Congressman’s office acknowledges receipt of USAF officers’ affidavits on unauthorized disabling of nuclear missiles

June 30, 2012
For Immediate Release: Roswell, New Mexico – June 30, 2012 – [ZNN] Captain Robert Salas USAF (Ret) – currently speaking in Roswell New Mexico – has announced that the office of Congressman Peter King (R), NY has acknowledged receipt of affidavits from retired Air Force officers and other documents pertaining to multiple, unauthorized incursions over US nuclear installations and the disabling of nuclear missiles at these installations by craft of unknown origin.

These evidentiary documents are directly related to national security concerns.

These documents have been submitted to Congressman King for his consideration as the Chairman of the House Committee for Homeland Security.  Copies of these documents and correspondence have been sent to other members of the Committee for Homeland Security.

Contact Information for Congressman King: Ms. Michele Ingwersen Legislative Assistant – 202.225.7896 e-mail: Kevin Fogarty Chief of Staff – 202.225.7896 – e-mail: [Members of the press may access affidavits and documents by contacting Captain Robert Salas or Victor Viggiani using the contact details below.] For further information, contact: Captain Robert Salas USAF (Ret) ((805) 798 0813   Victor Viggiani  M.Ed. (905) 278 1238   The Most Rev. + Chrysostomos Robert Geis S.S.B., New York ###
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