NORAD air traffic control flight log document from Canada’s Department of Defence that describes a minute by minute transcription of how Canadian CF-18 jets were scrambled out of COMOX AFB in British Columbia Canada to intercept and eventually make contact with three UFOs in 2001.

This UFO encounter was  also corroborated by the visual confirmation of pilots aboard a U.S. LR-35 Medical Evacuation jet out of Anchorage Alaska. [Ed. Note: ZNN has been informed by Disclosure Canada that due to the sensitivity of this specific document, only journalists with a desire to acquire this ATC report will be granted access upon request.]

The letter to Minister Kenney along with its support documentation can be access below. 



The Disclosure Canada Tour

To bring all of this information to Canadians and media, Disclosure Canada is set to launch a four city cross-Canada tour beginning in Montreal Quebec on April 4th, 2015 and ending in Vancouver on April 19th with stops in Toronto and Calgary.

The purpose – according to the group’s spokesperson – is to disclose the truth to Canadians about what the Canadian government knows and has known about the phenomenon of UFOs for over 60 years.

Disclosure Canada, headed by entrepreneur Chris Russak and broadcaster David Whitehead is kicking off its four city cross-country tour with its broadside letter to Minister Jason Kenney. And, they seem to have the proof to back-up each alarming claim in it.

Russak – the tour’s co-ordinator told ZNN: “We plan to bring forward some very shocking news and we will start by sending it to the Minister of Defence. Out of respect we at Disclosure Canada feel the Minister should be made aware of what we know before we tell the Canadian people. We have discovered and have absolute proof that the Canadian government has, for decades, investigated, researched and attempted to sequester open debate and discussion about what many call flying saucers or unidentified flying objects. Not only that, we have confirmed documentation that unequivocally proves Canada has been an active partner with the United States through their joint operation – NORAD and  have been engaged in tracking what they refer to as ‘unknown tracks’ or ‘unknowns’ at altitudes of up to 35,000 feet. Our Minister of Defence – the Hon. Jason Kenney has oversight of these matters and, as citizens with the right to know, we want answers. It’s quite simple actually.” 

Russak went on to point out, “We also have clear documentation that information about the nature of these encounters and the many other government discussions about UFOs have been kept hidden from the public. We want the Honourable Minister to fully explain what these encounters are and, to account for why this information has been kept secret from our elected representatives in Parliament and from the public he serves.”

Russak also told ZNN that information obtained by one of his research advisors through a recently acquired Access to Information request confirms that a letter from the NORAD Commander at Petersen Air Force Base in Colorado stated that over the last five years there has been a yearly average of 1800 Tracks of Interest resulting in 75 intercepts.

Regrettably, according to Russak’s research advisor, all other information requested about ‘unknown tracks’ or ‘Tracks of Interest’, has been denied. Russak plans to have this document, along with a barrage of other documents, available for media and public review as part of his letter to the Canadian Minister of Defence.

Canadian Broadcaster David Whitehead, Mr. Russak’s associate stated to ZNN, “This is something the mainstream media in Canada has ignored for far too long. It’s time for those in the Canadian media who investigate everything from Senate scandals and election improprieties to rail disasters and a former mayor’s drug problem to take this decisively authentic and politically explosive issue with the seriousness it deserves. They will have a field day with this one. We feel it will be a “Watergate-like” event. Top level military brass know all about this – why shouldn’t we? Why all the secrecy? If you want to know more, read the letter to Minister Kenney, visit our web site or,  for the whole narrative by our expert speakers – attend one of our Disclosure Canada conferences in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary or Vancouver, you won’t regret it – guaranteed.”

Finally, when asked by ZNN whether the letter to the Minister of Defence has anything to do with the Harper government’s pension for metal-plated secrecy and, whether the timing of the tour is a politically motivated forerunner to the 2015 Federal election, Whitehead, with no hesitation responded cryptically, “Both…”

According to one Disclosure Canada research expert, governments have consistently refused to openly discuss the UFO matter in any manner – choosing to hide behind the mantra of ‘national security’. Researchers appear to be asking – If, as government officials insist, there is no evidence of the reality of UFOs, then why is it a breach of national security to discuss it, why does so much documentation exist and why has there been a massive embargo of secrecy surrounding this matter for over six decades?

Disclosure Canada’s first salvo to the Minister of Defence seems destined to spark controversy within a secrecy-prone Harper Cabinet. If Russak and Whitehead get their message across, as they seem well-prepared to do, the soon to arrive deluge of the Duffy-Senate Scandal investigation will be compounded when Canadian’s and the media in four of Canada’s largest cities get wind that UFOs are real and the government has known it for over 60 years.

Read the LETTER and DOCUMENTS sent to the Hon. Jason Kenney at:





Disclosure Canada Tour Information and Speakers’ Bios:

 Contact Mr. Russak and Mr. Whitehead at:

[Ed Note: Unbeknownst to most Canadians – Canada did release over 9500 UFO files in 2007. These UFO files have never been publicly addressed by government officials. They have however been carefully sequestered in a complex labyrinth of categories that present even the most accomplished researchers with the daunting task of finding out what the Canadian Defence Department and the RCMP have tucked away about UFOs. Visit Library and Archives Canada to find out how difficult it is to access and sort through these files.]

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